1D and 5sos One Shots

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22. Plus one | M.C

This is NOT my story! All credit goes to spoonfulof5sos.tumblr.com, and amazing tumblr writer

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." You say, pacing around your bathroom with a white stick displaying two pink lines. Never in a million years did you think you'd be knocked up by your boyfriend of 5 months before you'd even began your life properly.
Michael was everything you wanted for a boyfriend - kind, sweet, loving.. The list goes on; but he always tenses at the thought of children. Whenever one of his baby cousins runs to hug his legs, he tenses as if he has no idea what to do and the thought of him tensing when you told him about his own child placed a worryingly heavy weight on your defeated shoulders.

You quickly threw the stick in the bin and pulled your hair through your shaking fingers, slightly tugging on it in frustration.

"Just go downstairs, and tell him. If he goes he goes." You mumble, revving yourself up to talk to the love of your life.

You opened the bathroom door and padded downstairs to see Michael eating cereal at the breakfast bar with his phone in one hand and his personalised MGC spoon in the other.

"Morning babe." He smiles, taking another mouthful of cereal. Worries fly back into your head, taking in potentially the last happy moment you'll ever have together. Michael just sitting topless at the breakfast bar... Eating.

"Hey." You do your best to smile but Michael catches on.

"Woah, what's up Princess?" He says, abandoning his phone and cereal to pull you into a hug only to have you shake your head and try and pull away from him, mumbling apologies.

"I'm so sorry Mikey." Your eyes begin to gloss over as you look him in the eyes, his beautiful eyes.

"Y/N, hey, what's happened?" Michael uses the pad of his thumb to wipe away a few escaped tears as you choke on your sobs, trying to be strong when in reality you were broken.

"Michael, I k-know how much you hate them." You whimper, clinging onto his shirt and you sobbed your apologies over and over.

"Hate what? Y/N it will be ok, shh." Michael stroked the back of your hair, twiddling it inbetween his fingers and you release more tears.

"It won't be fucking ok!" You punch his chest in frustration, shaking your head. "You're going to leave! You're gonna find some normal girl and leave us!" Cries continued to fill the air as Michael takes in your words.


Michael holds himself together as he gently rocks you, whispering sweet things in your ear in a desperate attempt to calm you. After a while your sobs subside and you're left with taking deep breaths and shallow exhales.

"Baby, tell me what's wrong." Michael kisses the top of your head - half knowing the answer but waiting for confirmation.

"Mikey I never meant for this." You sniffle.

"It's ok, Princess. We do things together, always and forever." Michael smiles at you.

"I'm pregnant Michael." You sniff. "I have a child in-" You look down to your stomach and release more tears only for Michael to wipe them away.

"Y/N, I'm not going anywhere. Shh. I promise to help you, don't cry anymore baby. It hurts me to see you hurt." Michael soothes away your crippling pain. "We'll get a bigger house, have a garden with a sandpit and climbing frames, have a nursery in whatever colours you desire. We can have a living room with a fire place, a homey home. We'll make this work." He promises, holding you tightly.

You lift your head and give him a weak smile.
"Y/N, it's going to be all our favourite things about this relationship, plus one." He smiles.


"I can't go in there Y/N." Michael says, bouncing his jean clad knee up and down with anxiety.

"Yes you can." You say, squeezing his hand that rested on your thigh.

"Y/N, these are your parents, I've not even met them and I fucking knock you up. Shit, I impregnated their baby girl." Michael runs his hand though his hair and inhales deeply.

"Michael, look at me." Michael whips his head to look at you smiling.

"This isn't funny." He grumbles.

"I know babe. But you comforted me when I thought I'd lose you, and there in no way in hell that my parents are going to stop us from being together with this baby, Michael. Not in a million years." You say confidently.

"Ok." Michael nods. "Lets get this over with." He unbuckles himself and climbs out of the car, followed by you. He rushes next to you and embraces your hand with his slightly clammy one but you squeeze it reassuringly.

Both of you walk up to the front door and ring the doorbell before your mother opens the door with a giant smile.

"Mum!" You say, embracing her in a hug.

"Y/N, you get more beautiful every time I see you!" She pulls away. "Who's this handsome young man?"

"I'm Michael, Mrs Y/L/N. It's an honour to meet you." Michael gives her a kiss on the cheek respectfully and smiles.

"Oh lord, Mrs Y/L/N makes me feel old. Call me Y/M/N." Your mum invites you inside and intorduces Michael to everyone, making him feel welcome in your family home, something you were greatful for.

After endless amounts of tea, coffee and juice followed by cakes you decided that it was the right time.

"Guys." You say standing up with Michael who was having an internal panic attack. "We have an announcement." You swallow. "I'm pregnant."

As soon as you said those words, your mother ran up and hugged you both as she cried, your father nodded his head and the rest of your family said congratulations, ironing out Michael's helplessness.

Despite of all the hugs and congratulations, you turned to Michael and said, "It's exactly the same except plus one." Which caused Michael to roar with laughter and passionately kiss you on the lips.

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