Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


7. Chapter 6

"WAKE UP" someone yelled

I jumped up and fell off the bed. I heard laughing and looked up to see Taylor and Cameron in hysterics. 

"I hate you" I frowned rubbing my arm, and double checking my foot

"Sorry, but you guys overslept" Tay laughed

"Why? What's the time?" I asked, propping myself up against the bed

"12" he answered

"Seriously?" I frowned

"Yep" he grinned

"Fuck" I mumbled

"Look what we got you" he grinned

I looked up to see him dangling to crutches in the air

"I thought I had to stay in my wheelchair" I frowned

"Yeah, but these are so you can move about on the stage" he smiled

"Thanks guys" I grinned

The show was at 12, they gave me two hours. I hopped into the bathroom and had a shower. I wrapped a towel around my body whilst I brushed my teeth. I hopped back out to see Hayes,Matt and Shawn sitting on my bed. 

"Hey" I smiled, grabbing some clothes

"Lazy" Hayes laughed

"You can talk" I grinned

"Shut up" he chuckled

"Where's Nash" I asked

"Using my shower" Matt answered

"Oh, alright" I nodded

I grabbed some underwear and headed into the bathroom to put them on. I hopped back out to see Nash had returned. I smiled at him before heading to my wardrobe. 

"I think you forgot your clothes" Matt laughed

"No, I'm getting them now actually" I corrected

"BOOTAY" Hayes yelled

"You're like 10" I laughed

"14 actually" he corrected

"Still 4 years younger" I pointed out

He shrugged and played on his phone. I grabbed my outfit and started to put it on. I looked in the mirror to check myself out;


I looked funny only wearing one shoe. I put a sock on my other foot. I pulled my hair out of my hairband and let it fall down my back. I ruffled it quickly before looking up. It fell into its natural curls. I grabbed a pair of cat ears off the side that Mahogany had lent me and put them in, pushing my hair back. I put a tiny bit of lip gloss on before deciding I was ready. 

I grabbed my phone off the side and opened my twitter. I retweeted a few fans and followed a few others. I then decided to do a tweet. 

"Leprechauns with frogs are the best" 

I then decided to do another

"Bunking with @nashgrier @camerondallas and @taylorcaniff is fun. Could of broke my arm. Would of gone nice with my stitched up foot"

I put my phone into my bra before hopping over to my wheelchair. I sat myself in it. 

"Who's going to be my helpful assistant today then?" I smiled

"I'll push ya" Cam laughed

"Thanks" I grinned

I pulled my phone back out as Cam pushed me out the door. I opened vine and held my phone up so that Cam was in view.

"This is the proper way to get around" I laughed

I watched as Cam jumped up and down whilst pushing the chair. We got to the elevator and I lent forward to press the button. We got in along with Nash, Shawn, Taylor, Hayes and Matt.

"Selfie" I grinned holding my phone up.

Everyone crouched down so that they were in view. I laughed before posting it to instagram with the caption 'crew @cams_instagram @nashgrier @hayes_instagram @taylorcaniff @shawnmendes and @matthewespinosa <3'

We got downstairs and were greeted by the rest of the group. Mahogany and Carter were also there.

"You alright" Mahogany asked

"Yeah, just a scratch" I shrugged

"I'm pretty sure 'just a scratch' doesn't put you in a wheelchair" she laughed

I laughed as well. I looked around to see two new faces, they must be aaron and jacob. 

"Hey" I waved at them

"Hi I'm Jacob" one of them introduced

"I'm Aaron" the other one said

"Hey, I'm Skylar" I grinned

"Nice to meet you" they both smiled

"You two" I nodded



Taylor handed me the crutches and as I pulled myself out of the wheelchair. I stumbled at first but finally got the hang of it. I made my way up the stairs and everyone cheered as the rest joined. Mahogany played some music and all the boys started to dance. 

Jack and Jack performed their song 'Flights' whilst the rest of the boys danced along. 

