Eyes of a Monster

This is a fanfiction story for my friend i won't say her name but she told me to make one for her. FYI the beginning is copied because i didn't know how to start it at all. Fanfiction of Vampire Knight.


8. Zero's Yelling

The next morning I woke up took a shower and got dressed in my uniform with thigh socks and my hair down still a bit wet. I got my stuff from my desk and put it in my backpack. I saw the envelope on my desk. I stared at it thinking what could it be.

"I'll open it when I come back home.." I said sighing I left it in my drawer and I left my room closing the doors behind me. I made breakfast for everyone. They weren't up yet I was early. I ate and left there food wrapped in aluminum foil and I left to the academy. Some how I felt I knew someone named Yuki....I wonder why? I walked and made it to the school I went to the headmasters office setting down some rules he told me to finish up.

"Here headmaster I did the work." I said putting the papers down

"Ahh! Thank you..you remind so much of my daughter yuki." Said headmaster crying I forgot he really acts like a kid at times.

"I'll be heading off." I said walking to the door as I touched the handle some one had opened the door. I looked up to see who it was...I didn't know him he had white hair and purple faded eyes with a hint of gray.

"Zero! Where have you been?" Said Headmaster

I just stared at the headmaster in silent.

"Why do I gotta be in the ...DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE STILL!" Said Zero hitting the headmasters desk as it broke in two. So he's the guy in the disciplinary committee with me. I though Headmaster told me there was another person with me but I never got to meet him.

"Why do you have to yell?" Said Headmaster crying.

"That's because there no reason for this!" Said Zero yelling.

"How rude for someone to yell." I whispered softly to myself. Zero looked at me from the corner of his eye. It gave me goosebumps.

"Headmaster I'll be leaving now. Bye." I said as I turned around and left.

*Zero's POV*

She looks like yuki... I thought in my head.

"HeadMaster!" I called out

"Oto-San...(father) call me" said head master.

"Who is she?" I asked

"That is Yuki's Daughter it seems that Kaname erase her memories when she was five and she doesn't remember anything from her age five and down. The same incident happened again...but the hunters failed at killing Them.. So now Yui is in the care of my brother David." Said headmaster explaining to me.

"I'll be off." I said leaving the room. She's in my class yet I haven't noticed her at all.

*Yui's POV*

I came in the classroom and sat down looking out the window no one was in here so I was early I guessed.

"Snow...." I called out a bit softly

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Facts: You guys may wonder why Yui is a hybrid and is the daughter of Yuki and Kaname. Yuki and Yui do look alike but Yui was adopted when she was born! Just to clarify that....the baby that Yuki and Kaname had is Yui's older sister.

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