Change My Life (Magcon Fanfic)

You've been bestfriends with Nash Grier ever since you moved to the USA. You both love making vines and eventually get offered the opportunity to tour the USA performing on stage with other viners/youtubers. Of course you both jump at the chance. Who knows what will happen....


13. Chapter 12

I felt my cheeks turn red. I was caught up in the moment.

"Don't be embarrassed. I like the fact you called me that" he smiled

"Really?" I blushed

"Yeah, it means I get to call you my girlfriend" he laughed kissing my cheek

I chuckled and we headed back to the beach. Everyone was sitting on the towels we had set out.

"You alright?" Matt asked

"Yeah I'm fine" Nash laughed

"Good man" he smiled

"Should we get going?" I suggested

"Yeah" everyone smiled

We got dressed and headed back to our cars. Cameron drove the car this time and I sat in the back with Nash. I rested my head on his shoulders and started to drift off.

"Sky" someone mumbled

My eyes fluttered open to see we were back at the hotel. I smiled at Nash and undone my seat belt and climbed out. We headed upstairs with everyone else.

"What time have you guys got to go?" I asked

"Nowish" Taylor replied

"Oh" I frowned

I went round and hugged each one of them.

"I'll miss youse" I half smiled

"We will miss you two" Shawn laughed

I waved goodbye. They were going to drop the cars of for me and then get a lift from the car hire place.

I slipped of my clothes and climbed into bed. I didn't bother putting a top on. Nash climbed in next to me with just a pair off boxers on. I moved over and rested my head onto his chest.

"Good night" I whispered

"Good night baby" he mumbled into my hair

*last day with Nash*

Nash was leaving tonight to go back to MagCon. We decided we would do a YouTube video before he left.

"What do you want to do?" I asked

"A makeup tutorial" he smirked

"Seriously" I frowned

"Yep. I want to do your makeup" he smiled

"Fine" I shrugged shaking my head

He set up the camera and started speaking.

"Hey guys. Today's video will be with my beautiful girlfriend Skylar" he grinned

I felt my cheeks burn up when he called me his girlfriend.

"And I'm going to be doing her makeup...... Even though she doesn't need any" he smiled

I grabbed my makeup bag and laid out the makeup on the bed.

I watched as Nash picked up the foundation. He squirted it on his fingers and rubbed it onto my face. I began to laugh.

"Silence please whilst I concentrate" he grinned which made me laugh even more

He then picked up the bronzed and brushed it all over my face rather than just my cheeks and forehead. I looked into the camera and laughed at how brown my face had gone.

He then grabbed the blusher and put it on my cheeks. And then the part I was dreading. Eyeliner. He opened it and told me to close my eyes. I done as I was told and he drew on my eyelids. I opened my eyes and looked in the camera and burst out laughing yet again. He had coloured my eyelid black.

Next he done my mascara which he didn't do that bad. And them he grabbed the red lipstick and done my lips. I looked into the camera at the finished result.

"You're not actually that bad" I laughed

"Really?" He chuckled

"Yeah, but I'd never let you do it if I was going out" I smirked

"Whatever" he grinned

"So guys. That's Skylars makeup all done. I'm quite proud of it" he smiled

"Leave a comment giving your opinion on how Nash does makeup" I laughed before turning the camera off.

Nash picked up his computer and sat on my lap whilst he began editing the video to upload it. I started playing with his hair. Once I got bored of that I started to draw on his back with my finger.

Finally he finished and the video was uploaded. I pretended to cheer making him laugh. I loved his laugh.

"Nashhhhh" I smiled

"What do you want" he laughed

"Will you do my hair?" I asked

"Sure" he grinned

He sat behind me and grabbed my hairbrush. He started brushing my hair. Once he was finished he played with it. Eventually I laid back so that my head was in his lap whilst he continued to play with my hair.

"I'm going to miss you" I frowned

"I'll miss you more" he said

"Doubt it" I sighed

"We will be reunited in no time" he insisted trying to lighten the mood.

"I hope so" I mumbled

*few hours later*

Nash had to leave now. I gave him a huge hug before crashing my lips into his. I said goodbye and watched as he climbed into the car that was here to pick him.

I moped back up to my hotel room and flopped onto the sofa. I turned the TV on and started to drift of to sleep.

*last day in london*

I woke up to my phone ringing. I presumed it was Nash as he had called nearly every day to check in on me. I looked at the caller ID to see it was Matt. I answered and waited for his face to appear.

