Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


26. Chapter 25

*2 months later*

I finally finished moving into Nash's. It took a lot of flying back and forth. Mark was cool with the whole thing which was great. Especially since he loved the song I wrote called "nothing like us". Which was about Nash. A lot of my songs were about Nash.

We also got a letter the other day saying MAGCON had a new manager and that they wanted to do a reunion tour which would last 6 months. I finally convinced Cam and Nash to come along. I haven't seen so many of the guys in ages now. I see Matt all the time as he comes over a lot to meet Ellie. I also see Jack and Jack a lot as they visit Cam and Nash.

Speaking of Cam and Nash. They had some show tonight. And Ellie had a date. I was on my way to get some food seen as I was going to be alone tonight. I stopped at the Walmart and walked in. I bumped into some and looked up to apologise when I saw a familiar face.

"KIAN" I grinned

"SKYALR" he mimicked

I pulled him into a hug

"What are you doing here" I laughed

"I live here" he chuckled

"What" I frowned

"Me and the rest of o2l got a house down here" he smiled

"Omg. That's so cool. You have to come visit soon!" I grinned

"Back at ya" he smiled

"Let's get a pic before you go this time" I giggled

He held his phone in the air and took some selfies. I watched as he uploaded it with the caption "viners and youtubers crossing sides.... 🎥📱😈"

I laughed before saying good bye. I got my shopping before heading home. I got a phone call on my way. I glanced over to see it was unknown. I frowned and answered it and put it on loudspeaker. (M - me *skylar* and C - caller)

M - hello

C - is this Skylar Smith

M - yes

C - I'm calling on your mother's behalf. She seems to have taken a turn for the worse

My mum had been ill lately. But I thought it was just a bug going around. Guess I was wrong and I was about to find out just how wrong I was.

M - what do you mean

C - the cancer is taking over her body

My whole body froze. Cancer? Why didn't she tell me.

C - miss smith?

M - sorry, yes

C - I'm sorry. She hasn't got long left

That's when I felt my whole world come crashing down.

C - she's in nc hospital

M - I'm in California. I'll book myself a ticket for asap

C - okay bye

M - bye

I run out and headed in the apartment. I booked the soonest plane to North Carolina, which was in half an hour. I called a cab to the airport and went back to NC. I called a cab when I landed and got dropped at the hotel. I walked inside and headed to the reception.

"Hello, what room is Claire Smith in" I asked

"Relation" she asked

"Daughter" I answered

"Room 301" she replied

I rushed off looking for the room. When I arrived I burst through the door making my mum jump. I couldn't do anything but stare at her. She looked so lifeless. Her long brown hair was missing and in it's place where small chunks of straw like hair. Her face was shrunken and she didn't look anything like my mum anymore.

"Sky" she whispered

"Why didn't you tell me" I yelled

"I didn't want you worrying" she smiled weakly

"What was you going to do??? Let me find out by having you die?" I cried

"I'm sorry. I thought I was getting better" she coughed

"I'm sorry for yelling" I sighed

"You had every right to" she smiled

"How long" I whispered

"Not long baby" she nodded

I has tears streaming down my face. How could she be so selfish and not tell me! What was I meant to do? Find out when she was dead? I was so angry. I wasn't angry at her though. She never chose to get cancer. I pulled out my phone and dialled Nash's number.

N - Hey

M - I'm in NC

N - What? Why?

M - My mums in hospital, she's dying

N - Omg. I'll book a ticket now

Before I could say anything he hung up. I walked over and laid beside my mums bed. I can't believe she was really dying.

*1 month later*

My mums spent the last month in hospital. I haven't left her side for longer than 10 minutes. I was worried that if I left when I come back she wouldn't be here. I had hardly eaten since I found out. And my body showed it. Since the first day I hadn't cried. I couldn't cry anymore. I was empty.

I watched her as she slept. I was sitting on Nash's lap. He had been my rock. He stayed with me the whole time. I watched as her chest rose up and down, up, down, up, down, nothing....nothing?

I got off Nash's lap and stepped towards the bed. I felt my body tense up as I got closer. I looked back at Nash who was staring at me completely confused. The sound if the machine dead lining made me jump. I run over and grabbed her limp lifeless arm. It was too late. My mum was gone.

What happened next was a complete blur. Doctors rushed through and pushed me aside. Nash rushed to my side and started whispering into my ear. I felt my legs give way and I slid to the floor and stared at the wall. I was going into shock. This just didn't feel real. I felt myself get lifted up. I guessed by Nash. He guided me outside and into a car.

We arrived at a familiar location. Nash's house. He helped me out and guided me in. I was lifeless. Like a zombie. Hayes appeared as we walked in the door. He looked at me and instantly sadness swarmed his face. I nodded and made my way up to Nash's room without saying a word. I sat on the end of his bed and stared at the wall.

"We should sleep. It's late" I heard Nash's angelic voice

I nodded and watched as he climbed into bed. I didn't move. I stayed sitting on the end of his bed just staring at the wall. And that's the way I stayed until morning.

"Sky. Did you stay there all night" Nash's voice made me jump

"Yeah" I nodded

"You'll get ill" he frowned

'Mhmmm" I murmured

I stood up and grabbed my phone. I had messages from cam, Matt and Ellie.

