Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


34. Chapter 33

I woke up with my head on Nash's lap. I sat up and stretched. I looked around to see most of the guys sprawled along the furniture along with Ellie. I also spotted Lia on a sofa with JC. I guess the others didn't stay?

I got up quietly and slightly chucked at what I was wearing. I looked like a guy. I jumped when I heard someone else join in with my laughing. I turned around to see Nash smiling at me.

"Morning beautiful" he smiled

"Morning" I giggled walking back over to him

"Where was you off to?" He asked

"The loo" I grinned

"I like going to the loo with you" he smirked

"So do I" I laughed as I placed my lips on his

Everyone started to wake up not long after us. Everyone left apart from me and Nash. We was going to film a video with the guys today.

"Lia's left clothes here if you wanna borrow them" JC laughed at my outfit

"Yeah please" I nodded

He took me upstairs and gave me the clothes. I changed into them. They were:

- Jean shorts

- black lace top

I quickly run my fingers through my hair before heading back downstairs. We were going to do a prank call video.I set up JC's camera and sat down on the sofa with Nash, Kian and JC

"Hey guys. I'm here with JC and Kian from O2L and Nash. And today we are going to do a prank call video" I smiled

"Basically. We have two bowls. One has a person name on it and that will be the person we prank. And the other bowl has the sentence we have to say" I nodded

"We are going to go around twice as well" I smiled

"I'll start" Kian grinned

He put his hand in the bowl and pulled out a name: Jenn. He then pulled out his sentence: "I heard you were talking about me behind my back"

He grinned and dialled her number.

J - hey

K - hey. Urm basically I heard you've been talking about me behind my back

J - what? No I haven't

K - well I saw some things that you've said about me. And they were actually pretty hurtful and offended me

I tried my best to keep myself from bursting out laughing.

J - Kian. I promise you I never have

K - I'm only joking Jenn. This is a YouTube video and you've been pranked

J - Urgh Kian I hate you

Onto the next one. JC. He pulled out a name: Cameron Dallas and his sentence was: I've been kicked out can I come stay with you

C - hey bro

J - hey dude

C - what's up

J - well basically you know i got drunk last night

C - yeah?

J - well after you left I had a huge argument with the guys and they've agreed to kick me out

C - serious?

J - yeah so I was wondering if I could come stay with you?

C - sure dude, we have loads of spare room

I burst out laughing. I was kind of hoping he'd say something shady about the guys to make this fun.

"Hey cam it's Sky" I laughed

"Hey sky" he replied

"This was all a joke man. It's for YouTube. I'll text you later though" JC chuckled

Next one was me. I pulled out a name: Taylor Caniff. And my sentence was: I'm pregnant

I grinned. This would be so much fun. I dialled and waited for him to answer.

T - hey sky

M - hey Tay

T - what's up

M - I have something really important to tell you

T - go on

M - Tay. I'm pregnant

T - are you serious?

M - yes

T - are you sure?

M - yes, I took three tests

I stifled back a laugh.

T - does Nash know?

M - no. And he can't find out

T - why?

M - because it's not his

I waited for his response. I really wanted to laugh. The other guys were trying to contain themselves as well.

T - what do you mean?

M - well me and cam had this thing a few weeks back and well I haven't had sex with Nash in ages and so I just know it isn't Nash's

T - sky what is wrong with you???

M - i don't know. I'm so scared I don't know what to do

T - you need to tell Nash

M - I need to go. I'll call you later

As soon as I hung up I burst out laughing.

"Omg. My heart literally felt like it was going to pop out" I laughed

"I can't believe you didn't tell him it was a joke!" Kian gasped

"I want to see if he says anything to Cam or Nash"'I grinned

"I doubt he will to me" Nash shrugged

"We will seeeeeee" I laughed

"My turn" he smiled

He picked a name: Nash Griers Mum (Elizabeth) and his sentence was: I've broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend. He shrugged and dialled his mums phone.

N - hey mom

E - hey Nashy

We all had smirks on out faces. I loved his mums nicknames.

N - mom I have something to tell you

E - is it about sky or Hayes? Omg are they ok? What's wrong

I smiled. That was so cute that she wanted to make sure I was ok.

