Sisters & One Direction

I am Darcy and I have a younger sister named Rowan. I am 19 and Rowan is 16. She wanted me to take her to a One Direction concert for her birthday. I am her guardian, 8 months ago our parents died. I miss them so much and I am struggling but my sister won us 2 tickets somehow. "Please go with me, Darcy. This is the best thing that is has happened to us know." Rowan said as she tried to get me to going. "I know you don't like One Direction but it will make me so happy if my sister were there to have fun with me." She said. "I will go." I said. Now that I look back on that, worst mistake ever at first. Until......just read to find out.


3. Him

~Darcy's POV~

     I woke up early the next morning and walked into the kitchen, finding the envelope again. It was 6:45 in the morning and Rowan was still asleep in her bed. I walked over to the table and picked up the envelope and slowly pulled out 2 tickets to the One Direction concert. I stared at them for a little bit. Not only is the concert next Saturday, but it's also Rowan's 17th birthday. So that's why she wanted to go so badly. I will take her for her birthday!


I took the tickets and hid them in my pillow and covered up my pillow. There, now she wont ever be able to find them. She will have to wait until her birthday. I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. "Today, with us we have the famous British pop boy band, One Direction." Said the interviewer. I looked at the curly headed boy. "So Harry, who was one of your first crushes?" The interviewer asked him. "I don't want to reveal her name but she is sweet, has blonde hair, and I saw her in high school. I cant ever stop thinking about her and I never did get to know if she felt the same way about me." Harry said and I turned off the TV.


I always had a crush on Harry in high school, but he was so popular, I don't think he ever noticed me. So that girl that he is talking about, totally not me. I just generally hate One Direction, its a personal thing. That's why I don't want to go to that concert because I don't want to see Harry. I am only going to that concert for Rowan, and only for my sister.


"Did I hear something about One Direction in a interview on TV?" Rowan asked me with her tired eyes and messy bun. "Nope. Cereal is in there for breakfast." I said pointing her to the kitchen. I went to the bookshelf and pulled out one of my "Senior Year" yearbooks. I turned to Harry's and I smiled. What am I doing?! I closed the yearbook back up and hid it behind some books to where Rowan cant find it.


"DARCY!!!! WHERE DID MY ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TICKETS GO?!!?!?!" Rowan was freaking out. "I don't know where you tickets went? I don't keep track of that stuff. Last time I saw them, they were on the kitchen table." I told her, she was so upset. "That was something that I treasured in my heart. Now, its gone." She walked to her room and didn't come out for about 6 hours, basically until noon. This is going to take a while.





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