Sisters & One Direction

I am Darcy and I have a younger sister named Rowan. I am 19 and Rowan is 16. She wanted me to take her to a One Direction concert for her birthday. I am her guardian, 8 months ago our parents died. I miss them so much and I am struggling but my sister won us 2 tickets somehow. "Please go with me, Darcy. This is the best thing that is has happened to us know." Rowan said as she tried to get me to going. "I know you don't like One Direction but it will make me so happy if my sister were there to have fun with me." She said. "I will go." I said. Now that I look back on that, worst mistake ever at first. Until......just read to find out.


6. Whoa!

-Flashback- (Back in high school before Harry became famous)

I opened my locker and grabbed my books. "Oh, if it isn't the dork of England." Tabitha teased as she walked up to me. "Go away, Tabitha." I said quietly. All she did was shove the books in my hands onto the floor. I looked down and hurried to get my books before anyone noticed, but it was too late. A boy with curls was already on the floor helping me. "Here you go." He said as we got up. "Thank you, Harry." I said and he smiled. "Glad I could help." Harry said as he went to go join up with his popular friends.


I smiled and walked off to Math, where he was going too. I sat down behind him and I opened my notebook. "Alright can...." I started day dreaming when the teacher started to talk. I looked down on my desk and a note was there. It said it was from Harry. I looked up at him but he was already facing the board again. I read the note.


Dear Darcy Marci,

       Your a cool girl with a shy personality. I hope you stay like that because someday a guy will find you and love you for who you are. Keep following your dreams, I am starting to do the same. I am getting ready to leave to go audition for the X-Factor, but I will be thinking about you.

                  ~ Harry Styles


I finished reading the note. He's leaving for the X-Factor? What if he gets to become famous? Will he ever talk to me again? I looked up and the bell rang. Harry smiled. The next week he left for the X-Factor. I haven't seen or heard from him since that day until now.

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