Eyes of a Monster

This is a fanfiction story for my friend i won't say her name but she told me to make one for her. FYI the beginning is copied because i didn't know how to start it at all. Fanfiction of Vampire Knight.


2. Hinata's arrival

"Um..Tanaka what would you like to eat?...I'll be making supper.." I said nervous

He stood silent for a moment. Then he replied.

"I....I would like some miso soup..if you please.." He said quietly and shy also.

"Hmm I should make him a sundae after we finish out food" I thought just to bring up his mood a bit. After supper the supper I got up to wash the dishes and to make some sundaes.

"Yui!! The food was amazing!" said David all proud of me

"Yes the food was delicious..."said Tanaka

Right when he was about to stand up from his chair I set the sundae on the table for him and David.

"Here!" I said smiling at them. I could tell by Tanaka's face that he loves sundaes because he had that face when a little kid gets all excited of getting a new toy.

"Thank you for the sundae!" Said Tanaka and David all munching on the ice cream.

*Doorbell rings*

"I'll get it!!" I said running to the door. As I opened it I saw a man standing there. I looked up to see who it was. It was Hinata.

"Hinata!" I hugged him tight but since I was small I could only hug him up under his chest I'm very short I only could reach him to his stomach.

"Good evening Yui.." He said as he picked me up and raised me up like a princess. I smiled and laughed. He put me down and I grabbed his hand pulling him to the kitchen after I closed the door behind us.

"Who is it Yui?!" Said David

"Look David its Hinata!" I said as we came in the room. I saw that Tanaka knew Hinata. Hinata is 1 year older than me and Tanaka. He's 16 though he acts very manly.

"Hello Tanaka." Said Hinata

"Hello Hinata." Replied Tanaka

"Oh yes I forgot you three will be attending the same school therefore you guys will be high schoolers from now on." Said David

"Really?" Said me and Tanaka. I went to middle school with Jamie I miss her.

"Yes you guys will have your uniforms arrive tomorrow. Yui show Hinata to his room please!" Said David already going to his room and hit the bed.

"Ok." I replied

"Goodnight Yui,Hinata." Said Tanaka already going to his room to sleep as well.

I finished up the dishes and showed Hinata to his room. After I showed him to his room I left to my room. I changed into my pink pajama dress and head for bed with my pink blanket and white fluffy bunny. For bad horrible luck there was a thunderstorm starting.


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