Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


43. Chapter 41

I stood there speechless. I didn't know what to say. I loved Taylor as a friend but I've never looked at him in that way. But then again I'd been with Nash so long I hadn't really looked at anyone else in that way.

"Look I'm sorry it was a..." he began

"I thought you liked Marcelina" I frowned

"Well I thought I did as well, but me and her aren't really going anywhere" he shrugged

"Fine" I nodded

"What?" He puzzled

"I'll go on a date with you" I nodded

"Really?" He beamed

"Yes. One date. I think it'll be good for me anyway...l need to get over Nash" I sighed

"Thanks Sky" he smiled

"Not today though" I quizzed

"Tomorrow night?" He suggested

"Ok" I nodded

I hugged him before leaving. I went back to my room. Which I shared with Hayes and Cam. Nash didn't want to share with us anymore. Which was weird because we were meant to be friends still.

I walked in to see more or less everyone in here. They all yelled happy birthday and bombarded me with presents. I mostly received gift cards and clothes. I thanked everyone and sat on my bed. Everyone started to leave to get ready. Apart from Cam and Hayes.

"What's up" Hayes asked breaking me from my trance

"Nothing. Just thinking" I sighed

"About?" He pried

"Nash's date" I admitted

"Oh. He told you" he looked at the floor

"Yeah" I nodded

"He's still completely and hopelessly in love with you. He's hurting and he doesn't know what to do" He sighed

"So am I. But we aren't good for each other" I flustered

"They won't last" he comforted

"It doesn't matter. I have a date anyway" I awkwardly smiled

"With who?" He frowned

"Urm... Taylor" I mumbled

"Taylor who?" He raised an eyebrow

"Our Taylor" I squeaked

"Omg. Nash won't like this at all" he frowned

"It doesn't matter who he does and doesn't like" I snapped

"Doesn't matter what who does and doesn't like?" None other than Nash asked

Fuck. I thought he was going on a date.

"It doesn't matter" I replied bluntly

"Come on" he grinned

"Fine. I have a date" I shrugged

I watched as his grin disappeared and was replaced with a frown. He looked like he wanted to cry. And I wouldn't be the one to comfort him. That was someone elses job now. 

"With who?" he blurted out

"Doesn't matter" I shrugged

"It does" he gritted through his teeth

"No it doesn't" I shot back

"Why wouldn't it matter" he snapped

"Because I obviously don't matter enough to you do I, If I did you wouldn't be going out on a date on my birthday, especially with Kaitlyn" I screamed at him

"You was the one who ended things Sky!!! You don't want me to date you and you don't want me to date anyone else now! What am I suppose to do!" he exclaimed

"I...I.." I stuttered 

"Exactly" he sighed and walked out the room

Hayes come over and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged back. I didn't cry though. I wasn't going to let this upset me. Nash had a point. I was being really selfish by being annoyed at him dating. 

I pulled away from Hayes and sat on the edge of the bed. 

"Are you ok?" he asked

"Yeah. I just want some alone time" I awkwardly smiled

"Course" he nodded and smiled before leaving

I grabbed my phone and dialled Marcelina's number. I shouldn't be going on a date with Tay. I had feelings for Nash still, and Tay clearly wanted to go somewhere with Marcelina, I didn't want to ruin whatever it is they have. I knew she was in Toronto as well because she was joining the show for MagCon in 2 nights time. 

M - Skylar?

S - Yeah, hey

M - Hi, I haven't spoke to you since Digi

S - I know, sorry about that

M - What's up then 

S - I just wanted to ask you what was going on with you and Tay

M - Oh...I don't know. I want to have a relationship with him, but he hasn't asked me out properly, and I'm not going to ask him...and well I just started to distance myself because I didn't want to fall for him if it wasn't going to go anywhere

S - He really likes you, he wants to take it forward as well, he felt like you didn't

M - I really do

S - Ok, well how about you meet him tomorrow night? Say about 7?

M - Sure, where?

S - I'll text you the place

M - Ok, thanks

S - Bye

The door flew open and I looked up to see Ellie. 

"What's up" I asked

"Nothing, I just wanted to know why the birthday girl is sitting in her room sulking" she frowned

"Because the birthday girl feels like it" I laughed

"Seriously?" she rolled her eyes

"I want to go to a club or something. I've just turned 19 for fucksake. And here I am getting all depressed because of some boy" I sighed

"Don't let him upset you, especially on your birthday" she sympathised 

"I can't help it, I just feel like I won't ever get over him. I love him so much, but all we do is hurt each other" I groaned

"If you two are meant to be then you will find a way back to each other" she smiled

"I guess" I sighed

"Fine. We will go to a club, but it's only like 3pm.... We won't go till later, besides some of the guys can't come" she reminded me

"Oh shit yeah, Hayes, Jacob, Shawn, Aaron and.." I said whilst counting my fingers

"Matt might not be able to" I grinned

"Hey that's not funny" she scolded 

"Sorry, let's go tell everyone, and then I'll go have lunch with the guys who won't get in or something" I shrugged standing up

We left the room and found all the guys, including Nash, in the lobby. Why is he still here. He is supposed to be on a date with Kaitlyn. I shrugged it off and spoke. 

"I'm going to a club" I blurted

Everyone turned and looked at me. 

"It's 3pm" Jack G frowned

"No, tonight" I explained

"Not everyone is old enough" Hayes glared

"I know" I laughed

"We are going out for a late lunch" I finished 

"Who's we" Tay asked

"Me, Jacob, Aaron, Shawn and Hayesy Poo" I laughed

"Great, I'm starving" Shawn grinned standing up

I waved goodbye to everyone and left with the boys. We ended up only going to TacoBell. we walked in and got a table and ordered our food. 

"So how's your birthday been" Jacob smiled

"Ok" I nodded

"Just ok?" Aaron frowned

"Yeah" I nodded again

"What's up Sky" Shawn asked

"Nothing" I lied 

"Tell us" Hayes ordered

"Urgh, fine, Taylor asked me on a date, as you already know" I nodded towards Hayes

The rest looked gobsmacked

"And then I said yes, but then I had an argument with Nash about him going on a date, because I really didn't want him too. Which made me realise how much I still want him, and how much it feels like i've lost him. I know he loves me still, but it doesn't mean he'll just take me back in a heartbeat. He hasn't tried to once, not like last time" I sighed

"So you want him to chase after you" Hayes frowned

"No not at all, I'm just saying, maybe he is actually starting to move on without me, and I'm scared" I gulped

"Sky it will be alright, no matter what, I promise" Shawn smiled

"You can't say that, I just don't see how anything is going to be alright. I love the kid unconditionally and I just can't stop loving him which hurts even more" I vented

"He still loves you" Hayes informed

"I know, but you can love someone and still not want to be with them, like if your partner cheats on you, you usually still love them, but you hate them and don't want to be with them" I sighed

"I just felt like we was getting things back to the way we were. Yet everyone time we take a step forward we seem to be taking 4 steps back" I groaned

"I'm going to speak to Nash" Hayes said standing up

"Are you crazy" I growled

"Don't worry, I'm not going to say anything about what you've said. I'm going to find out exactly how he is feeling" he nodded

"What about his date" I glared

"Didn't he tell you?" he frowned

"Tell me what?" I furrowed my eyebrows

"Kaitlyn called it of, said something came up or something" he shrugged


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