Through Dead Eyes

Just love people. You never know when they'll disappear


2. Tears on My Heart

After two weeks I went to the hospital Orlando work in as a paramedic. Even though he hated socialising with the sick, weak or just plan human. In the intensive care unit I found Connor, tubes shoved down his throat, in his arm, chest…

For a while I just sat there listening to the beeping of the heart monitor and Connor’s own. The silence was nerve racking and my body was jumpy. Leaping in the air when Orlando came in from his shift prove how nervous I was. He stood by me.

“Can you save him?” I asked looking up at him


“Will you?”

He looked down at me and then across to Connor, his orange eyes sparkling in the dim light “I can wake him up, you talk together and then you tell me to turn him or not.” I nodded.


So that’s what happened.

Vampires have these minds tricks and some of them are able to pull human’s conscience back. I knelt down near Connor’s head as he woke up. As he opened his eyes I noticed that one was mashed up in the socket and had lost its dark green hue. Trying not to sob I looked at him and smiled, “hi handsome.”

“Mad…Maddie…” he coughed as Orlando removed the tube from down his throat.

“I love you.” I hadn’t meant to say that so quickly. But the words just rushed out and the smile on his split lips was beautiful. A tear trickled down my cheek.

 Orlando appeared on the opposite side of Connor’s head. His orange eyes catching mine. But Connor kept looking my way.

“Your parents…they…dea…” I couldn’t finish.

“I…know…heard people…talk…” another cough and in the scent of phlegm I smelt blood.

He has bleeding in the lungs. Sixty percent of his blood is filling up that space. Orlando’s voice echoed in my head.

So not enough for the turning?

Sadly not, Challano. Challano… a word used 3000 years ago meaning my love.


Another set of tears.

Connor frowned, “I’m…going to… make it,” He drew in a deep breath and coughed up more blood, “we…be…together…”

“No we won’t.” this time I let the sobs rack my body.

He has twenty one seconds Challano. What shall I do?

I shot up from the floor, leaned down and kissed Connor’s lips deeply. Then I ran my lips across his cheek, neck and the moment my fangs elongated I pulled back. I looked down at my Connor, my beautiful Connor as a tear wept over his cold cheek from his dulled eye.

He’s go…

I walked out of that room without hesitation and kept on walking.


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