"Hey Sky" he smiled

"Hey Matt" I grinned

"So when are you coming back" he asked

"I land later tonight" I smiled

"Oh good cause we need you" he laughed

"Why?" I frowned

"Well basically we let Cam wash our stuff and he done it wrong and now our clothes are all different colours" he moaned

"Oh so you don't miss me then" I pretended to be upset

"No we miss you as well" he grinned

"Haha good. I'll text you guys when I'm in Cali" I smiled

"Okay. Bye" he grinned

My mum was catching a flight tomorrow so I was going back on my own. I looked at the time. It was 2 pm which meant it was around 8am there. Those boys were crazy being up that early.

I stood up and headed into the shower. I brushed my teeth and wrapped a towel around my body. I grabbed some underwear and threw it on. I rummaged in my wardrobe for some clothes and finally decided on a long orange maxi dress with a pair of black sandals. I started packing my suitcase and made sure to leave my phone, ticket, sunglasses and sunhat out. I checked the time when I was finished, 5pm. I needed to leave. I put my sunhat on and sunglasses and then I called a cab and headed to the airport.

I text Nash on my way.

To Nashy <3

On my way to airport. Can't wait to see you and the guys x x

I got a reply literally straight away

From Nashy <3

Okay. Me and the boys will leave soon to meet you x x

To Nashy <3

Don't be silly. I'll get a cab. See you soon x x

He didn't reply I shrugged it off and arrived at the airport. I paid the cab and rushed.

I text nash once more to let him know I was boarding the plane. Once we was in the air I was allowed to use my phone again. I had a picture message from Nash. It was of him, Cam and Taylor and the caption was "we are on our way to the airport :) x"

I shook my head and text him back

To Nashy <3

You idiots. I told you that you didn't need to come and fetch my from the airport! X"

I got a text back straight away

From Nashy <3

You're the idiot for thinking that we would listen x

I laughed and put my phone away. I looked out the window and admired the view.

I finally landed. I walked over to the conveyer belt to get my suitcase. Once I got it I called Nash to tell him I was here. Before I could hang up I felt my body get lifted into the air.

"Surprise" he grinned

I laughed as he set me back down and smashed his lips into mine.

"Guys" Cam laughed

"Sh. You're just jealous" I grinned

"You're right. I've always wanted to kiss Nash" he smirked

I laughed before tackling him into a hug. I then hugged Taylor.

"I missed you guys" I grinned

"We missed you two" Taylor smiled

Nash grabbed my suitcase from me and started heading towards the exit. There was a car waiting for us and we all climbed in to head to the hotel.

When we arrived I was ambushed by the rest of MagCon. I smiled and greeted everyone.

"It's good to be back" I smiled

"It's good to have you" Matt grinned

"Yeah for your washing" I chuckled

"We've got someone we want you to meet" Shawn smiled

I frowned. I didn't know we had a new member.

"She arrived just after the guys left. We weren't told anything about her. So the guys haven't met her either" Aaron explained

"Oh" I nodded

They lead us inside and pointed towards a girl standing at the counter. She had her back to us. She had medium length dirty blonde hair and was quite short. She was wearing a pair of jean shorts with a white tank top. She turned around and my jaw dropped.

"Hello Skylar" she smiled

What was she doing here. I looked at Nash and he had the same expression as me.

"Don't be rude" Shawn nudged me

I looked at him with a death glare which made his smile disappear, it was replaced by a confuse look.

"Bella?" I frowned

"In the flesh" she laughed

I wanted to attack her. I knew exactly who she was. She lived in the same town as me and Nash. She and Nash dated for a few months until he broke up with her because she cheated.

She tried making both our lives a living hell. Then she moved to another state with her parents. Thank the lord. What was she doing here.

I barged past her and up the hotel stairs. Nash followed withy stuff. He took the lead and showed me our room.

"We are bunking with Hayes and Cam" he informed

I didn't reply.

"Are you okay?" He asked

"No" I growled

"I honestly didn't know" he began

"I know you didn't" I sighed

"I can talk to Bart?" He offered

"No. Don't worry. I don't want to give her the satisfaction" I shrugged

"We have a show tonight" he started

"I still don't understand what she's doing here" I ranted

"Neither do I" he frowned

"Let's go and find out" I said, standing up and leaving the room

We reached the lobby to find everyone still here. They were more or less all crowed around her. Er.

"Sorry. Really need the toilet" I lied

"Come over" Shawn smiled

I walked over with Nash. Bella gave us both a dirty look before anyone could see.

"So Bella. Howcomes you're with us" I asked

"Well I'm joining as a special guest for a few shows" she explained

"Oh really. What do you do" I questioned

"Not much. Bart like my vines and invited me to come" she faked smiled

I nodded before striking up a conversation with someone else.

