1D and 5sos One Shots

Imagines with the 1D (No Zayn) and 5sos boys. Look at the first chapter.


24. Murdered | L.H

It started like a fairly normal day. Waking up, go to uni for classes, go to work, and then go home. It's a never ending circle. But for some reason today felt different - off beat.

I walked up the steps, and into the flat I share with my fiance. It was oddly quiet when I walked through the door. As I do every day, I yell out a; "Hello!," but no answer was heard. I furrowed my eyebrows. His car is out front, why isn't he in the flat? I thought to myself.

I cautiously walked up the stairs to the second floor, quickly finding myself in our master bedroom. What I saw terrified me. There was blood smudged on one of the walls in a scary smiley. There was blood on the floor like someone was drag into the bathroom. I shakily, cautiously, walked across the bedroom, careful to not touch anything. I slowly and dreadfully neared the master bathroom. Tears were pressing to my eyes as the terrifying thought ran through my head; this is like a scene of a murder investigation.

I slowly opened the door, letting it slowly creak open. I screamed. Really, really loud. There, on the floor, by the sink, right in front of me, was Luke, my fiance. Dead in a pool of his own blood. Again with that smiley on the wall. I screamed bloody murder, tears streaming down my cheek as I sobbed, sinking to the floor. I shakily got my phone from my back pocket and called the first number that came to my mind. It rang once, twice, "Hello?" I couldn't do anything than sob and cry for help into the phone. "Y/N what's wrong?!" I didn't answer. I threw my phone across the bathroom, heavy sobs filling the air along with my cries for help. I heard the front door opened a while later. My instincts kicked in, and I was so scared I nearly peed my pants. "Y/N?! Y/N where are you?!" He must have followed the noise of my cries, and more than one pair of feet was running up the stairs.

"Michael!" I cried out, standing on my shaking knees. I ran as fast as I could out the bedroom. I threw my arms around his neck and sobbed heavily into his chest. I don't think I've cried this much in my whole life. "Please! Please tell me this is not happening! Please.." I whispered continuously. "Why me?! Why?!" I screamed, sobbing, hitting Michael in miserable anger. "Shh, babe. It's okay," Mikey tried to comfort me. "No.. It's not.." I whispered. I pulled away to see Calum and Ashtons pale white face, horror slammed across their feature. "Hey Michael," Calum said, his voice cracking, and his eyes swimming. "You may wanna see this.." I broke the hug, and walked into the bedroom, Calum, Michael and Ashton following. "What happened here?!" Michael asked, his eyes pooling. "Luke's.. He's.." I couldn't get myself to say it. "What is Luke Y/N? Please tell me what happened!" I sniffled, still crying heavily with no sound. "I just came home and-and.. I-I found him.. Dead.. In the bathroom," I whispered, my knees failing to hold me. I fell to the ground, sobbing, the event hitting like a brick wall. Hard.

I heard feet walking past me and into the bathroom. A loud gasp came from all three boys, and one of them fell to the ground. "Oh my god.. Luke.." Michael whispered from the floor.

I screamed, waking up. I was sobbing heavily. "Babe! Y/N wake up!" Someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes to see.. Luke! "Luke oh my God!" I caught him in a hug sobbing with relief. It was only a dream.



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