What happened

Aiden's 4 years old, it's now 2018. Harry and the boys are on tour and I'm working full time at the hospital. Aiden goes with Harry on the tour and I really miss them, It's not like I never see them because Harry comes by with his privet yet once in a while. ( If you'd like you can read Yes it's yours first, because this is a sequel of the first book.)


3. The operation

Olivia’s pov

I was looking for an orthopedic surgeon, I had looked everywhere so I’ll just ask the lady behind the desk. ‘Excuse me, do you know where an Orthopedic Surgeon is? ’ ‘Why are you looking for an orthopedic surgeon?’ ‘I really think this is none of your business, you know I work here and my son fell down the stairs.’ ‘Oh, I’m so sorry who do you work for?’ she said sarcastic, this was the moment I got really pissed ‘I’m the head of the children emergency room so I don’t work for anyone and I think I’ll talk to your boss. Melissa, that’s your name right?’ She turned red immediately ‘Oh I’m so sorry the surgeon is in the on call room you can wake him up.’ I looked at her really angry and walked away. I knocked the door and there was no answer. I opened the door and I saw him sleeping, I think his name is Walter but I’m not sure. ‘Walter?’ I tried softly tabbing him on his shoulder. He didn’t wake up so I shook him a little bit. ‘Hello, what time is it?’ He asked. ‘Hello, it’s three in the morning and my little boy Aiden fell down the stairs…’ ‘Wawawawait’ he slowly sat up and started asking questions ‘How old is he? Where is he hurt? What should I do about it and who are you?’ He just woke up and it was dark so he didn’t recognize me. ‘He’s four years old, He broke his leg on two places and it doesn’t look good, He needs surgery and I’m Olivia, we’ve met before.’ ‘Okay, can I see the X-ray?’ We walked down the hall to Aiden and Harry. I opened the curtains and Harry was on the bed with Aiden on top of him, Harry was sleeping but Aiden was still crying softly. Walter asked me softly if I could pick Aiden up so he can look at his leg. I put Harry’s hands aside, I lifted Aiden up and put him on my lap. Walter touched Aiden’s leg to look if everything was still in place. Aiden started screaming when he touched it, Harry woke up and sat up without thinking. He looked kind of pissed at Walter for making Aiden scream. When Walter was ready he looked at me with a not so happy face. ‘Aiden needs surgery, you were right.’ Harry hated the idea of surgery, he didn’t like that Aiden would have more scars and he didn’t like the idea of people cutting into Aiden. ‘Do you really have to cut him open?’ Walter nodded. Harry asked if he could hold Aiden, I gave him to Harry and said ‘We are going to see the X-ray, can you put him in this clothes?’ I put a surgery dress next to Harry and walked  away with Walter. When he saw the X-ray he told me what he is going to do. When we came back to the hospital room Aiden was in his hospital dress and I picked him up. ‘I’m getting him ready for surgery, you coming’ I said to Harry. He nodded and followed us. ‘I’m getting the people for the surgery, see you in ten minutes’ Walter said. I put Aiden on a bed and poked a needle into his arm. Connected the blood into the needle and kissed Aiden on his forehead. We walked towards OR 3. ‘Harry, can you wait here, you can’t go into the OR I’m sorry’ Harry waited there and I brought Aiden inside and left when he was asleep. We sat down in the waiting room and I brought Harry some chocolate milk. When I came back Harry was calling with Liam. I put the chocolate milk on the table and fell asleep.   When I woke up all the boys were there and they all had a present in their hands. I looked at my watch, it said 4:50. I stood up and walked towards the OR. It was empty. Then I walked towards the room where they watch people who just woke up from surgery. Aiden was there and he was sleeping. I looked under the blanket and his leg was in a cast. I went to sleep on the bed next to Aiden’s bed, I know I had to go the boys but I’ll do that tomorrow I’m so tired.

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