Sisters & One Direction

I am Darcy and I have a younger sister named Rowan. I am 19 and Rowan is 16. She wanted me to take her to a One Direction concert for her birthday. I am her guardian, 8 months ago our parents died. I miss them so much and I am struggling but my sister won us 2 tickets somehow. "Please go with me, Darcy. This is the best thing that is has happened to us know." Rowan said as she tried to get me to going. "I know you don't like One Direction but it will make me so happy if my sister were there to have fun with me." She said. "I will go." I said. Now that I look back on that, worst mistake ever at first. Until......just read to find out.


2. Sisters

~Rowan's POV~

           The school bell rang for us to leave, but I really didn't want to. Darcy is probably just at work and then wants to come home and yell at me. I guess you can call me a nerd, but I don't look like one. "Rowan, may I see you after class please." Said my teacher, Mrs. Tyler. I walked up to the front of the room after everyone scurried out of the classroom. "Your grades are very high and I think you deserve a reward." I looked at her and smiled big. "Why don't you ever do something fun with your sister, Darcy, anymore?" Mrs. Tyler asked me. She had Darcy when she was a junior, I am getting ready to turn 17 though.


"We cant afford it. Ever since......8 months ago, Darcy is doing 2-3 jobs. So there's that and then she is always tired. I wanted to drop out but she wouldn't let me. I only want to help her." I said and Mrs. Tyler nodded. "Do you like One Direction?" She asked me. "Yes I do!" I said. "Would you like for me to buy you and Darcy some tickets for a concert?" She asked me with a different question. "I don't want to be a bother." I said. "Rowan, your going to take them no matter what." She said and I smiled at her, leaving the room so happy.


~Darcy's POV~

         I threw my bag on the couch and sighed. "Rowan! Are you home?" I yelled. "I am in my room!" She yelled back to me. "Dinner should be ready soon!" I said back to her. I walked into the kitchen and rummaged through the cupboard. I finally was able to finish cooking dinner. Me and my sister sat at the table and started eating. "So Rowan, how was your day?" I asked her.


"Darcy, you wont believe what happened today!" I looked up from my salad and at my sister. "Then what happened?" I asked her, at this point I was smiling because she was excited about something. "Mrs. Tyler bought 2 One Direction concert tickets and she gave them to me for us!!!!" Rowan said excitedly. My fork dropped into my bowl and I wiped my face with my napkin. I got up from the table and she stopped me. "Darcy, what's wrong?" She asked me.


"We are not going to that One Direction concert." I told my sister. "Why? It will be so much fun and we can bond and-" I cut her off. "I said we are not going, Rowan! That is final!" I yelled and she slammed the envelope onto the table. "Ever since mum and dad died, you have never liked me, and then I keep thinking that their death was all my fault!" She yelled and started crying as she slammed her bedroom door shut. Are we seriously sisters?

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