Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


40. Chapter 39

Nash and Kaitlyn had dated for a good few months. I don't know what happened to them but they broke up and she moved to a different state and they haven't spoken since, well that's what I thought. I watched as Kaitlyn started to lean in. Her lips met with Nash's for about 5 seconds before he pulled away.

"I'm with Sky" he mumbled

"No. You're on a break. You're practically single" she frowned

"No I'm not. I want to wait for Sky" he sighed

"Why? You know you can do better. She's just dragging you down" she groaned

"I don't feel like that" he defended me

I was gobsmacked. I couldn't believe I just saw her try and put it on Nash.

"What's going on" Cam burst through the door making them both jump and look at us.

"Sky?" Nash gasped

I didn't say anything and just turned around and walked out of the door. I knew I was crying. Hayes saw my face and just wrapped his arms around me. I cried into his chest. For a 14 year old he was a really good comforter. 

"What happened?" He soothed

"Kai...Kaitlyn kiss...kissed hi...him" I stuttered through sobs

"Did he kiss back?" He asked

"No, bu...but it's sti...still shocking to se...see" I sobbed

"It'll be alright" he tried calming me down

I felt him rubbing my back. I finally calmed down. I was surprised Nash hadn't come out. I guess Cameron was speaking to him. I pulled out of the hug and wiped my eyes. I gave a small smile to Hayes before turning and looking back at the room door. I slowly pushed it open and walked in. Nash and Cam were sitting on one bed talking and Kaitlyn was on her phone on the other bed.

"You should leave" I sniffed

"This is my room" she smirked

"What?" I frowned

"Didn't the boys tell you? I'm staying here for a few nights" she grinned

"Why didn't you guys tell me" I frowned

"We didn't know she was staying" Cam answered

"Kaitlyn. Please just leave" I groaned

"No" she shrugged

"You're lucky I don't attack you" I growled

"Yeah. Cause we all know how much of an animal you are" she laughed

I was balling my hands into fists over and over again.

"Let's go outside" Nash stood up

I huffed before turning around and walking out.

"I didn't invite her" he rushed

"I don't care about her being here. I care that she kissed you" I snapped

"I didn't kiss back" he frowned

"I know" I nodded

"What are you even doing here" he asked

"I wanted to come back. I made a mistake thinking we should go on a break" I admitted

I felt Nash wrap his arms around me. I was so angry at the moment I wanted to push him away, but at the same time I wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. So I didn't push him away instead I wrapped my arms around him.

"I'm sorry for everything" he apologised

"Me two" I whispered

"Get a room" someone laughed

I pulled away to see Kaitlyn standing in the hotel room doorway.

"Fuck off" I snapped

"Ooo feisty" she smirked

"Kaitlyn just leave it" Nash sighed

"If you ever try anything like that again. You will regret it" I warned her

"I'm so scared, I don't even want Nash" she laughed

"Then why did you kiss him" I shot back

"Why not. He's practically famous now" she shrugged

"It's certainly not for his looks" she scoffed

Oh hell to the fucking no.

"Excuse me" I snarled

"You heard me" she shrugged

Before anyone could stop me I threw myself at her. This was like the third fight I was getting in over Nash. We both fell to the ground and she somehow had managed to get on top of me.

I felt her fist connect with my face. I grabbed her and flipped us over and hit her back. I noticed a red liquid dropping onto her white top. Was I bleeding?

In this time she had crawled out from underneath me and we were both standing up. I went for her and pushed her up against the wall. She grabbed my arm and pinched. Was she pinching me? Wtf.

"Stay away from us" I growled in her face

Before I could say anything else I yelped in pain and let go of her. Nash had me in his arms now and Cameron was holding Kaitlyn back. I looked at the top of my arm to see teeth marks. She had fucking bit me.

"Kaitlyn leave" Nash ordered

"No way. It's my room" she laughed

"No. We will get security to make you leave if you don't" he snapped

She huffed and pulled away from Cameron and walked into the room and come back with a suitcase. She eyed me up before walking down the corridor.

"Let's clean you up" Nash grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the room

We went into the bathroom and he grabbed a cloth and damped it. He jumped up on the counter and pulled me in between his legs and started dabbing at my cheek which stung.

"I think her ring caught you" he sighed

That must be why I was bleeding. I sighed and nodded. Once he was done he slowly run his finger across my cheek. I moved so I could look in the mirror. I had a huge scratch across my cheek and I was starting to get a bruise around my eye.

I then looked down to see where she had bit me. I was turning a little bit purple. Nice. That bitch has literally left her mark on me.

"Are you okay?" Nash asked

"Yeah" I shrugged

He pulled me closer and wrapped me in a hug and rested his head on top of mine.

"We will be okay... Won't we?" He asked

"Yeah" I mumbled

He jumped down and pulled me into the hotel room which was empty.

"Wanna just go to bed?" He asked

I glanced at the clock. It was 7pm. I think I need an early night. I nodded my head and walked over to my suitcase. I pulled out Nash's oversized top and took my clothes of. I could feel Nash staring at me which made me giggle. I slipped the top on and climbed into the bed beside him. Before I could say anything his lips were on mine. Whenever we kissed I still felt fireworks, even after how long we had been dating which was almost a year there was still a spark which hopefully will never fade.

I felt Nash slide his hand up and down my leg. I climbed on top of him so I was straddling him. Things were getting heated when we hear the door unlock. I panicked and hid under the covers which made Nash laugh as the people walked in.