Then Shawn performed a cover of 'Hallelujah' with the new boy Jacob, who also had an amazing voice. 

The boys brought a chair out for me to sit on so that I could sing. They all sat around me and handed me a mic. I decided to sing the 'Cameron Dallas Song'. Shawn handing me his guitar and I started strumming the tune. The crowd went crazy as they automatically knew what song it was. Shawn had written it for Cameron as a joke. 

'Oh he's eyes

How I love his eyes

Oh he's smile

Oh I want his smile

I love his teeth

Oh his hair

So voluptuous

I just want him now

Cameron Dallas

Is my boyfriend

Oh I love him so

And you can't have him'

"You can't have him" Jack G shouted into his mic

'Cause he's all mine'

'He's all hers' Jack shouted

'Don't nobody touch'

"Don't touch him" Jack shouted

'Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas 

Is my boyfriend

Oh I love him so

And you can't have him


I done a little strum on the guitar before finishing. I looked at Cameron who was laughing. He grabbed the mic and yelled into it 'Well aren't I special'. I laughed and started to hand Shawn back his guitar when the crowd started shouting 'MORE'

"How about if one you guys come up and sing?" I offered

The screams were unbearable. I laughed

"Can any of you sing?" I asked

More screams

"I'm gonna send Nash and Cam to pick two of you" I informed

The fans went crazy. 

I watched as Nash and Cam went down to pick a girl each. They both come back with a girl. They got handed mics and Shawn gave me the guitar back. 

"Make sure your friends video" I whispered to them

They both nodded before discussing which song to sing.

"I want to hear them sing" Jack G said into his mic

"Me two" I laughed into mine

"Pumped up kicks" one of the girls nodded at me

I started to strum the song. I had always been good on the guitar and knew loads of songs. 

The girls began. 

'Roberts got a quick hand

He'll look around the room

He won't tell you his plan

He's got a rolled cigarette

Hanging out his mouth 

He's a cowboy kid'

They weren't bad. I continued to strum. One of the girls stopped singing, guessing she didn't know the next part.

'Yeah, he found a six-shooter gun

In his dad's closet, with a box of fun things

I don't even know what

but he's coming for you, Yeah, he's coming for you

It was coming up to the chorus so I decided to join in. I pulled my mic closer quickly and started strumming again and sung

'All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

You better run, better run, outrun my gun

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

You better run, better run faster than my bullet

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

You better run, better run, outrun my gun

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

You better run, better run faster than my bullet'

The crowd went crazy. I continued to sing, without realising that the other two girls had stopped. 

'Daddy works a long day.

He be coming home late, and he's coming home late.

And he's bringing me a surprise

'cause dinner's in the kitchen and it's packed in ice'

I stopped playing, realising the girls weren't singing anymore.

"Well thank you girls, you were amazing" I grinned, encouraging the crowd to cheer

They both walked off stage, literally crying. I laughed and gave Shawn he's guitar. I really needed to get my own. I pushed myself up and grabbed one of my crutches so I could lean with it. 

"Hmm. I think the boys should have a dance battle" I smiled into the mic

The crowd all screamed yes. I laughed at nodded at Mahogany who started to play some music. The boys all moved about on the stage. I watched as they split into two groups and took it in turns to run into the middle. I laughed at Matt who literally stood there and smiled creepily at everyone whilst clapping his hands. 

The rest of the night went as usual. Crazy. It was time for the meet and greets. I was paired with Hayes and Cam. I put my crutches to the side and used the boys to hold myself up. The first fan come over and posed for a picture with us while I leaned against Hayes. She hugged us before running off to her friends. 

I pulled out my phone and took a picture of me and the other two. I uploaded it to instagram with the caption 'm&g with my besties @cams_instagram and @hayes_instagram X' 

I put my phone away and continued to pose for the rest of the pictures. A few girls asked for the boys to kiss their cheeks and etc. The last fan headed towards us. 

