Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


28. Chapter 27

We had just arrived at the meeting venue. I was wearing:

- white jeans

- black lace top

- black high heels

- white sunglasses

I walked in the building followed by the boys. There was a group of people standing in the lobby, when they saw me there facial expression change. They had a sorrowful or pitiful look. Which was the look everyone was giving me at the moment.

"Stop" I called at them making them jump

"Sky" Nash began

"No. I'm sick and tired of people looking at me like that. I'm fine. I've told everyone hundreds of time. I don't want it!" I yelled

"It's just in people's nature" he soothed

"Well I don't need their sorrowful and pitiful looks okay" I calmed down

I stormed off into the room where the meeting was being held. Inside was the new manager, Scott.

"Hey guys" he smiled

"Hey" we all mumbled

"Right. The tour will start next week. And then will go on for 6 months" he began

"I might have to leave now and then, for shows" I interrupted

"That's fine. Shawn and Taylor are the same thing" he smiled

I nodded and let him continue. After about half an hour the meeting was over and we got to leave. As we were leaving we run into a crew member from the old MagCon. I think her name was Sally?

"Hey" she smiled

"Hey" we all nodded

"Skylar. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened" she began

"It's fine. I've got to go" I cut her off and left.

I was tired of hearing people say "I'm so sorry". "Sorry" wasn't going to changed anything. It wasn't going to rewind time and change what happened to me. It was just a way of people showing me pity, which is one thing I really didn't want right now.

I climbed into the car and we headed back to our apartment. Ellie wasn't bothering to come back, she was just going to wait until MagCon started up again. Which meant it was just me and the boys.

I went into mine and Nash's room and flopped onto the bed. Nash and Cam both walked in and sat either side of me. I sat up so all three of us were sitting in a row.

"Should we make a video. We haven't done one in so long" I suggested

Both boys looked at me like I was crazy.

"I'm fine. Honesty" I assured

They looked at each other nothing nodding there heads.

"Great" I grinned jumping up to set my tripod and camera up. When it was done I sat back in between them. They both started to play with my hair on either side which made me grin as the camera started recording.

"Hey guys. I'm here with my boyfriend and best friends Nash and Cam" I smiled

They both have a wave before continuing with my hair.

"They think they are hairdresser" I laughed

"We are" Cam shot back

"If ya say so. Anyways, things have been down lately so I thought I would brighten the mood by doing a video" I smiled lightly

"So I'm going to do a would you rather video. And then we will film something else on Nash's and Cams channels" I nodded

"So I sent out a tweet about 2 minutes ago asking or you guys to give us "would you rathers" which you guys did. So let's go" I smiled

"1st. Would you rather: eat your own foot or eat someone else's" I laughed

"I'd eat my own" I shrugged

"Me two" Nash agreed

"I'd eat someone else's" cam frowned

"They could all sorts of diseases" I laughed

"2nd. Would you rather: Never see your family again, or never see the one you truly love"

I frowned and waited for the guys to answer.

"That's so tricky. But I think I'd say never see the one I love. You can always fall in love again" Cam answered first

"I disagree. I'd never see my family. If your with the one you truly love then aren't you with your family?" I explained

"I agree with Skylar" Nash nodded

"3rd. Would you rather: Win $1000 or give away $1000

"I'd rather win the money and then give it away" I smiled

"I'd do the same. Like I don't need any extra cash" Nash agreed

"Same" Cam nodded

"Right. That's all I've got time for. Thanks for watching. I'll put the links for theses guys videos in the bio" I smiled before putting my hand over the lens.

We all got ready again and went to do the next one.

"Hey guys" Nash smiled

"Supppp bitches" I grinned

"Great now I have to bleep that out" Nash moaned

"Fuck offfffff" I laughed

"And that" he grinned

"Get on with it" I smiled

"Today we are going to do trivia kind of video. You guys asked us question and we are going to answer" he smiled

"1st. What is you pet peeve" he read out

"Omg. I hate when people chew and you can literally hear what food they are eating" I groaned

"Hear what food" Cam laughed

"Yeah like if it's crunchy, you think if crisps, tacos and things like that" I explained

"I hate people who don't tie their shoelaces up properly. Or if there uneven" Cam laughed

"I cannot stand when girls pretend to act stupid. Like seriously what is up with that" Nash moaned.

"2nd. What annoys you most about the other person"

"Well Cam leaves all his dirty clothes laying about everywhere and I end up picking them up. And Nash can't cook and when he does he burns everything and we end up wasting all the food" I laugh

"Well Skylar can sometimes be really loud, if ya know what I mean" Cam winked

I laughed and playfully hit him on the head.

"And Nash hits me way more than what he should" he glared at Nash

"Well Skylar takes up literally the whole of the bed most of the time. Or she hits me in the face when she first wakes up. And Cam is really messy. Like he cant keep his room tidy for more than 10 minutes" Nash laughed

"3rd. Who smells the nicest" he laughed

"Sky" both of them grinned

"Aw thanks guys. And Nash smells nice all the time mhm" I smiled

"4th. One secret about someone in the group"

"Well Skylar has this routine she does every morning. She checks her phone, yawns, gets out of bed, looks in the mirror, dances into the bathroom and then gets ready. And looks perfect and well Cam has a weird obsessions with vans. You guys might not know but he at least one of every colour possible" Nash laughed

I felt a smile creep onto my face. That was cute.

"Well Skylar owns every single colour possible of converse. And I mean EVERY SINGLE COLOUR, and well Nash secretly reads fan fiction when he is bored" Cam laughed

"Well Cam can't talk, he actually reads fan fiction as well when he thinks no one is looking, and Nash's password on his phone is the first day we met, which he thinks no one knows" I smiled

"That was cute" Nash laughed

"Last one. What was your last text" he grinned

We all pulled out our phones to look.

"Mine was to my manager and it said "Sup fucker. Just wondering when I have my next show. Ta ta" I laughed

"Mine was to my sister and it was "Hey fuckface, i miss you, can't wait to come home and see you. Love you lots" Cam grinned

"Awwww!" I cooed

"Mine was too Sky, and it said "hey just to let you know i love you" Nash smiled

"Aw. That was a few days ago! You suck not texting anyone else" I half laughed

"Shut up. Anyway thanks for watching guys. Don't forget to subscribe and I'll post these guys links in the bio for there videos" he laughed chucking his hat at the camera. Ending it.

We done the "chubby bunny" challenge on Cams channel, I won hands down.

It felt nice. I felt normal again. I almost forgot about what happened.

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