N - it's about sky

E - what's happened? Oh lord is se okay?

N - yeah she's fine, it's just, we urm broke up, for good this time

E - what? Why?

N - she didn't feel like is was working still, and she's flown back to London

E - oh for heavens sakes Nash. She's the best girl you're going to get. She's amazing. Go a find her

N - but she's left mom

E - I don't care. Get your butt on a plane and find her!

I had a huge grin on my face and decided to jump in.

"Hey mrs grier. It's sky. This is a prank call for my YouTube channel" I grinned

"Oh for Christ sake sky. I nearly had a heart attack" she laughed

"I'm sorry. But don't worry. I'm not going anywhere" I smiled

"I hope not" she chuckled

"Positive. I love Nash way to much for that" I grinned

"Bye mom. We gotta go" Nash laughed hanging up

It was now Kian's second go. Name: Tyler Oakley and his sentence was: your cat is in my house. He dialled the number but no one picked up so he picked another name: Trevor (o2l)

He dialled the number and Trevor answered.

T - what's up

K - dude. You frigging cat is in my house again

T - I don't have a cat

K - well it's got your name and address on the tag

T - dude. It ain't my cat

K - stop fucking lying

Great a bleep out.

T - I'm serious! It isn't my cat. Go away man.

K - dude I'm only kidding. This is a prank call

T - oh my god. You ass.

K - I gotta go. Bye

JC next. He got Mahogany. And his sentence was: I don't mean to offed you but I really don't like you. He dialled her number and she answered.

M - hey

J - urm hi

M - why'd you call?

J - well I wasn't sure how to tell you this

M - tell me what?

J - well I don't mean to offend you, but I really don't like you

M - oh

J - yeah. I just thought it was better that you knew

M - yeah that's cool

J - mahogssssss. I'm only kidding this is a prank call

M - oh thank god. I thought you was being serious!!!

J - never. Anyways I gotta go

My turn. Name: Jack dail. An my sentence was: I really like you. I looked for his number and dialled it.

M - hey jack

J - oh hey Skylar

M - look I know that this is a bit upfront considering we've only met a few times but I really like you

J - um what?

M - I really like you

J - I like you two I guess?

M - no. I like you more than as a friend

J - oh urm oh gee. I'm not looking for anything and I don't think I feel the same. And besides you're dating Nash.

M - really? And oh. Urm I guess it's good to be honest and no. Not anymore.

J - oh im sorry, I'm sure you'll find someone else's

M - Jack I'm fucking with you dude

J - what

M - I'm pulling your leg, this is a prank call

J - oh thank sweet baby Jesus. That was so awkward

M - I do like you though...... As friends though

J - yeah me two

M - I'll text ya later. Bye

Last one was Nash. Name: Austin Mahone. And his sentence was: why are you chatting up my girl/boy

A - hey dude

N - hi

A - what's up

N - well actually I'm ringing you to find out why you are speaking to my girlfriend

A - what?

N - I've seen your messages with Skylar

A - dude. I have no idea what you are taking about

N - don't play stupid with me

A - I'm not. I wouldn't do something like that

N - I've seen the messages

A - that's not possible! Seriously! There are no messages

N - I know. I'm messing

A - what?

N - this is a prank call

A - oh man! You had me!

N - I thought so haha. Sorry dude

"So guys. That's the end of my video" I began

"So make sure you fucking like and subscribe!!!" Kian yelled

"I will post all of these guys links in the bio below so make sure you check out their videos" I smiled

"And thanks for watching" Nash grinned

"And goodbye" JC finished making me laugh

I borrowed Kian's computer and started to edit the video before uploading it. It took a few hours but it was eventually finished.

I was tired and just wanted to go home. I had to leave early tomorrow to make it to DigiTour on time. It was being held in Florida while I was in it.

"I'm going to get going, I still have to pack for tomorrow" I grinned as I headed to the door

"We packed days ago" Kian laughed

"Guess I'm slacking" I grinned as Nash intertwined our hands

"Looks that way" JC chuckled

"I'll see you guys tomorrow and thanks for having us. It was a great night" I smiled

"Yeah, and thanks for coming and no problem" Kian grinned

I waved goodbye and headed outside to find the cab I had called.i climbed in and gave the cab our address. Nash didn't have MagCon till Thursday so he was staying at the apartment. We paid the man and climbed out and headed inside. I packed myself clothes and almost instantly fell asleep.

