Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


31. Chapter 30

Me and Nash have been back at the hotel for about an hour. We were still waiting for the guys to get back. Just as I was about to call them the door flew open and they all rushed inside.

"So?" I began

"They got him. His name is Daniel Lowe" Hayes replied

"And?" I continued

"And he'll be going away for a long time" Tay gave me a crooked smile

"Good" I sighed flopping back on the bed

"Are you two okay?" Cam asked

"Yeah, I'm just relieved I can start to forget about it now" I smiled

"I'm tired" Nash yawned

"Me two" I agreed

"G'night boys" I waved as they left

I stood up and slipped off my shoes and socks. I decided to sleep in my dress tonight. As I turned around Nash walked into the bathroom and Cam grabbed a Hoover out of the cupboard.

"What are you doing" I laughed as I took out my earrings

"Cleaning my bed" he grinned

"Whatever floats your boat" I chuckled

As I went to go to my bed I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I looked up to see Hayes. I slightly smiled and hugged him back. Somehow at the age of 14 he was taller than me.

"What's wrong" I asked

"Nothing. I just hate seeing you upset" he mumbled into my hair

I felt my feet leave the floor as he lifted me into the air and carried me to my bed making me chuckle. He put me down and we stayed in our hugging position.

"Hayes" I laughed

"Yeah" he answered

"I need to move. I can't feel my arms" I chuckled

He sighed and released me. I laid down with my back against the head board and patted my lap indicating for Hayes to rest his head on me. And he did. I started to play with his hair, I loved Hayes to the moon and back. He was like a little brother to me.

I noticed the noise from Cameron had stopped and he was standing awkwardly looking at us. I smiled and patted the space next to me. He climbed across and sat beside me so I rested my head onto his shoulder.

"What is Nash doing" I laughed

"Shower I think" Cam smiled

"Oh alright" I nodded

I snuggled back down and felt my eyes starting to close.

I woke up to see Hayes sprawled over me. Cam was in his own bed along with Nash. I guess I fell asleep before Nash got out. I sighed and carefully got out of bed and started to get ready for the day.


*skip to Matt and Ellie joining*

Matt and Ellie were joining us again today!!! I was so excited. I missed the both of them unreal amounts. I checked my outfit which was:

- Taylor caniff slit armed tiedye tee

- blue jeans

- white converse

- white sunglasses

I quickly brushed through my hair before heading into the lobby of the hotel. Where everyone else was.

"SUP BITCHES" a familiar voice yelled

I turned around to see Matt and Ellie walking towards us. I run over and pulled them both into a hug. Which was soon joined by everyone else.

"I missed you guys" I grinned

"We missed you" Matt smiled

"And we heard about everything" Ellie awkwardly smiled

"It's fine. He's behind bars now. I'm over it" I lied

Obviously I was relieved that he was behind bars. But what happened isn't something you can just get over in a few days or even weeks. I could get through. And eventually be myself again, but everything was still going to be different.

"Good" she smiled

"Mattttttttt" I laughed

"What" he grinned

"Come to the gym please. Nah can't cause he's got some interview with Cam" I pleaded

"Urgh. I hate working out" he groaned

"Pretty please" I pleaded

"Go on" Ellie encourage

"Fine" he laughed

I waved bye to everyone and we headed to the gym. Along the way we stopped to take pictures with fans. But eventually we arrived. We paid and headed inside. I started on the treadmill. I looked over to see Matt sitting in the corner on his phone. I laughed and headed over to him.

"Skyyyyy. I'm tired" he moaned

"Matt. You haven't even started" I laughed

"Yeah but still" he grinned

"Man you suck" I chuckled heading back to the treadmill

I done a few more exercises before leaving. We got back to the hotel and the guys where all in my room. I headed over to the mini fridge/freezer and pulled it open. I was craving for an ice pop. I opened the freezer part and frowned as I pulled out a piece of material. I held in the air and then realised what it was.

"Is this my bra? Why the fuck is it in the freezer" I frowned

"NASH" I yelled

I could hear laughing behind me. I turned around and all the boys had a guilty look on their face.