"Is Sky under there" I heard Cams voice

"Yeah" Nash laughed

"Dirty kids" he chuckled

I slowly popped out from under the covers.

"Omg" Hayes gasped

"What" I frowned

"Your face" he squinted his eyes

"Is it bad" I groaned

"You have like a black eye and a huge scratch" he pointed out

"Great" I sighed

I groaned and pulled the cover up to my nose.

"I'm just gonna sleep" I sighed

I rolled over so I was facing away from Nash and I felt him wrap his arm around my waist and pull me closer. I slowly drifted of to sleep.

I woke in the morning to find all the boys still asleep in bed. Te events of last night played through my head. I couldn't believe that happened.

I slowly stepped out of bed and headed into the bathroom. I looked at my face in the mirror and gasped. I had a huge black eye. And a nasty scratch across my cheek. I examined my face a bit longer before climbing in the shower. I wonder if the others knew I was back? I wonder if any of them know what happened last night?

I climbed out of the shower and brushed my teeth. I put my underwear on and walked out. I opened my suitcase to find myself something to wear. I decided on:

- silver disco trousers

- blue long sleeved crop top

- blue converse

I looked at myself in the mirror. The trousers really defined my butt, making it a lot more noticeable. I shrugged and started brushing my hair before doing a plait on the top of my head and i left the rest of my hair natural.

I turned back around to see the boys still sleeping. I laughed before grabbing my phone and headed out into the corridor. I decided to quickly check my twitter.

"Hi guys. I'm back at MagCon!!! I cut my 'break' very short. Just couldn't stay away"

I slipped my phone away and headed down the corridor. I ended up in front of a door that was two doors down from my room. I guessed it was one of ours so I knocked. And lucky me Taylor a answered. He frowned at me and then I remembered my bruise.

"Kaitlyn" I shrugged

"Come on in" he chuckled

I walked past him to see Shawn and the Jacks spread across the beds.

"You look awful" Jack G gasped

"You can't say things like that" Shawn laughed

"No I mean. Your eye looks really bad" he corrected

"Yeah thanks to that stuck up bitch" I groaned

"Who?" They all asked

"Kaitlyn" I sighed

"Who's that?" Jack J asked

"Some girl from NC. Her and Nash dated ages ago but they broke up. I don't know what she was doing here though" I explained

"Nash invited her" Taylor piped up

"What?" I frowned

"She texted Nash saying she was in Nashville because of Nash's tweet" he started

"Saying what?" I asked

"That she was in town and they should meet. And then Nash told her what hotel we was in and she turned up and then we come and got you" Taylor finished

I couldn't find anything to say. I was in shock. I don't care that Nash invited her, they hadn't seen each other in so long it was understandable that they would most likely want to see each other, but Nash lied to me. 

"Urm, I gotta go" I began to turn to walk out

"Sky wait" Jack J called

I stopped and turned back around. I had never really gotten that close with Jack J. I mean don't get me wrong I was close with all the boys, but of course I was closer with some more than others. 

"What's wrong" he asked

"Nothing" I lied

"You're lying" he pointed out

"Suck my dick" I flipped him off and turned around to leave again

"Seriously Sky" he called

"What" I snapped

"We want to know" he frowned

"Fine. Nash lied to me" I shrugged and walked out

I bumped into someone and looked up to see Hayes. 

"I was coming to look for you" he grinned

"Well you found me" I snapped

"What's up with you" he frowned, the grin disappearing

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be taking my anger out on you" I apologised

"What's Nash done now" he asked, already knowing Nash was the problem 

"Being a douche as usual" I sighed

"Yeah, he tends to be like that.....a lot" he laughed

"Why can't you just be older" I joked

"Believe me, I wish I was" he chuckled

"Thanks Hayes, I really do appreciate everything you do" I smiled

"No problem" he laughed opening his arms

"Your face is bad by the way" he whispered in my ear

"Way to ruin the moment asshole" I laughed

We pulled away and we both walked back to our hotel room. Nash was laying on the bed in his clothes and Cam was getting dressed. 

"Can I speak to Nash once you're dressed" I politely asked Cam

"Sure" he frowned as he pulled his trouser up he run out the door

I stood in front of the bed and Nash moved so that he was now sitting at the end of the bed. 

"Sky your face, I'm so sorry" he began

"Forget my face, how did Kaitlyn end up here last night?" I asked

"Well...urm see" he stuttered 

"It was you wasn't it" I questioned

"I didn't tell you because I wasn't sure how you'd react" he began

"NO!!! YOU LIED TO ME" I yelled

"I didn't mean to" he insisted

"Stop!!! You obviously did!!! We just keep going round in circles" I cried

All my anger was building up now. He stood up and tried to pull me into a hug. 

"NO, get of" I yelled and started to hit his chest

He let me continue to hit his chest until I burst into tears and dropped my arms, he then wrapped his arms around me. 

"I'm so sorry for lying, I just panicked" he whispered

I didn't reply. I didn't even know what to say. I wasn't sure how I was feeling either. On one hand I was angry and wanted nothing more to do with Nash, he had put me through so much since we started dating, was it really worth the hassle? And then on the other hand I just wanted to lay in bed and hug and kiss him and forgive him for everything. Either way I loved the boy unconditionally and I need to make my mind up. 

What to do?

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