What happened

Aiden's 4 years old, it's now 2018. Harry and the boys are on tour and I'm working full time at the hospital. Aiden goes with Harry on the tour and I really miss them, It's not like I never see them because Harry comes by with his privet yet once in a while. ( If you'd like you can read Yes it's yours first, because this is a sequel of the first book.)


2. Poor Aiden


Olivia’s pov:

I was stitching up a little girl who fell in the bathroom, she was 5 years old it was pretty deep. She needs like 4 stitches and it’s on her forehead so she’ll be having a scar. I’m a good doctor but I can’t make everything back to what it was. I wish I could, but I can’t. My next patient is a 4 year old boy coming for a checkup because he was born with a serious heart condition. Just like Aiden but he’s somewhere else in America with his daddy. I walked into the room and there was Harry with Aiden on his lap!!!! I ran towards them and gave them a huge hug. ‘I thought you guys weren’t coming until next week’ I picked Aiden up from Harry’s lap and he hugged me and said ‘Mommy I really missed you, daddy said we are staying for a week.’ ‘Really!?!’ I said looking at Harry. ‘Yes my darling but the other doctor wants to take a few tests on Aiden.’ I didn’t see the other doctor so this was quite awkward. The cardiologist was surprised; she didn’t know I had a child and a boyfriend. She shakes Harry’s hand and said ‘I’m Caroline and I suppose you guys have met?’ ‘I’m sorry this is my son and I haven’t seen him for like 3 weeks and this is Harry, I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks too.’ ‘It’s all right, I was just surprised that you were dating someone from a famous boy band, but why didn’t you tell me about Aiden’ she said looking into his file.  ‘Then you’ll ask who the father is and when I tell you it’s Harry you won’t believe me.’  ‘I get it, shall we put him on the bed?’ Harry put Aiden on the bed and I undressed him until his underwear. She grabbed her stethoscope and put it on him. ‘brrr, its cold mommy’ ‘His heart sounds great we just need to check if he acts normally, like a 4 year old.’ We did some tests on him and everything was good! I put his clothes on and went home with him and Harry. This was quite difficult because we were both in different cars so we had to decide who’ll take Aiden, Harry took him because he has the children’s seat in his car. It was already 9 pm so Aiden had to go sleep immediately. I put him in the bathtub while Harry made us something to eat. I gave Aiden a cup with milk and he drank it in the bathtub. When it was empty I lifted him out of the bathtub and put a towel around him. I walked to his bedroom and put his pajamas on gave him a kiss and put him in his bed. I sat down next to Harry, he made French fries and put the TV on. England was playing soccer against Belgium it was 3-2 for England. I leaned against his shoulder and he put his arm around me.  We watched the match like this and England won! Harry kissed me and I kissed back, he lifted me up I put my legs around him and he walked towards our bedroom. I woke up because something fell down the stairs, I shook Harry a little bit and he woke up. I put a robe on myself and Harry came with me to see what happened. We walked towards the stairs and Aiden was lying downstairs crying silently. He doesn’t really cry when something happens unless he sees that I’ve seen it then he screams very loud. I walked downstairs and he started screaming ‘Mommy, mommy my leg it hurts’. I sat down next to him and Harry sat down on the other side. ‘Can you move it Aiden?’ ‘No, I wanted to go and wake you because I’m hungry but I won’t do that I,I’ll always s,stay in bed’ he said crying. ‘It’s all right we’re not mad at you we’re just worried about your leg.’ Harry said. ‘It hurts’ now he started crying even harder. I stretched his leg but he started screaming so were going to the hospital. ‘Harry I think we need to see a doctor’ Harry nodded and lifted Aiden up. ‘I’ll give him something to eat’ He said and walked towards the kitchen. I walked to our bedroom and grabbed some clothes for me and Harry. When I came downstairs Aiden was eating a cookie trying not to cry. I threw Harry’s clothes at Harry and he put them on, he was walking around in his boxers. I also dressed myself and grabbed some clothes for Aiden, not that I’m going to put his clothes on I’ll just take him in his pajamas. Harry put Aiden in his seat and I sat next to him. We drove to the hospital and I lifted Aiden out of his car seat and walked to the nurse, the nurse knows me so I said ‘can you please take a X-ray of his leg?’ She nodded and we walked there took pictures and I sat Harry down in a random room with Aiden. I walked to the other doctors and sat behind the desk. Logged in and looked at the picture of Aiden’s foot. It was broken on two places.

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