"I'm Bella" she smiled

"Hey" we all grinned

"You're so lucky" she literally cried

"Why?" I asked

"You get to hang out with these guys all the time" she grinned

"Oh believe me it's not always fun, they can be really irritating at times" I laughed and posed for the pictures

"I'd give anything to trade places with you for just a day" she smiled walking off

Cam and Hayes each grabbed one of my legs and lifted me up in the air. I burst out laughing as the photographer snapped a picture. 

"I'll put it on the MagCon page" he smiled

"Thanks" I nodded, the boys put me back down and handed me my crutches. 

We all headed to the exit so we could get in the car to the hotel. 


*Hotel Room*

Everyone joined us in our hotel room tonight. The boys wanted to make some vines. I sat on my laptop so that I could upload my video from the other night. I opened twitter to let everyone know. 

"New video with @taylorcaniff @nashgrier and @camerondallas in half an hour!! Make sure to watch and subscribe :)"

I put my phone on the side and waited for the video to upload. 

"Catch Sky" Nash yelled

I threw my hands up to catch whatever it was. I was soaked. I opened my eyes to see the remainder of a water balloon. I looked at Nash and glared. Motherfucker. 

"I'll get you back" I smirked climbing off the bed

I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes and threw on one of Nash's hoodies. I walked back out and sat on the other bed with Cam, Shawn and Hayes. 

"Smileeee" Hayes grinned

I pulled the cheesiest smile ever as he vined us. 

I leant over to grab my phone and opened up vine. 

"Hey guys, my new video will be up in 20 minutes. Make sure to watch!! It has cam, nash and tay in it" I grinned moving the phone to get the three of them in it. 

"Peayceeeee" I laughed facing it on me and Hayes. 

I uploaded it with the caption 'New vid in 20 with me, @camerondallas @taylorcaniff and @nashgrier'

I checked my laptop to see the time had sped up and it only had 10 minutes left. I heard my phone beep I grabbed it to see I had a text from my mum. 

"Hope you're having fun, got some news for you x"

I text back

"Best time ever, and i'm listening x"

"Call me x" she replied

I dialled her number and hopped onto the balcony where it was quieter. 

(S - Skylar M - Mum)

S - Hey mum

M - Hey Sky, how you doing

S - Great, you

M - Not bad, well the news is I've got to go back to England

S - Why

M - It's to do with work

S - How long for

M - 3 months

S - What about me

M - You need to come with me, I'm not okay leaving you on the other side of the country on your own

S - I've got Nash tho..

M - Nope, you're coming. I leave next week. I spoke to Bart, you guys have a 1 month break next week, so you'll only be missing 2 months

I didn't bother replying, instead I just hung up. 3 months. This would be the longest time without Nash, me and him hardly went a day without seeing each other, let alone 3 months. 

I hopped back inside. I sat on the bed and checked the laptop, the video was uploaded. I closed it and scanned the room. Hayes, Cameron and Taylor were the only people left. 

"Where's Nash?" I asked

"He went downstairs for a bit I think" Hayes answered

"Wanna be a babe and go get him" I fluttered my eyelashes

"Fineeeeeee" he laughed

"I'll come as well" Taylor chuckled

I watched as they left. Cameron come over and sat beside me. 

"What's up?" he frowned

"Nothing" I shrugged

"You seem upset" he persisted 

"I'm fine" I insisted

"You sure?" he asked

"Positive" I nodded

I looked up to see him staring at me. His eyes were so dreamy. Wait. Snap out of it. I watched as he started to lean in, finally our lips connected. It wasn't like in the movies. There was no fireworks or sparks. I felt nothing. Just emptiness. Just as I was about to pull away the door flew open. 

I quickly pulled away to see Nash staring at us. The look of disappointment and hurt swept across his face. Without a word he walked out. Saying nothing. 

"I'm so sorry" cam apologised

"Me two" I nodded

I grabbed my crutches and made my way after Nash. 