"Wtf dudes. Why my bra" I scolded

"Nash ain't here and we don't even know" Hayes grinned

"You guys are fucking freaky" I shook my head and threw the bra in the washing pile.

I then remembered Nash was at that show thing. I sat on the bed in between Hayes and Matt. And started looking for the channel on the telly when I felt a pain shoot up my arm.

"Ouch" I frowned

I felt it again. It was Matt biting me.

"Stop fucking biting me" I frowned

He laughed as he made his arms small and pretended to be a t-Rex. He then bit me again.

"You ain't a fucking dinosaur so stop fucking biting me" I glared

"1st. Yes I am. 2nd. There is no second" he laughed

I playfully hit him before finally finding the channel. They both looked so cute.

I - So Nash how is everything with your girlfriend

N - Great. Things are finally getting better.

I - Good to hear cause we heard things were pretty rough

N - They were but it's gotten better

I - Anything you guys want to say to her

C - Yeah. Skylar you suck

I laughed as he said it.

N - You don't suck, that much

I would get them both back for that

C - Only kidding. Love ya Sky

N - I weren't. But yeah. I love you Sky

I felt a smile creep across my face. I switched the TV off and laid back on the bed. The boys started to leave one by one until it was just me and Hayes.

"SELFIE" I yelled jumping beside him

I took literally hundreds of photos and then uploaded one with the caption: Selfie with my brother from another mother 🙅

I jumped when the door flew open and in walked Nash and Cam. I relaxed when I saw them.

"Assholes" I muttered

"That's rude" Nash laughed

"So's scaring the shit out of me" I grumbled

"Aw sorry baby" he laughed wrapping his arms around me

I felt a smirk creep across my face. I quickly pecked him on the lips before pulling away.

"I leave next week you know" I informed

"What?" Everyone frowned

"I have a gig at the DigiTour" I laughed

"Since when" Nash frowned

"Since forever. I'll be back before you know it. I'll be gone 4 days at the longest" I assured

"Are you sure" he asked

"I'm positive. I promise" I laughed

"Fine" he grumbled

"Aw. Don't be grumpy" I grinned

"It's just I'll miss you" he frowned

"And I'll miss you" I smiled

"I'm going out with Carter tonight" Nash informed

"But you just got back" I groaned

"I'll be back later" he laughed kissing my forehead

"Fine. See ya loser" I grinned as he walked out.


*few hours later*

I was laying on the bed with Cam and Hayes when my phone started ringing. It was Nash face timing me. I quickly answered and his beautiful face appeared.

"Hey" I grinned

"Hey" he waved

"What's up" I asked

"Justin wanted to say he loved you, but I know you love me" he laughed

"Wait. Justin who?" I frowned

"Justin Bieber" he grinned moving the camera slightly to show him.

I swear I nearly had a heart attack.

"Omg. You are with Justin Bieber!!! I can't believe you didn't tell me!! I love him!" I yelled

"What" Nash frowned

"Well let's face it. You suck" I smirked

"Hey" he faked cried

"I'm kidding. But Justin Bieber is pretty cool" I laughed

"Thanks" Justin waved

"No problem" I shyly mumbled, trying hard not to fangirl

"I'll be back soon" Nash smiled

"Okay. I'll see you later then. Bye" I waved

"Bye" they both waved

I turned and faced the boys.


"FANGIRLING" Hayes laughed

"Shut up" I glared

After about an hour Nash walked through the door with a big bag of food and a drink in his hand. He had his hat on backwards and was smiling like a dork.

I pulled out my phone and vined him.

"Look guys. He's really not that beautiful" I shrugged

"Thanks, you dick" he smirked

"Your dick" I pretended to puke

He frowned as I thought of a caption for that vine. I finally got one: Boyfriend/Girlfriend love 💏 @nashgrier

I smiled as I uploaded it. And watched as Nash's phone pinged. He checked it and then frowned at me.

"Welcome" I grinned

"You ass" he poked his tongue out

"You mean DAT ASS" I laughed

I was in some weird mood. The rest of the night was spent eating and taking the piss out of each other.

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