The Dictator

1) The Dictator is the sole leader of Arbitrol. Any who tries to overthrow The Dictator will be immediately sentenced to death.


2. 1

All I want is to go home. 

I am in school, in my Law class. I can't exactly say that I want to be a lawyer but it is the most interesting of the higher jobs to me and I have been placed for a higher job. I am surrounded by people tapping away on their calculators, flipping the pages of their textbooks, absentmindedly drumming their fingers on their desks as they listen to our professor. The noises slowly fill my head and every now and again I have to sigh to stop them. I can't say I want to even be placed in a higher school, but what choice do I have? My younger brother Ash is just eleven. I know he can't possibly know to appreciate what freedom he has while he has it, but I wish he did. I don't want for him to be forced into something he doesn't want. 

I'm very protective of Ash, hence why I want to go home. He's not even there and he won't be until seven o'clock as he is at a friend's house, but I want to prepare dinner so that we have time to eat before we have to go and listen to The Dictator speak.

Even though some eleven year olds seem so grown up, he's just so tiny and young looking with his his soft dark hair brushed over his forehead and his thick, long eyelashes rimming his dark eyes. I try to give him some more independence because one day he is going to need it but he is scared of everything. If there is a spider in the house, it's my job to sort it out even though I am terrified of them myself. I can't resist any of his requests though, he's just the sweetest little child and he is my responsibility. I have such a love for him, he's the only person in the world that I care about.

My parents passed away when I was Ash's age, six years ago. I don't remember what happened. Ash and I were in bed and all of a sudden, our Aunt and Uncle were ushering us out of the door and to their house and our parents weren't following. We stayed with them until I was fifteen, never getting an explanation. They then told me I was responsible enough to look after Ash by myself and I agreed. I'm handling it just fine. They're completely out of our life, though. They have a son who is Ash's age, and they have to worry about getting him to study for his tests, so that he, like me, can be placed in a good school.

The familiar feeling of somebody looking at me is suddenly present. This happens every lesson. I look to my right and a boy is looking at me. Well, so I thought. His name is Clay. He's a good looking guy, I'll admit, with his dark hair and muscles. I can see why some girls go crazy for him but I've never felt the attraction. Every single lesson I think he's looking at me and I give him a hard stare back but he doesn't look away and that's when I realize he's just daydreaming and staring into mid air. I always blush and concentrate on my textbook. I should never flatter myself, that's one lesson my mother always taught me. "Never expect somebody to find you beautiful, Arum, your ego will get out of hand". 

Not that I'd expect someone to anyway. Where Ash's hair is silky and dark, mine is a medium brown. The only positive thing is that it's straight like his. His dark eyes look amazing with his lashes but mine look a bit strange and intense if I really think about it. I'm not unhappy with how I look, but Ash was always the beautiful child. I'm in no position to flatter myself. 

I'm thinking about whether to cook lasagna for Ash but it might take too long. Sometimes I feel too stressed out. There's just so much to do sometimes. I have to clean the house and prepare dinner and tidy up before Ash gets home. I then have to cook the dinner and have him eat it and make sure he has a bath and does his homework so that we can leave on time to listen to The Dictator talk. Then all of a sudden, he's in bed and I'm so exhausted but I still have schoolwork to do. It's a lot but it's what I have to do. I wonder if this is what life is like for the other half of society.

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