*next day*


I just finished getting ready. I looked at my outfit which was:

- black metallic skater skirt

- white crop top

- black knee high socks

- white converse

- white sunglasses

I had been putting this cream on my bruises and they had gone down tremendously. It was astonishing. They were literally unnoticeable. I smiled as I headed into the front room with my suitcase.

"So I'm off" I grinned

"We're gonna miss you" cam pouted

"And I'll miss you guys as well, but I'll be back in 4 days, which is the same day you guys go to MagCon" I smiled

"I guess" they nodded

I pulled Cam into a hug and said goodbye. I then turned to Nash.

"I'll miss you" I whispered into his ear as we hugged

"I'll miss you more" he smiled into my neck

I pulled away and placed my lips on mine. We stayed like this until Cam coughed. I laughed and pulled away.

"I love you" I smiled as I walked to the door

"I love you two" he half smiled

I left and went down to my cab and headed to the airport.


*in Florida*

I had a interview on a news show today. I was so excited. And straight after was DigiTour. I went to my hotel first to drop my stuff off and only bumped into Taylor Caniff and Jack Dail

I grinned at both of them and pulled them into a hug.

"No weirdness after that call yeah" I laughed to Jack

"Not at all" he grinned

"Good" I chuckled

"You look nice" he smiled showing his dimple

"Thanks" I giggled

"Sky can we talk" Tay asked sternly

"Sure" I frowned stepping aside

"Have you told Nash" he asked

"Told Nash what" I frowned

"About you being pregnant" he mumbled

I burst into a fit of laughter. I completely forgot I had told him that.

"It's not funny" he muttered

"Tay....omg....have you not seen my video?" I asked nearly crying

"No" he frowned

"It was a prank, I was doing a YouTube video" I laughed

"Omg. Sky. I've been going crazy" he groaned

"I'm so sorry" I laughed pulling him into a hug

"Fine fine. You gonna share with us?" He asked

"Who's us" I asked back

"Me, Dillon and Jack" he smiled

"Sure" I nodded

"Great" he smiled

"Will you take my stuff up? I have a interview I need to be at"I asked cheekily

"Fineeeee" he groaned extending his arm

I handed him my suitcase and thanked him before running off. I arrived at the news station and was led inside and then placed on the set while someone down my makeup. The. The interviewer came out.

I - today I'm joined with Skylar Smith, upcoming artist and vine superstar

I - so Skylar, how did it all happen?

M - well me and my bestfriend Nash decide to download a new app called vine and we were just goofing around making videos that we found funny, then we gained literally 50,000 in under 3 days and so we took the whole thing a lot more seriously. Then we were contacted by the owner of MagCon and we joined. 

I - What about your singing

M - Well my manager got in contact with me whilst I was in MagCon and we started doing business from there, then I left MagCon and focused on singing, and now I'm back for the 6 month reunion tour.

I - Sounds very hectic

M - it is, I'm actually here for DigiTour

I - and Nash?

M - Nash is at home, probably mopping about

I - I hear you two are a thing

M - we are

I - and? How's it going?

M - it's good. The past few months have been a whirlwind for us, but somehow we've managed to pull through. I love Nash unconditionally

I - love?

M - yes love

I - You're both so young.

M - I agree we are it's young, but I don't think anyone is too young to love, it comes from your heart which knows no age. And young love is probably the realist love. I can't stand it when people say "their too young to be in love" well maybe they are just to old to remember

I - wise words from such a young lady, but don't you care what people say?

M - no? Why should I? It's my life. No one else's. Sometimes you have to do what's best for yourself and not what's best for everyone else. I know that sounds selfish, but I give back a lot to people so I think i deserve to have a happy normal relationship

I - I'm so glad to of been able to have you on the show

M - it's my pleasure

I - well guys, that's all we've got time for

I stood up and shaked the mans hand before waving and walking off. I got into the car that was waiting outside for me and headed off to Digitour.

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