Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


18. Chapter 17

I woke up to find the bed empty. I rolled over and off the bed. I looked around and noticed that the conjoining door was open. I walked over and peered inside to see Nash and Hayes. I walked in a sat in between them. 

"Where is everyone" I yawned

"Mum and Skylynn left, and the boys are downstairs eating before we leave" Nash explained

"Why didn't she say bye" I frowned

"Because we go home today" Nash grinned

"Really" I gasped

"Yeah, for a month" he nodded

I can't believe I've been on this tour in total for 6 months, but technically I missed 3 months, but I was still so close to the guys!!! Think for 3 months I had spent every single day with them, nearly 24/7 kind of thing. That also means I've been dating Nash for 3 months now. That's a long time, and we still haven't done anything other than kiss. I think it's getting closer to the time...

It was going to be weird going home. And obviously we were both really focused on what we wanted to do now. Nash wanted to try and get into acting. And well I was already starting to get into singing. It's crazy how much can change. 

"Hey how about if all the guys come back to North Carolina?" I suggested

"What?" Hayes frowned

"Well my mum is hardly ever at my house, so everyone can stay for a huge sleepover! Omg it's going to be the best thing ever" I grinned

"You can ask I guess" Nash chuckled

I jumped up to go and find everyone. The first person I run into was Mahogany. 

"Mahoggggggssssss" I yelled, making her jump

"What's up Sky" she laughed

"Huge sleepover at mine for the weekend, just for like a massive goodbye thing" I grinned

"Sounds great, considering I'm leaving" she smiled

I stared at her in pure confusion. 

"I'm leaving MagCon" she half smiled

"What...Why?" I frowned

"I want to pursue a singing and djing career" she shrugged

"Oh" was all I managed to say

I nodded before heading back to my room. I couldn't be bothered to find anyone anymore so I decided to text them all in one big group chat, as we often did. 

To : Nashy πŸ‘€πŸ’™ Hayes 😎 Matty 🌚 Cammie 😈 Carter πŸ‘² Jack J ✌️ Jack G πŸ‘Ύ Aaron 🐻 Shawn 🎀 Jacob 🎡 Taylor πŸ˜‹

Hey guys, huge sleepover at mine tonight, you all better be coming!

I got replies literally straight away. 

Matty 🌚: Only if you make us english food....

I laughed 

Me: I'm sure I can find something

Cammie 😈: I'm game

Matty 🌚: Good, I'll be there then :)

Me: Good good, you better start booking flights mudafuckas

Nashy πŸ‘€πŸ’™: I was gonna stay with you anyway.....;)

Me: Now now, keep it PG, Hayes is in the chat remember

Hayes 😎: Shut up, and yeah I'll come

Carter πŸ‘²: Carter can't :(

Me: WHAT!!!! WHY?

Cammie 😈: Carter knows there is food right? Carter there is FREE FOOD. How are you not coming????

Carter πŸ‘²: I already made arrangements with family :( next time i will! I promise

Aaron 🐻: I can't either, sorry guys

Me: You motherfucking party poopers...... Well I guess we will see you for Nash's birthday won't we?

Aaron 🐻: Yeah definately :)

Carter πŸ‘²: For shizzle

Jack J ✌️: Why are we texting, when we are literally just down the hall......but yeah I'm in

Shawn 🎀: I can stay tonight, but I'll have to leave tomorrow night :)

Me: That's fine, one night is better than no night, someone needs to invite Yasmine and  Ellie....I never got their numbers

Hayes 😎: I got Ellies, i'll text her :)

Me: I bet you did ;)

Matty 🌚: I'll ask Ellie :)

Me: Good, all sorted

Jacob 🎡: same as Shawn :P

Taylor πŸ˜‹: COCKSSSSSSS, but yeah seems cool

Me: Taylor Caniff, you are honestly one of the weirdest people I know

Jack G πŸ‘Ύ: Just gonna creep up in here *perv face* 

Me: Taylor. I was wrong. Jack is the weirdest....

Taylor πŸ˜‹: No, Jacks just creepy....

Me: You have a point  lol...

Jack G πŸ‘Ύ: I wanna sleepover. WOOO

I laughed and placed my phone on the side. I changed into a pair of leggings with a white crop top and a white pair of converse. I wasn't bothered about looking nice, I was going home!! I packed all my bags and set them by the door just as Nash walked in. 

"Hey" I smiled

"Hey" he shuffled

"What's wrong?" I frowned

"Nothing" he sighed

"Tell me" I insisted

"I was hoping to spend time with you, and just you" he admitted

I walked over and wrapped my arms around his neck. 

"We will spend time, all the time in the world infact after this sleepover" I promised

"Really" his eyes glowed

"Yes" I laughed, pecking his lips before breaking away

I grabbed a pair off sunglasses that I think belonged to Nash or Matt and slipped them on. I looked around the room before heading out with my luggage. I took it downstairs with me and found the rest of the gang in the lobby with all their stuff, ready to go. 

"How excited are you all!" I grinned

"I want English food" Matt yelled

"Matt, I've lived here for over nearly 4 years, I buy the same food you do..." I laughed

"You said you would" he glared at me

"Fine fine, I'll find something" I backed down, holding my hands up

We were just waiting on one person. Nash. I looked over at the elevator and saw him walk out. He looked over at me and smiled. I waved and waited for him to come over. When he reached us we turned around and headed out to the car that would be taking us to the airport.....well taking us home. 



I was sitting in the middle of Hayes and Nash. I was surprisingly tired. I pulled the armrests up and laid my legs across Hayes and my head on Nash. I slowly started to drift of to sleep. 

"Wake up" someone whispered

My eyes fluttered open to see Nash smiling at me. 

"Hey" he grinned

"Hey" I smiled

"You look cute when you sleep" he chuckled

"You sound like a pervy creep" I laughed

"But ya love me" he grinned

"If ya say so" I giggled

We got our luggage and headed out of the airport. Elizabeth and my mum were here to pick us up. Me, Nash, Matt, Ellie Taylor and Cam got into my mums car whilst Hayes, Yasmine, Shawn Jacob, Jack and jack got into Nash's mums car. 

The ride home wasn't long. We climbed out and headed into my house. We would all sleep downstairs in my front room. I had quite a big front room, a lot bigger than most peoples front rooms. The boys and girls all placed their bags to one side of the room. 

"I'm going" my mum called

"Bye" I yelled

She had some "thing" like usual. I swear I was drifting further and further away from my mum. If I didn't have Nash I would be completely lost right now. I looked up to see Nash staring at me. He frowned so I gave him a weak smile. Without a second going by he was next to me with his arms wrapped around me. I buried my head into his chest and let my hair fall over my face to cover it. See.....this is exactly what I meant...

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