Sisters & One Direction

I am Darcy and I have a younger sister named Rowan. I am 19 and Rowan is 16. She wanted me to take her to a One Direction concert for her birthday. I am her guardian, 8 months ago our parents died. I miss them so much and I am struggling but my sister won us 2 tickets somehow. "Please go with me, Darcy. This is the best thing that is has happened to us know." Rowan said as she tried to get me to going. "I know you don't like One Direction but it will make me so happy if my sister were there to have fun with me." She said. "I will go." I said. Now that I look back on that, worst mistake ever at first. Until......just read to find out.


7. Uh.....

I walked backstage after the show and knocked on the boy's door again. Rowan was geared up in One Direction merchandise. The door opened and Harry was standing there. "You guys did really good. Thank you for doing that for Rowan and me. Its been hard lately." I said and he smiled. "I am sorry about your parents, Darcy. Remember, I am there when you need me." Harry said as he pointed to his heart. I smiled and he reached in for a hug at first and then we both ended up kissing each other. "Thank you, Harry." I said smiling so big but blushing in front of my sister.


Rowan was texting until we kissed. "It's about time you kissed!" She said and me and Harry laughed. "Why don't you hang out with us tomorrow? Its our day off." Harry said and I looked at Rowan, who was wanting me to say yes. I nodded and started talking. "Sure, I think we can come." I said and he smiled.


~Harry's POV~

          Darcy is a really great girl. Then I asked her, "Why don't you hang out with us tomorrow? Its our day off." I said and Rowan looked like she was about to explode. "Sure, I think we can come." Darcy said. Wait. WE?! Does she mean her and Rowan? Don't get me wrong, I like Rowan. But I really want to spend time with Darcy. I think I love her. Darcy Bell I have had a crush on since high school.


I looked at Darcy and she smiled and me and I did too. "Well how does 8:30am at my hotel door sound for a meeting place?" I asked her. "Sounds splendid. What's your room number?" She asked me. "361 on the 6th floor." I said and she nodded. "Well, see you tomorrow, Harry." Darcy said and she walked down the hallway with Rowan. I couldn't help my self but just to  watch her walk away.


I walked back into the room and Lou was packing up her stuff and getting it back into the boxes. "Lou, do you want me and the boys to help you?" I asked her. "No, you boys go get some rest so I don't have to put more make up on you." We both laughed and me and the boys left. I told them a little about Darcy and Rowan and all, the boys seemed really interested.

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