Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


17. Chapter 16

""That was......incredible" he grinned

"Really?" I smiled

"Yeah you are even better in person, and your friend is amazing too" he laughed

"Thank you" we both grinned

"I would love to work with you Skylar, and eventually with you Shawn" he began

"I would get you a few gigs and events like DigiFest and that. And then we will work on producing a song and see where we can go from there" he smiled

"I'd love two, on one condition" I informed

"What condition?" he asked

"Shawn is guaranteed some sort of role in all of this" I nodded

"Like a duo every now and then? Just until get you of, then I can focus on him" he asked

"Yeah" I nodded

"Deal" he agreed smiling

We all stood up and got ready to leave. 

"You will hear from me soon, I'm going to get straight to work at getting you a place on DigiFest this year, and I'll try to get Shawn in as well" he smiled

"Thank you" I grinned

We shook his hand and then left the building and climbed back into the car. 

"You didn't have to do that" Shawn smiled

"I know, but I wanted to, you are an amazing singer, and I know that this is what you want to do" I explained

"Well thank you" he nodded with a huge smile on his face

I smiled back before starting the car up and heading back to the hotel. When we arrived everyone was in the lobby watching the telly. I looked up to see Nash and Cameron walk onto the screen. I laughed as I realised that this was 'Good Morning America'

I sat down with everyone else and listened. The first few question were just the usual questions that we all get. Then I heard my name. 

"So, Nash, I hear that there is a special someone" the lady smiled

"Well, yeah" he nodded

"And she goes by the name off...." the lady began

"Skylar" he finished

"Beautiful name" the lady nodded

"Beautiful girl" he grinned

I felt my cheeks burn a little bit. That was cute. 

"So Cameron, what do you think of Skylar" the man asked

"I love her to pieces, she's like family to me. Although the first time I ever met her she told me that my shirt was ugly" he laughed

"That's my girl" Nash grinned

"And she's told me the same thing more or less everyday since" he chuckled

I laughed. It was true. I watched the rest of the show until it finished. I got up and headed to the elevator. I walked in and Matt and Taylor run in just before the doors closed. 

"Sup losers" I grinned

"Sup" they laughed

We had just left floor 3 when the lights went of the and the lift stopped moving. 

"What's going on" I frowned

"I think we broke down" Matt answered

"Are you serious?" I panicked

I hated being stuck in small spaces. I fumbled around my bag to find my phone. I turned the flashlight on and headed over to the buttons. I looked for the help one. I pressed it and a women began speaking.

"How may I help" she asked

"We are stuck in the elevator" I exclaimed 

"What floor ma'am" she asked

"Urm, we just left floor 3" I answered

"Ok, someone will be with you shortly" she said before hanging up

"Is that it" I frowned

"Guess so" Taylor shrugged

I slid down the wall and hunched myself into the corner. My breath kept hitching. I hated this. 

"Are you alright?" Matt asked

"No" I admitted

"What's wrong?" he frowned

"I hate small spaces" I explained

"It'll be fine, we will be out of here in no time" Taylor reassured

He come over and sat beside me. I weakly smiled at him, although I'm not sure if he could see it or not. 

After about 10 minutes we could hear someone trying to pry open the doors. When they did we realised we were half way on the 4th floor. Which meant we could hop up onto the floor and pull ourselves out. I went first. Matt and Taylor helped me up and I pulled myself out. I was greeted by all of the group, including Cam and Nash. Matt and Taylor pulled themselves out as well. 

I brushed myself down before looking up. 

"You ok?" Nash asked

"Yeah" I nodded

I was just happy to be out of there. 

"Good" he smiled

He walked over and draped his arm over me. We headed back to our room. When we got inside I got a text message. It was from Nash's mum, she said to go down to the hotels lobby, I had a surprise waiting for me?

I decided not to tell Nash. 

"I'm just running downstairs to get something" I smiled

"I'll come" Nash offered

"No, it's fine, you stay here" I insisted

He shrugged and plopped himself on the bed. I walked out the room and bumped into Cameron.

"Nice interview" I smirked

"Thanks" he laughed

"Your shirts ugly" I giggled, walking off

I went down the stairs and went into the lobby. I looked around and that's when I spotted my surprise. 

"SKYLYNN" I yelled 

She run over to me and jumped into my arms. I spun her around as best as I could in heels. I laughed and rested her on my hip. 

"I've missed you so much" I grinned

"I missed you two" she giggled

"Where's mummy" I asked

"Over there" she smiled, pointing at the desk. I walked over. 

"Hey" I smiled

"Hey darling" she grinned, pulling my into a side hug

"Are you staying?" I asked

"Just for the night" she smiled

"Is it alright if I take her up, we are in room 411" I asked

"Sure" she smiled

I nodded and headed towards the stairs. I walked up to the fourth floor followed by Skylynn. 

"Wanna do something to the boys" I grinned

"Yeah" she laughed

I search through my bag to see if I had anything that would be useful. 

