Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


30. Chapter 29

I woke up to find myself in an empty room. I frowned before grabbing my phone and checking it. Just the usual. I yawned as I rolled out of bed and danced over to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and jumped in the shower. I had brought my underwear in the shower with my so I put it on and walked out.

I lifted my head up to see everyone in the room. I froze and looked back down at my body. I had put a tiny bit of weight on, but I still didn't look right and I was covered in black and purple bruises.

"Sky" someone began

I quickly turned around so I wasn't facing them anymore. Before I could say anything someone wrapped their arms around me.

I looked up to see Hayes looking down at me.

"It's ok" he whispered

I nodded and pulled away and faced the boys. I had a few tears starting to form. I walked over to the bed and sat down in between all the boys.

"He broke me" I whispered as the tears started to fall.

I instantly felt loads of arms wrapped around me. And once again I felt safe.

"Thankyou" I mumbled standing myself up

"We will get him Sky" Carter smiled

"I hope so" I nodded

I grabbed some clothes and headed back into the bathroom.


*Nashs POV*

Sky just went back into the bathroom to get changed. The boys all turned their heads to me.

"Dude. She looks like she got beaten" Tay frowned

"She didn't, she would've told me, she said that....that...that bastard was heavy handed" I gritted through my teeth

"The police will get him" Carter tried assuring

"They better" Cam piped up

"She looked so broke" Jack G frowned

"She is" I sighed

The boys all had sorrowful looks on their faces. We all felt so bad for what happened to Sky.

"This is my fault" I blurted out

"What" they all frowned

"I should never of made her move in" I shook my head

"Don't be stupid" Cam insisted

"It is. If she hadn't of moved in none of this would've happened" I groaned

"You're making it sound like you didn't want her to move in" Carter frowned

"No. Of course I wanted her too. I love her with all my heart. And it hurts me to see her hurting so much. It's killing me. I just want her to be happy again" I sighed

"Nash, you can't think like that. It's going to take some time but eventually things will go back to normal" Cam half smiled

"I'm happier and happier each day" Sky said making us all jump. I turned around to face her.

"You're what keeps me going, all of you. But getting to spend all my time with the person I love makes me happy. Spending time with these goofs makes me happy. And talking to my fans makes me happy. I'm getting better and better as each day goes by. And honestly if I didn't have you guys to keep me going I probably would of gave in by now" she smiled

Without saying anything I wrapped my arms around her.

"I love you" I mumbled into her hair

"I love you more" she smiled


*Skylars POV*

After our little heart to heart we got some brunch and now we are waiting in the backstage room. I checked my outfit quickly again.

- white t-shirt dress

- black knee high socks

- white converse

- black raybans

I brushed down my dress before heading out onto the stage. I was going to sing my new song I wrote called "without you". Obviously it was about Nash. Although he didn't know it. And I was going to sing a duet with Jacob.

I watched as the fans rushed in through the doors. I smiled and started to wave at them. The boys filled out on the stage and lipgloss started playing which meant dance time. We all started doing the dance moves. I stopped and stood to the side and the next song come on which was ride by somo. I watched as the boys body rolled and then Hayes and Taylor come right to the front of the stage and started grinding on the speakers which made us all burst out laughing. I literally had tears in my eyes.

The boys continued dancing for a bit. And then they calmed down for mine and Jacobs performance. We sung "say something". I loved singing with Jacob. His voice was so different compared to Shawn's. The boys all sat around the edge of the stage as the lights dimmed down. I headed over to the microphone in the middle and waited for the crowd to calm down a bit.

"This song was written for a very special person in my life. Without him I probably wouldn't be here today. So Thankyou Nash" I looked over at him and smiled before singing


"Everything I want I have

Money, notoriety and rivieras.

I even think I found God

In the flash bulbs of the pretty cameras,

Pretty cameras, pretty cameras.

Am I glamorous? Tell me am I glamorous?


Hello? Hello?

C-can you hear me?

I can be your china doll

If you want to see me fall.

Boy, you're so dope,

Your love is deadly.

Tell me life is beautiful,

They all think I have it all.

I'm nothing without you.

All my dreams and all the lights mean

Nothing without you"


I looked at Nash who had a huge grin on his face. This song describe us perfectly. I really was nothing without Nash.


"Summertime is nice and hot,

And my life is sweet like vanilla is.

Gold and silver line my heart

But burned into my brain are these stolen images,

Stolen images, baby, stolen images.

Can you picture it,

Babe, the life we could've lived?


Hello? Hello?

C-can you hear me?

I can be your China doll

If you like to see me fall.

Boy, you're so dope,

Your love is deadly.

Tell me life is beautiful,

They all think I have it all.

I'm nothing without you.

