1D and 5sos One Shots

Imagines with the 1D (No Zayn) and 5sos boys. Look at the first chapter.


25. My Lover | M.C and N.H

Tonight my fiancé and I are going on a date! All my friends will be coming too with their dates, so it'll be like a nine-double date-ish kinda thing, maybe I dunno. Hmm.

I walk into my walk-in closet to choose what I'm going to wear tonight. Niall said it will be like fancy but casual. What's that even suppose to mean?! Is that a long dress or short dress, innocent or sexy? He's so hard to understand sometimes ugh! I sighed and thought about it. "Oh I know!" I squealed. I choose a deep purple, short, slim dress with a heart collar, and black pumps. "Simple, yet effective," I mumbled, smiling at my choice. I put on my dress and walked into the bathroom to do my makeup. I made purple smoky eyes with a black, thin, winged eyeliner. I applied some mascara and lip balm, and I was done. Cover up is overrated.

A car honked outside. I smiled and ran to my window. Down in the driveway was my finances delicious car. I bit my lip and quickly put on my pumps. I slowly walked down the stairs with my black handbag on my arm. I locked the door after me and walked as graceful as I could towards the black, sleek Lamborghini. "Hey babe," I greeted him with a peck on the lips. He smiled, "You look beautiful as always Christa." I blushed and looked at my intertwined fingers in my lap. He chuckled and grabbed my right hand and intertwined our fingers together. We drove silently to where the dates will be held. 

"Hey everyone!" I greeted my friends with half hugs as I was still holding Niall's hand. The location was a beautiful set-down with eight tables, candles lightened at each table with a vase with a single red rose. Wait.. Only eight? Who's not here? I looked around but I couldn't point out the missing person. 

The date was lovely, but I felt like there was missing something. I excused myself to go to the ladies-room, but really I was going back to the car. I left my handbag there, and I desperately needed communication with the outside world. When I reached the car, someone wrapped their arm around my waist from behind. An instant spark of panic ran through my system. But then the man opened his mouth; "I can't keep seeing you with him, that's why I didn't come tonight. It breaks me every time I watch you be all cuddly with him, and not me." Michael. I relaxed and turned around in his arms. But before I could say anything, or even think about what he said, his lips were slammed on my own. My eyes widen, and I gasped. Michael used the moment to stick his tongue into my mouth. Too many thoughts were running through my head. What did he mean? Why was he here, right now? Did he like me? Was he jealous? Why wasn't I stopping him? And why was I kissing him back? To that I don't know, but the worst thing was; I liked it. It felt so wrong, but so right at the same time. It sparked a flame so deep within me, a feeling I never experienced with Niall. Mikey broke the kiss with a happy expression on his face, and an emotion in his eyes I have never seen before. "Christa I-" Michael was interrupted by an angry voice behind him. "What is going on here?" Niall. Oh god no! Please tell me he didn't.. "Niall! Man it's not what it looks like!" Michael tried to reassure him, but we all knew exactly what was going on. Before I could even think twice, Michael was on the ground with Nialls fist print on his face. "Niall!" I shrieked, terrified. I was a person strictly against violence, and he knew it. 

I hurried to Michael on the ground. He was groaning and moaning, holding his head between his hands, squeezing his eyes shot. I placed my hand on his shoulder and his muscles visibly relaxed. "Chris I-" "Don't, Niall. Just go." Before he could muster another word, I pointed to his still delicious car, and yelled, "Go!" I threw my engagement ring at his face. I turned towards Michael without sending Niall second glance. I heard the engine roar to life and saw the car disappearing from the corner of my eye. I sighed and got off the ground. I slowly walked back to the happy couples, leaving Michael and my love life behind with a sinking feeling and tear stained cheeks.  

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