Eyes of a Monster

This is a fanfiction story for my friend i won't say her name but she told me to make one for her. FYI the beginning is copied because i didn't know how to start it at all. Fanfiction of Vampire Knight.


10. My Precious Memories

I remembered everything all of my memories I had lost I remembered. I remembered Yuki and Kaname....I had also remembered how Yuki and Kaname took care of me....all the great times we had....and my older step sister Kiri Kuran. Even though they were my step parents and siblings. I remember my real family...how  I have a sister but I couldn't remember her name only the image of her came to my mind. As I sat on my bed I cried...I cried real hard I tried not to make noise but I couldn't resist because I remembered all of my precious memories from the letter that was in the envelope. I heard someone knock on the door.

"Yui!? Are you ok?!" asked Hinata. I can't let him see me cry! Dam What do I do!?? I thought I quickly wiped my tears away and got up. I grabbed the letter and put it in the envelope. I Silently put in my drawer that needs a key to open it. I locked it after I put it in there. I wore the key around me neck and put it inside my shirt. I quickly grabbed a book and sat on my bed. I turned to a random page and started reading.

"A-ah...I-I'm fine!"

"I'm coming in.." He opened the door when I started reading. He came over to me and sat beside me.

"Are you ok?"

"Yea I am.."

"I thought I heard you crying.."

"What who me? No no I wasn't crying why would I cry?" I said smiling at him. He just stared at me.

"KIDS TIME FOR DINNER!!" Yelled David from the kitchen.

"Ok....Well let's go eat." He said as we got up going over to the kitchen. Tanaka was alreadying sitting at the table. David served the food on the table.


*Door bell rings*

"I'll get it!" I said walking over to the front door. I opened the door.

"Oh...hey.." It was Zero.

"Is Tanaka here?"

"Y-yea.. come in.." He came in as I closed the door. I took him to the kitchen table.

"Oh hey cousin.." said Tanaka. THAT'S TANAKA'S COUSIN!!! I yelled in my head. We all sat down. I stared him down making a plain boring face. Then stuck my tongue at him. I started eating. I noticed I pissed him off.

"Hey Zero how's Kaien?" asked David.

"Big of a crybaby as always.." I remembered when I saw Zero in the garden and I gave him the plain boring face as I stuck my tongue at him.

"Pfft.." I whispered lowly.

"Haha.." Me and Zero just stared at each other.

"Mr. I am Grumpy.." I whispered. He looked at me.

"Zero do you know Yui? How'd you guys meet?"

"In headmasters office and my classroom. Even though I never noticed her in the classroom."


*Zero's POV*

She seriously acts like Yuki at times but more annoying..even though Yuki wasn't really annoying.. I thought. They really do look alike in a lot of ways plus how they both act. Hinata's hairstyle looks like Kaname's even though he's Ichijo's son. He has Ichijo's face and Ichijo's wifes eyes.

"Zero." called David.


"I heard from Yui that you whine a lot about your job."


*Main POV*

Shit! I'm busted... I quickly finished up my food. I got up and walked over to the sink. I washed my dishes. Then I ran outside. After awhile of being outside. I finished my huge snow castle I had build that anyone could go in it. Then I noticed Zero leave the house.

"Shit shit shit! Where do I go! I'm screwed!" I whispered lowly. I quickly and silently started heading to the back door of the house thats when Zero caught me.

"So who was the one whining about their job?" he asked.

"Eh..ha..haha....uh.." I'm dead! I thought. I quickly tried running away but Zero went in front of me and grabbed my head.

"You sure have been mean to me lately." He said in a evil smile. 

"Well thats because your mean and boring. You yell a lot plus you do whine about your job. Every time I see you your whining." I gave him the plain boring look. I noticed he is pissed.

"Well well well says the one who gives me plain boring faces and sticks their tongue at me. Don't think i'll let you go and run away."

"You seriously are hella stupid. Who said I wanted you to let go of me...clearly I didn't say it. Clearly I could've broke free a long time ago. For a level E you seriously are dumb aren't you? Anyways for an eighteen year old you really are scary. To be honest you can be gentle too at times"

"Who were you saying was gentle? Idiot!" He said giving me an evil look. I grabbed his wrist real hard and removed his hand from my head.

"Who you calling an Idiot? Mr. I'm  Always Grumpy." I gave him an evil look.

"Your the idiot! You little girl." He did not just call me little girl.. I was still holding onto his wrist. I pulled him up and slammed him to the ground.

"For your information i'm not little girl!"


*Zero's POV*

Shit she's really strong... I got up and tried kicking her but she dodged it.

"Do you really not see who I am?" she said kicking me to the wall.

"Dam your freaking strong for a girl.." I said getting up. Don't tell me she's a hybrid?..


*Main POV*

I glared at him.

"I'm a hybrid if you didn't know just because i'm a girl doesn't mean I don't know how to defend my self."

"Half vampire half demon?" he replied.

"Yes is there a problem..?" I noticed Hinata hiding hearing our conversation. I remembered what sensei told me about me being the hybrid princess...somehow I can't remember about me being a hybrid princess.

"I'm going home.." he said leaving.

"Aye sorry if I was rude to you let's start over tomorrow."

"It's fine cya tomorrow." I sighed real big. I started heading for the front door of the house. I saw Hinata leaning on the wall. I stared at him. 

"That was a awesome kick you did there." Hinata said smiling at me.



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