"Bingo" I smiled

I pulled out two cans of silly string. I knew I had them in my bag somewhere. I peered into the corridor. It was empty. I opened the door and run into the bathroom. I handed Skylynn a can and then grabbed a cup from the side and filled it with water. I checked the corridor again before heading to the boys rooms. They all leave there doors slightly ajar if they are inside. None of them were ajar apart from my room and Taylors. I pushed the door slightly and peered in. Everyone was inside apart from Nash, Cam, Shawn and Hayes. I turned back to Sky and nodded

"1....2" I whispered

"3" I nodded

We run inside and spray the string. I threw the water over the person closest which happened to be Matt. I burst out laughing to the point where I almost had tears in my eyes. We sprayed the silly string all over them. 

They looked at us like they wanted to serve our heads on platters. 

"As you can see y'all we have to put up with a very immature girl" Matt shook his head at the camera

I then realised they were filming which made the whole thing 10x funnier. 

"We are going to get Nash now" I grinned

"Oh damn, I didn't even see Skylynn" Tay laughed

She grinned at them. 

"Come on" I chuckled

We filled the cup back up and headed into my room. Shawn and Hayes were standing up and Nash and Cam were both laying down. I counted down again before running in. I threw the water over Hayes and Shawn because I didn't want my bed wet. I sprayed the string all over Cam and Nash along with Skylynn. We finally run out. I picked up Skylynn. We were both in fits of laughter. 

"Surprise" I grinned

"Hey Skylynn" Nash smiled opening his arms

"No thanks, your messy" she sassed

"REJECTION" I laughed

Nash stood up and pulled his top over his head and pulled the silly string out of his hair. He opened his arms again and this time Skylynn went. 

"Missed you" he kissed the top of her head

"Missed you two" she smiled

We all cleared up the room and Shawn and Hayes got changed. I sat on Cams bed with him and Skylynn while Nash got ready for the show. I didn't see the point in changing. 

"Cam" I said

"Yeah" he answered

"You need to get a girlfriend" I stated all serious

"What" he laughed

"I want you to get a girlfriend so that I can hang out with her and stuff and we can all go on double dates" I grinned

"I'll try my best" he nodded, whilst laughing

"Sky will be ya girlfriend, won't ya sky" I laughed

"Sure, but no kissing" she frowned

We both burst out laughing. 

"Show time" Nash grinned walking out the shower. 

"Let's go" Cam smiled

Nash had text his mum and she was going to come in a separate car to the event, and we would that Sky. 

We climbed in and arrived at the event within 10 minutes. We all climbed out and headed to the stage. We went on and waited for the people to come in. Yasmine was standing in the corner talking to a girl I hadn't seen before. I walked over to them. 

"Hey" I smiled

"Hey" Yasmine smiled back

"Who's this" I asked, still smiling

"This is Ellie, she's joining us..." Yasmine smiled

"That's cool, sucks I didn't get told otherwise I would of made sure I showed you around!" I complained

"It's ok" she smiled

She had light brown eyes and long dark brown hair. She was fairly tall, maybe even a bit taller than me. 

"How old are you?" I asked

"16" she smiled

"Oh great, you'll fit in for sure" I grinned

"Thanks" she smiled

"Come on girls" I laughed, making them come right onto the stage

The fans started coming in just as I picked up Skylynn. I got handed a mic. When the room was packed I spoke. 

"Hello everyone" I yelled

Everyone screamed

"We have another new member" I smiled

"Everyone please give a warm welcome to our newest member Ellie" I grinned

The crowd went crazy. 

"Right so, let's do a Q&A" I smiled

I pointed at a girl in a white nashty top.

"How long have you been with Nash?" she asked

"Urm, about 3/4 months, but I've known him since I was 14" I answered

I then picked a girl in a blue and pink top

"Have any of the other boys got girlfriends" she asked

"Nope, none of them, they all suck" I laughed

I picked one more girl

"How old are y'all" she asked

"Well I'm 17, but I turn 18 next month" I smiled

Next month was January. I can't believe we was in december already. Nash's birthday was soon. 

"I'm 16, but I turn 17 in 2 weeks" Nash smiled

"18" Taylor smiled

"14" Hayes answered

"14" Yasmine answered

"16" Ellie nodded

"17" Matt grinned

"18" Jack and Jack both laughed

"15" Aaron smiled

"16" Shawn grinned

"16" Jacob nodded

"18" Carter chuckled

"19" Cam grinned

"And as you can see Cameron is the old one in the group" I laughed

Everyone laughed

"And Skylynn how old are you" I asked, I put the mic up to her so she could answer

"36" she smiled

"I was wrong. Skylynn is the oldest one here" I laughed

We wrapped up the show before heading back to the hotel. Skylynn wanted to sleep in our room tonight. So I climbed into bed and she climbed in next to me, and then Nash got in after her. It was cute having her in the middle because she was so tiny. I put the T.V on before drifting of to sleep. 

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