All my dreams and all the lights mean

Nothing without you.


We are two kids, just tryin' to get out,

Live on the dark side of the American dream.

We would dance all night, play our music loud,

When we grew up, nothing was what it seemed"


I looked into the crowd and grinned at their reactions. I scanned the whole crowd once more when my eyes landed on someone. Omg. I felt my body freeze. I continued singing. I needed to end this song now.


"Hello? Hello?

C-can you hear me?

I can be your China doll

If you like to see me fall.

Boy, you're so dope,

Your love is deadly.

Tell me life is beautiful,

They think that I have it all.

I'm nothing without you.

All my dreams and all the lights mean

Nothing without you"


I finished and instantly felt someone wrap their arms around me. I turned around to see Nash. Relief washed over my face.

"He's here" I whispered

"Who" he frowned

I looked back into the crowd and my eyes landed on him again. He hadn't noticed me. By the looks of things he was a security guard. But I wasn't sure.

"Him" I nodded at him

Nash looked until his eyes landed on the man I was nodding at. He looked back at me again as frowned. We had moved away from the front and Jacob was currently singing.

"It's him" I mumbled

"Him who Sky?" He asked, clearly getting frustrated

"The rap.." I began

Before I could finish my sentence anger flashed across Nash's face. He grabbed and mic and pushed me off the stage area.

"Hey urm you" he called calmly

The man looked at him with a frown.

"We need some help up here. You look like a tough guy" Nash gritted through his teeth

The man shrugged and made his way up to the stage.

He was now standing right in front of Nash.

"So think you're a big man do ya" Nash growled

The man looked confused and shrugged it off.

"Well I don't know about that" he laughed

Before anyone could say anything Nash punched the guy in the face. Making the whole crowd gasp. The man hit Nash back which made me run out. The security ushered everyone out of the room and apologised for cutting the show early. I jumped in between the man and Nash.

"Stop" I pleaded with Nash who had a busted lip

"This piece of trash deserves it" he snapped

"I know. But please. I don't want you getting hurt" I cried

The man looked at me and then his eyes widened as he realised who I was.

"You little bitch" he snarled charging towards me

The boys run over and held him back.

"Who is this dude" Tay frowned whilst holding him back

"It's him" I looked down

"Who's him?" Cam asked

"My nightmare" I mumbled

The boys realised what I was going on about and anger swept across their faces. I pulled out my phone and called the police.


"Yes I would like to report a crime"

"I was raped a few weeks back, and the man who raped me is being constrained in front of me"

"Okay. Thankyou"

"There on there way" I nodded

The boys slowly let the guy go. He had no where to run. The building had been locked down until police get here.

"Let's get you cleaned up" I sighed to Nash

We walked into the bathroom and I jumped up on the side. He stood in between my legs as I dabbed his busted lip with a wet cloth.

"Are you okay" he asked

"Yeah. I mean I don't know. I was until I saw him. I was finally starting to forget" I sighed

"Well at least now you can relax a bit more. Knowing he is behind bars" he soothed

"Yeah. That's comforting" I nodded

I finished and rested my head onto his.

"I loved your song by the way" he smirked

"Thanks" I half heartedly laughed

I jumped down and entwined my fingers with his and we left and went back to where everyone else was.

"Ah great the lovebirds are back" the man sneered

"Be quiet" Cam snapped

"She has a nice body" he laughed

I could feel Nash's body tense up. I lightly squeeze his hand to reassure him.

"Ignore him please" I pleaded

"Seriously shut the fuck up" Tay snarled

"So delicate to touch, everything was perfect" he smirked

"Fuck off" I snapped

"Feisty one as well. There was a lot of kicking and squirming" he laughed evilly

"I'm giving you one last chance before I do something I seriously regret" Nash hissed

"Your girlfriend was an amazing fuck. Her little body never stood a chance against me. The squirming just made it more fun" he smirked at Nash.

Nash pulled his hand from mine and charged at the man. He threw a couple punches but he was pulled off him before he got to hit back.

"Nash. Stop please" I yelled with tears in my eyes.

He didn't even look. His eyes were still focused on the man. I walked over and stood in front of him and placed my hands on either side of his face.

"Nash please, just come and sit over there with me please" I pleaded

"That son of a bitch" he snarled

"Nash please. I need you" I cried

He looked down at me and his whole facial expression changed. His face softened and he looked like he was sorry.

"I'm so sorry" he apologised pulling me into a hug.

"It's fine. I just want to go home" I mumbled

"Let's go then" he said

"What about him" I asked

"The boys can handle it. And police should be here soon anyway" Nash smiled half heartedly

I nodded before wrapping my arm around his waist and walking out of the room. I glanced back one more time and caught the evil smirk on that sickos face. He was going to pay.

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