Wanna Bet? || m.c

When Alice has an argument with her boyfriend, they both make a bet that may affect their relationship. As her anger grows throughout the bet, she takes the bet a little too far and feels herself falling for someone who was just supposed to be some guy involved in the bet.

© 2014 LiterallyLucas


2. 2 || Finding Him

The next day woke up at exactly 6:00am to go to the park to find a guy. I don't expect many people to be at the park so early on a summer morning.

I sat on a park bench in front of an oak tree that was shielding me from the sun.

My fingers gripped the paperback book inside my bag. I didn't pull it out because what guy would approach a girl who was reading?

I would seem more like the geek I already am.

So instead I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my twitter timeline, occasionally laughing at some.

Soon I was bored and started watching the people pass.

Five people passed who were walking their dog. Three girls, two boys. None good enough to be considered "cool" to Gavin. A woman walked by with two little kids. Two couples walking with their hands in each other's. Gavin and I were never like that, he barely held my hand in public.

By 11:00am I was still sitting on that damn bench as if I were waiting for the perfect guy to just sit down next to me.

I took my phone out again and texted my best friend, Carla.

Alice: No luck yet :(

Carla: Well you better find someone soon because you cannot lose this bet.

I had told her about the bet and she hated it.

What was I thinking?

There was a 1% chance that I could win this.

"Well look who's here." a familiar voice said.

He sat down next to me and stared at me until I looked up at him.



"Looking for a guy to help you win this bet I suppose?"

"Yes, actually I am."

"First of all you don't look for guys like me at a park."

"Then why are you here?"

"I figured you would be here and I want to be able to see who you choose."


I was interested by a guy who was sitting under a tree, reading.

He was dressed in black pants and a band tee with holes. His hair was dyed purple and he seemed like Gavin's definition of cool, except for the reading part.

"What about him? Is he cool enough?" I said pointing out the purple haired boy.

"I would say yes but he's...reading." Gavin said, but he said the last part with such disgust that it made me almost want to punch him.

"I pick him. Reading doesn't make you uncool or whatever you call it."

"Well of course you would say that."

"I'm going to go talk to him."


I walked away from the bench and planned what I was going to do.

My hand "accidentally" pushed my phone out of its place in my jeans pocket and it landed on the floor next to his legs.

"You dropped this." The boy said.

"Oh thank you." I said retrieving my phone.

He smiled and said. "Your welcome."

Now that I was closer I realized what he had been reading.

"Is that Looking For Alaska?"

He nodded.

"I love that book, John Green is an amazing author."

"You really think so? He's my favorite author."

"Mine too."

"I'm Michael Clifford." He smiled, patting the ground next to him, telling me to sit.

"Alice Knight." I responded, sitting next to him.

We talked about books, and music and we just got to know each other. He wasn't a bad guy.

I almost felt bad for involving Michael in the bet.


I couldn't just choose someone else. I had been waiting all day for a guy.

I'm desperate to win and Michael seemed like the perfect guy for this bet.

I can't lose, I would have to lose my virginity to Gavin and he would just laugh at me even more if he knew that I have never done it.

If I win this bet I would love to break up with Gavin but I'm terrified of what would happen if I did.

We're dating and he makes fun of me, just imagine what would happen if we ended things.

He would probably pair up with Cher and go after me with her.

"You okay?" Michael asked.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine."

"Okay, well I have to go. Can I get your number? So we can hang out some time, if you want."


We exchanged phone numbers and I walked back to Gavin.

"How'd that go?"


"You still can't get a guy to love you in two weeks."

"I'll find a way."


A/N - Both chapters have been really short but I'll start writing them longer soon.

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