The Walls

A young girl is stuck in the middle of four giant metal walls. She writes about her life there and the strange things that she hears at night. Cover made by MahgonyPumpkin(TM)


1. August 1, 2020

Dear Diary,

   I woke up in this weird place, with several walls surrounding me. All I have is a huge stretch of land, some wood, a few apple trees, and a cow. I don`t know how I got here, or how I can escape. I`ve started hearing weird sounds, like scratching on the walls. I found a couple dead animal bodies buried in one of the corners as I was seeing how deep the walls stretched underground. They were striped clean of all flesh. I dug separate holes and buried them deeper into the ground, so I wouldn't have as much chance to find them again. I found a few perfectly shaped bones that I carved into: a toothbrush, a hunting knife, a spoon/shovel, and a hairbrush. I took the hair from the cow and threaded it into the bone structure of both the toothbrush and the hairbrush. Then, to add a little decoration that would make the hairbrush cool and easier to use, I threaded twigs from the apple tree in with the cow hairs, and wrapped a larger one around the far end of the bone. I looked at my tools with pride, but I realized that I couldn't use them until they were washed. Someone, or something, put their mouth on there, and they had been buried in the ground for who knows how long. There was no ceiling, so I left the tools out on one of the wood boards that was resting up against one of the trees. I just situated myself on the rest of the boards under the shelter of the apple trees. I`m about to fall asleep, but I had to right this first. Goodnight, Diary!



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