Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


29. Chapter 28

*1 week later*

Today was the first MagCon show. Matt and Ellie couldn't make it today so they were coming next week and Yasmine would be joining us in the next city. Mahogany was still out and Marcelina had been asked to join on certain nights as a special guest.

I had my Nash Grier tiedye muscle tee on with a pair of white converse. I tied one of Taylor's bandanas around my head and looked at myself in the mirror. I grabbed my reflective sunglasses (like what Taylor caniff has) and headed out to the car that had come to pick us up. Luckily our first show was in Cali. And we was sold out.

When we arrived I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I hadn't seen some of these guys in ages. And I hadn't seen any of them since the rape, other than Taylor.

Me, Nash and Cam climbed out and walked into the venue. Our stuff was being dropped off at the hotel for us. We walked inside to find everyone already in here. All there heads turned to us. A smile appeared on all of their faces.

"COCK" Taylor screamed running at us, followed by everyone else.

They attacked us into a huge hug.

"I missed you guys" I grinned

"We missed you'se two" Shawn laughed as we all broke away

"Everything alright now" Tay whispered into my ear

"Yeah thanks" I nodded

He winked before walking off.

"5 minutes till show time" someone called

We smiled and made our way to the stage area.

"VINE" I screamed holding my phone in the air

"Back where it all began" I smiled getting everyone in it

"COCKKKKK" Taylor screamed making everyone burst out laughing

I uploaded it with the caption: Feels good to be back with my family.

We watched as people started to flood through the doors. We all run off stage and waited to be called on.






Oh great I was last.


I walked on and plastered a smile on my face. The audience cheered then died down.

"Ewww there's a dog on the stage" someone yelled

My smile disappeared and was replaced with a frown. The boys all looked over at me shocked. They were shocked that someone would say that.

I looked at Nash and saw he was heading towards me. He slung his arm over my shoulder and spoke into his mic.

"I like Sky a lot. She's not only my girlfriend, but she's my bestfriend. I've been dating her for 10 months now, I kind of thought you guys would of accepted it by now, and all the guys here like Sky as well. So if you guys love us then I ask on behalf of all the members of MagCon that you respect Sky and don't say horrible things about her" he calmly spoke

I felt a small grin creep along my face. I can't believe he had been keeping track of how long we had been dating, and it was crazy to think it had been 10 months! I looked up at Nash and mouthed thankyou.

We continued with the show and goofed off as usual. Me and Shawn done a duet together and then a solo performance. And we come to an end. Before walking off I yelled into my mic.

"Thankyou Cali for being an amazing crowd!!! We are so happy to be back touring as part of MagCon. Goodnight and god bless"

We all walked off and outside of the building.

"I'm going to take a walk if that's alright" I called at the guys

"I'll come two" Nash nodded

We said bye to the guys and started walking back. When a swarm of girls surrounded us. I laughed and pushed Nash forward.

"Take pics. Speak to them" I laughed

He thanked me and began taking pics. I stood to the side and watched at how happy he looked when a few girls nudge into me by accident.

"I won't be long. I promise. A few more minutes" I heard Nash tell just as someone else nudge into me.

"Hey, hey be careful, don't push my girlfriend" I heard him yell protectively

After about 5 minutes we finally continued our walk. Until we ran into a group of about 5 girls who wanted pictures with Nash. I stood and waited patiently as a teenage boy walked over with his phone out.

"Hey. Your that Nash Grier, you faggggggggg" he laughed

"Leave him alone" I frowned stepping next to Nash

"You fucking fag" he laughed again, completely ignoring me

"Back off" I yelled, I was annoyed now

Nash was acting as if he couldn't hear and continued taking pictures with the girls. Which I was proud off.

"Sky don't worry" he whispered into my ear

"You fucking fag" the boy sneered

"Fuck off asshole" I erupted pushing the boy back

"And you are" he grinned

"I'm his girlfriend. So I can't understand how he is a fag" I spat

I spoke again before he could.

"I don't see your girlfriend. So what does that make you" I smirked

"Fuck off" he growled stepping closer

"No" I hissed pushing him back again

"Touch me one more time and you'll regret it" he threatened

Without thinking I balled my hand up and punched him as hard as I could in the face.

"Don't ever. I mean ever threaten me" I screamed

"Your dead" he spat

He had that evil smirk that my rapist had. I knew it wasn't him, he was too young. But his facial expressions reminded me if him so much.

"Touch me and I'll scream my head off" I hissed

"Touch her and I will kill you" Nash stepped in

It made me jump to hear his voice. He hadn't spoken up the whole time. The boy frowned at us both before walking away. I then realised that my hand was throbbing. Nash threw his arm around me and we made our way back. When we got inside the hotel I asked for an ice pack before heading up to our room. I opened the door to see Cam and Hayes. Bunk buddies.

"What happened" Cam asked nodding towards the ice pack on my hand

"I hit someone" I mumbled

"What" Hayes laughed

"Someone was saying stuff about Nash so I hit them" I frowned

"Cat fight" cam laughed

"No" I muttered

"What" Hayes asked

"It was a dude" I answered

"Really" they both laughed

"Yeah. He was calling Nash a fag. And then he threatened me and I just lost it" I admitted

"Fuck it" Cam shrugged

I laughed and plopped myself on the bed. I pulled out my phone and opened twitter.

"Some people are so rude!"

I then decided to do another one.

"I love my BOYFRIEND @nashgrier and I will defend him everytime"

I threw my phone on the side and slipped my shoes off. I pulled the bandana of aswell and placed it in the side cabinet. I couldn't be bothered to get changed so I slid under the covers in what I was wearing. Nash come over in a pair of boxers and slipped in next to me.

"Night" I yawned

"Keep it down yeah" cam joked

"Shut up. We wouldn't with you in the room anyway" I laughed back

I slowly drifted of to sleep.

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