Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


4. Chapter 3

We had done the show and it was now time for the meet and greet. We all paired up. It was Mahogany and Shawn, Cameron and Hayes, Matt and Carter, Jack and Jack and then Me, Taylor and Nash. I stood with the boys waiting for the fans to come in. I had a joke around with them and watched as the fans come in. 

The first fan come straight towards us. 

"Can I have a picture just with Nash" she asked

Me and Taylor nodded and stood and took a selfie of ourselves instead. 

We took more pictures with the fans and I could feel myself starting to get a bit light headed. I watched as the last girl come forward. 

"Omg, you are amazing" she said to me

"Thanks" I smiled

"Can I have a picture with you?" she asked

"Of course" I nodded

I stood next to her to have the picture, as soon as the camera flashed I could feel myself starting to fall. Taylor quickly caught me in his arms and laid me down, placing my head in his lap. 

"Sky?, are you alright" he asked

"I..." I panted

"Water" he ordered someone

I could feel a cool liquid running down my throat. I swallowed and managed to sit myself up. By now everyone had crowded around us. 

"Are you ok" Nash asked

"Yeah, I just got a bit light headed" I shrugged

"Lucky Tay caught you" Cameron informed

"Yeah, thanks" I laughed

"Anytime" he grinned

I got myself of the floor and assured everyone that I was fine. Eventually they believed me and we headed back to the hotel. 

"Carter and Mahogany are going back to their homes for a while so I'm going share with Matt until they get back" Nash informed me on the way back

"Ok" I nodded

We got back to the hotel and I headed straight to my room. I slipped of my shoes and undone my skirt, letting it drop to the floor. I slid my top over my head and searched around for a top to sleep in. I found one of Nash's and slipped it on. I just about covered my butt. I left the socks on while I continued to walk around the room. 

Cameron and Taylor walked in laughing about something. 

"Where's Nash" Cam asked

"Staying with Matt, so you lucky boys get to share with moi" I laughed

"Oh great" Tay pretended to moan

"Shut up" I grinned throwing a pillow at him

The door that conjoined our room with next door opened and in walked Hayes, Shawn, Jack, Jack and Nash. 

"Well, just come in" I laughed

"We're bored" Nash moaned

"Well I suggest tonights a movie night" I smiled

"Yeshhhhhh" Hayes grinned

I grabbed a hairband and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I flicked through the T.V until I finally found a film for us to watch. I sat on my bed with Nash, Cam and Tay. I laid down so that my head was on Tay's lap and my legs were sprawled across Cam's lap. Nash laid down and rested his head on my tummy while I played with his hair. 

I peered over at the other bed to see Jack and Jack laying on the bed with Shawn laying across it at the end of the bed. Hayes was sitting on the floor. 

"Hayes, are you alright" I laughed

"Yeah" he shrugged

"Wanna come up here" I asked

"Na, I'll be fine down here" he smiled

"Well, theres a space if ya want it" I grinned

"Thanks" he nodded

The movie was over and everyone started to move about. Everyone left apart from Nash and Hayes, and obviously Tay and Cam. We all sat up on my bed. 

"I'm not even tired yet" Hayes moaned

"Me either" I agreed

"Let's do something" Cam grinned

"Like?" I frowned

"Truth or Dare" he smiled 

"Yeah" I laughed

We got of the bed and sat on the floor in a circle. I grabbed a bottle of the side and spun it. It landed on Cameron. 

"Truth or Dare" I teased

"Dare" he smirked

"Right" I laughed standing up and whispering in his ear. 

I grabbed my phone so that I could vine this. Cameron opened the door between our room and next door and walked in. Both Jacks were laying in bed. Cam headed straight over, pulled down his pants and rub his naked butt all over Jack.G. He completely flipped and started yelling so we all run out and burst into laughter. 

"My turn to spin" Cam smiled

It landed on me. Great. I could go with a truth.. but I didn't want to be boring. 

"Dare" I smiled

"Take your top of" he chuckled 

"Done" I grinned, pulling my top over my head. I wish I hadn't. 

"What's that?" Nash frowned pointing at my stomach. 

"Nothing" I lied

I stood up and went into the bathroom to put some clothes on. Nash followed and stuck his foot in the door before I could close it. He shut the door behind him and locked it. Without saying a word he pulled me into a hug. After a few minutes he spoke up. 

"Why?" he asked

"My dad" I admitted

"So there not recent" he sounded relieved

"No...they are" I frowned

"Sky please, come to me next time, don't scar your body" he sympathised 

"I'm sorry, it's just last week was a year since he died, and you weren't here, and I just felt so alone" I apologised 

"I'm here for you whenever, just promise me you won't do it again" he ordered

"I won't" I promised

He sat down on the side of the bath and looked at the scars on my belly. I didn't want them on my arms or legs because thats the most obvious spot. I felt so angry at myself for doing it. We finally walked out of the bathroom, I just put Nash's top back on. 

"I'm sorry, I should nev.." Cam started

"Don't be silly, it wasn't your fault" I interrupted 

"Are you alright" Hayes asked

"Yeah course" I smiled opening my arms for a hug

"Goodnight" he said, releasing from the hug

"Goodnight Sky" Nash smiled pulling me into a hug

"Thankyou" I whispered into his ear, hugging him back

I climbed into my bed and drifted of the to sleep. 


I was alone... All alone. Wait no I wasn't. I could hear a soft cry. I walked around searching for the person. That's when I saw him. Nash. I started running towards him, but he was getting further and further away. Then I started falling. I landed on the floor and was surrounded by blackness. I could now hear screaming. I started running aimlessly until I ran into something. I felt along the wall until I found a doorknob. I swung the door open to see Nash's family crowding around something. I walked in and his mom looked at me. 

"Get out!!" she yelled, tears streaming down her face

I peered over her to see Nash's lifeless body on the ground, covered in blood. I broke down in tears. 

*End of dream*

I woke up with tears falling down my face. That dream was horrible, but what did it mean? I looked down to see Taylor sleeping on the floor. I climbed out of bed and leaned down beside him. 

"Tay" I whispered

"Mhm" he groaned

"Taylor" I said, slightly louder

"Wake up please" I asked

I watched as he slowly sat up. 

"What's wrong" he frowned, squinting his eyes

"I...had a...nightmare" I mumbled

"Are you alright?" he asked, concerned

"Not really, will you lay with me?" I asked

"Sure, it'll be comfy than the floor anyways" he half smiled.

I stood up and headed back to the bed, followed by a shirtless Taylor. I climbed in and he followed. I moved myself closer and he put his arm around me as I rested my head onto his chest. 

"Thankyou" I yawned

"No problem" he mumbled

I finally drifted back to sleep....In Taylor's arms. 

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