From Cammie 😈

Sky. Is everything alright? How's your mum. Text me soon x


From Matty 🌚

Sky. I hope everything is ok. Your mum is in our prayers x

Last one

From Ellie 🌸

Sky please text one of us back. We are worried sick. We haven't heard from you in ages we just want to know what's happening x

I decided to send them all the same text

"She's dead"

I sighed. The next few weeks would be an ongoing torture.

*1 month later*

We buried my mum a week after he death. I completely shut everyone out for a few weeks. But I've pushed past that now.

I was back in Cali and I was loving it. We were going back to magcon next month which we were all excited for. I still haven't been eating properly. But I haven't told anyone that. Nash and Cam were going out tonight and Ellie was visiting Matt in his hometown. So it was just me. I had already been to the store for food and that.

I plopped myself on the sofa and started watching a film. I was wearing a pink juicy tracksuit and had my hair tie up in a messy bun when the doorbell rung. I frowned and stood up to go answer it. I opened the door and in front of me was a man in his 30s?

"Sorry to bother but I really need to borrow a phone. I knocked at the others but no one has answered" he pleaded

I frowned but agreed to let him in. I pointed at the phone and headed into the front room. He then come over and asked to use the bathroom. I told him where to go and he went. After about 10 minutes I got suspicious.

I headed upstairs and towards the bathroom. I placed my hand on the knob an turned. Surprisingly it opened. I stepped inside and there was no sign of him. I turned back around and went to go call the police when I felt a hand go around my mouth. I tried to scream but it was muffled by the hand. He lifted me in the air and carried me to a bedroom.

I looked around, we was in Ellie's room. He threw me in the bed and smirked. Omg. Was he going to kill me?

I went to stand up but he just pushed me back down. I watched as he grabbed rope out of his bag. He tied my hands behind my back and he placed his hand on my cheek and moved it down until he reached the zipper of my top. He pulled it down and moved it out of the way, he couldn't take it of because my arms were tied.

He then tugged at my tracksuit bottoms. I kicked out but it was no use. He got them off and them tied my legs to the bed posts. I could feel the tears streaming down my face. He licked his lips as he looked at my body. I felt physically sick.

He removed his clothes until he was completely naked. I felt like I was going to throw up. He laid himself on top of me and grinned. He moved his hands towards my knickers and ripped them apart with his hands. More tears fell as I realised this really was going to happen.

I froze in fear as he slipped himself inside of me. I tried to wriggle at first but it was no use. So I gave up. He raped me for the next hour. I could feel bruises forming over my body from where he had been gripping on so tightly.

He finally pulled out but he still wasn't done. He decided to use his fingers. I let out a small cry, which he mistook for a moan. After another half an hour he finally decided he was done. He got up and smirked at me.

"If you tell anyone I will kill you" he grinned

"You sick bastard" I cried

"Remember. I know where you live" he smirked before getting his clothes on and leaving.

I waited until the front door slammed before standing up. I was in so much pain. I staggered out of Ellie's room. I grabbed some underwear and put it on. I then grabbed my phone and called Nash.

N - hey

M - come home

N - what, I'm out with cam

M - please

N - what's wrong

M - just come home

N - I'll be 15 minutes

I hung up and slid down the wall in the front room and pulled my legs up into my chest and I rested my head on them. I stared blankly ahead. I couldn't even cry.

I began rocking myself back and forth telling myself everything would be alright. Who was I kidding though. I jumped when I heard the front door opened. I relaxed a little bit when I heard Nash and Cams voices.

"Sky?" Nash called

I didn't even have the strength to call back

"Sky" Cam called

I looked up just as they walked in. Both there eyes widened when they saw me.

"Sky. What's wrong? What happened" Nash fretted running over to me

He slid down beside me and wrapped his arms around me, making me flinch. He frowned at me and dropped his arms.

"Sky. What's happened" he asked again

Without saying anything I stood up. I moved my arms so he could see my body. And that's when the tears started to flow.

*Nash's POV*

I just found sky in the corner rocking herself back and fourth in her underwear. She looked terrified.

"Sky. What's wrong? What happened?" I fretted, sliding down beside her.

I wrapped my arms around her which made her flinch. I frowned as I dropped my arms.

"Sky. What's happened?" I asked again

Without saying anything she stood up and dropped her arms to her side. Her small body looked so fragile and broken. Her stomach and arms were covered in bruises. I could also see how much weight she had been losing. Her ribs were sticking out of her skin and her stomach was stretched out showing her protruding hipbones. I looked at her face as tears started to flow.

It was horrible seeing her like this. I needed to know what had happened.


*Skylars POV*

"What happened" he asked

I couldn't even answer him. Cam was standing awkwardly a few feet behind Nash.

"Did someone hurt you" he asked

I slowly nodded my head

"Like attack you?" He asked

Again I nodded my head

"Like a robbery?" Nash asked

I shook my head. No.

"I think she was raped" Cam blurted out

My eyes widened and then went back to their normal state.

"What" Nash frowned

"She's covered in bruises and is half naked" cam stated awkwardly

Nash turned to me and asked the dreaded question.

"Was you raped"

"Yes" I whispered as tears streamed down my face

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