One Direction Imagines

Taking requests!


7. For Blare

(Kind of inspired by that one scene in tfios.)

Niall cusses. "I told you not to call 999!" You wipe a tear from your cheek, and hold his hand tighter. "Niall-" Before you can finish, Niall cuts you off. "They're going to be all over it.." You were starting to get frustrated. "Niall! Listen to me! If we don't do something now, you're only going to get worse."

There was a huge cut in his leg from where the stitches from his last surgery popped open. He started to cough, blood running down his chin. Soon enough, sirens wailed in the distance.

When the paramedics got there, they loaded you two into the back. After what seemed like hours, you arrived at the hospital.

"HE IS MY BOYFRIEND," You screeched at the lady at the desk. "I HAVE TO SEE HIM." After continuous arguing, you got your way, and were escorted to Niall's room. His leg was covered. Using all his might, he attempted to sit up and kiss you. "I'm sorry for yelling at you," he whispered. You nodded and kissed his cheek .

After a few days, Niall was able to return home. You were bringing him lunch. He was still heavily medicated. As you leaned over, Niall whispered, "Bring me more food." At that moment, you knew he would get better.

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