"Nash" I yelled

He ignored me and kept on walking

"Nash" I yelled again

"Go back to your room, I don't wanna talk right now" he snapped

"I need to tell you something" I began

"I don't care" he yelled, walking into Matt's room and slamming the door behind him. I looked down at the floor. What the hell just happened. Me and Nash never ever argued. I turned around and made my way back to my room. 

I opened the door to see Cam and Taylor sitting at the end of their bed. I said nothing and just went straight over to my bed. I put my crutches on the floor and climbed into the bed. I felt a tear run down my face as I dozed off. 


*Next Week*

Nash hasn't spoken to me since last week. I was annoyed now. Like seriously what was his problem? I don't need a wheelchair at all anymore and I can finally put two shoes on!!! I still couldn't put weight on my cut foot though. 

Surprisingly things between me and Cam weren't awkward at all. Thank god. Nash has stayed in Matt's room for the last week and completely avoids me when I see him. 

I sighed as I double checked my outfit:

I leave today. I hadn't told anyone yet, other than Bart of course. I pull up half my hair and tie it with a hairband before leaving my hotel room. 

I had secretly been packing my clothes and that whenever I could. On my way out I run into Cam and Tay. 

"Where you going? We don't have a show today" Cam asked

"Just need to find some people" I answered

"What's wrong" Tay frowned

"I'm leaving" I answered

"We all are" Cam laughed

"For 3 months" I added

"What...Why?" Tay questioned

"My mum needs to go back to London, and I need to go with her" I explained

"Are you coming back?" Cam asked

"Yeah, I'll be back 2 months later than you guys, but you'll be fine, you just won't see me for a few months" I shrugged

"How are you so laid back" Cam asked

"Because I'm really worried about telling Nash, so I haven't time to worry about anything else" I admitted

"I just saw him, he's on the roof" he smiled

"Oh great, perfect place to tell him" I joked

"Definitely" tay smiled

"Guys, don't tell anyone else please" I asked

"It's a secret" they both replied

"Aw I'm gonna miss you two" I laughed pulling them into a hug

I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture. I decided to do it with everyone. 

I headed towards the stairs that lead up to the roof. There he was. Sitting on a chair, on his own, admiring the scenery. 

"Nash" I croaked

Omg, was I already crying

"Sky, please just go" he asked

"I need to talk to you" I mumbled

"I don't want to hear it" he replied

"I'm leaving" I blurted out

"We all are" he shrugged

"I'm going back to England for a few months" I continued

"Cool" he replied bluntly

"What do you mean cool" I raised my voice

I watched as he stood up and faced me. I was definitely crying now. 

"I mean cool" he shrugged

"Do you know what Nash, go fuck yourself" I yelled

"Maybe I will" he snapped

"I don't know what your problem is, you do not get to treat me like this" I shouted through tears

"Why not? You treat me like I'm nothing" he yelled

"How can you even say that!" I hissed, in the heat of the moment I started to wave my crutch at him, I watch as it hit him in the arm

"It's true! Look now your hitting me! And you know I can't do shit" he growled

"Well maybe if I'm such a uncaring bitch I should just stay in fucking London!" I cried

"Well maybe you should" he snapped

I dropped my crutch and stared at him. Did he really mean that? I could feel the new wave of tears forming. There was no way I could hold these back. I watched as his face crumpled. The realisation of what he had said was sinking in. He started to walk towards me but I attacked and started hitting his chest over and over. I could feel him trying to control my arms. I burst into tears and felt my knees buckle.

Nash caught me and lowered me to the floor. He pulled me towards him and engulfed me into a hug. I just let myself cry and cry and cry. 

After about 10 minutes I started to calm down. 

"I'm sorry" he whispered in my ear, still holding onto me

"Me two" I croaked

We finally managed to get back on our feet and off the roof. I turned towards Nash and gave him a little smile. He walked over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I lent my head on his shoulder as we walked/hopped along.

"Do you really have to go" he whispered

"Yeah, my mum called" I mumbled

"I don't know what i'll do for 3 months without you" he sighed

"Come with me then" I blurted out without thinking

"What?" he frowned 

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