We were all talking when Bart called us to go to the cars. We all piled in and eventually got to the venue.

We performed on stage and then had a meet and greet. I was paired with Taylor frigging Bella.

I started taking pictures with people. It quietened down for a little while. In this time Bella took the opportunity to speak to me.

"So are you and Nash like a thing" she laughed

"That's none of your business" I frowned

"Oh but it is. Especially because I'm going to win him back" she smirked

"Haha. Good luck with that" I hissed

"Look at me compared to you" she chuckled

I felt someone come beside me and looked to see Taylor standing next to me.

"You're trash" I growled

"What? Why are you saying this?" She pretended to be upset

"What's going on?" Taylor frowned

"I was asking Skylar a question and she just snapped and started being horrible" she lied

"You lying bitch" I yelled, catching the attention of the group

"See" she lied

I'd had enough. I lurched forward to grab her when Taylor grabbed my arms and pulled me back. I tried to shake him off so he put his arms around my shoulders (like a hug) and held on tight.

"You should go" he said to her

"Okay" she nodded, she have a little smirk enforce walking off

By now everyone was looking at me. The guards got the fans to leave. So it was just MagCon left.

"Get of me" I yelled at Taylor

"Have you calmed down now" he asked

"Taylor. Get the fuck off me" I growled

I felt his grip loosen and I took this opportunity to pull myself away. I went to storm off when I felt him grab my arm.

"Get your fucking hands off me" I screamed

"Let her go" Nash nodded

He let go off my hand and I stormed off an out of the venue. I didn't bother waiting for the car to take me to the hotel. I started to walk back. I checked my phone. I had a bunch of messages and missed calls from the guys. I shrugged and put it away again.

I finally made it to the hotel. I climbed the stairs to the 4th floor and headed to my room. I used my key car and let myself in. No one was in here. I walked into the bathroom and changed into a long t-shirt. I opened the door and walked out to see Cam and the bitch on the bed.

"Get out" I demanded

"Sorry. We weren't sure if you were coming back" Cam began

"Get. Her. Out. Now" I ordered

"It's his room as well" she piped in

"Fine. I'll go. But Cameron" I started

"Yeah?" He answered

"Go fuck yourself" I hissed as I flipped him off and left the room.

I walked down the hallway and bumped into someone. I looked up to see Nash's blue eyes staring at me.

"Where did you go!" He frowned

"I walked back" I shrugged

"Why didn't you answer any of us" he began

"Look. I just needed a walk on my own. I was alright until I got back as well" I sighed

"Why? What's happened?" He asked

"Cameron brought that bitch into our room, so I was going to go stay somewhere else" I began

"No we are not" he shook his head

"What?" I puzzled

"It's mine and Hayes room as well. And neither of us want her in there" he explained

I gave him a weak smile before he turned me back around and started back to the room.

He swiped his card and the door unlocked. We walked in to see them sitting on the bed talking.

"Leave" Nash ordered

"But me and Cam are having a talk" she faked smiled

I appeared from around the corner and stood beside Nash.

"Oh. So your taking orders from your girl now" she laughed

"No. I don't want you here" he spat

"But Cam does" she smirked

"3 against 1. We win" he smirked back

"It's two against two actually" she laughed

"Nope. This is Hayes room and he doesn't want you here either. And you don't get a vote. It's not your room" he frowned

"Dude. What is your problem. First Sky and now you" Cam frowned

"Just don't" Nash snapped

"Bella just leave. I'm tired and I want to sleep. We don't want you here. End of" I sighed

I was too tired to argue anymore. In fact I felt rather light headed.

"Fine" she hissed standing up

She barged into me as she left the room. I slammed the door shut and slid down the door. My legs had gave up on me.

"Sky what the hell was that all about" cam asked

"Go fuck yourself" I mumbled

"What the hell" he frowned

"She's a bitch. End off" I sighed

"Are you okay?" Nash asked

"Yeah. Just really tired" I nodded

"You don't look ok" he frowned walking over to me

"I'm fine. Just a bit stressed" I nodded

"Come on then. Let's get you in bed" he insisted

I tried to stand up but couldn't move.

"Need help?" Nash asked

"Yes please" I nodded

He helped me up and carried me over to the bed. He laid me in it and climbed in next to me.

"Goodnight baby" he whispered in my ear

"Goodnight" I weakly smiled

I fell asleep in Nash's arms for the first time in a month. And it was the best sleep of my life.

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