1D and 5sos One Shots

Imagines with the 1D (No Zayn) and 5sos boys. Look at the first chapter.


15. Elounor marriage H.S

"Louis, you're my best friend, and I love you, but seriously, you're a nightmare!" I exclaimed giggling as I looked at the freshly married couple beside me. Louis pouted and Eleanor giggled. "Anyway! When I was 19 and Louis were 18, I introduced him to 17 year old Eleanor Calder. At that point I had been best friends with Louis for 15 years so of course he came to me with his love problems, as if I could help him with that." The guests laughed, mainly because they know me. "Finally after a year of Louis being too much of a coward to ask her out, he finally did it! Thanks god for that! I mean I was the one that had to sit through Louis' rands about how beautiful and amazing Eleanor was. But it sure his band mates got the talks too," I giggled at looked to my right at the other 1D boys. They rolled their eyes. "I'll talk that as I yes then! They were together for eight years before Lou finally grew a pair and proposed in the most romantic and beautiful way I've ever seen. You're very lucky Eleanor! But without anything further, let's raise our glass and wish for Elounor to have a happy and successful marriage!" I exclaimed and raised my glass. After that was done I sat down in my seat beside Louis once again. 

"That was amazing babe! Absolutely fantastic," Lou told me and gave me a hug. "But seriously dude, you're 28 and unmarried. You're older than me, and I say you should get married soon," Louis said in a matter of fact. I bursted out laughing, covering my redface. 

"Louis goddammit! My boyfriend will have to do that before anything can happen! I'm old school and you know it," I said and fiddled with my manicured nails. I've always said that the boy has to propose to me if he wants to marry me. "But I'm not saying I would say yes if he did." 

"Would you say yes if Harry asked you?" Louis asked. 

"I don't really now. I mean sure we've been dating for 5 years and I love him with all my heart, but I don't know if it's something I want in my life at the moment. You know with my career and Harrys, I just can't see it fitting in. Besides I'm four years older than him, why would he want to marry me?" I'm an insecure person. I've never really put much thought in Harry being that much younger than me. 

"Harry likes older women. It's not just something the media made up because of the people he have dated. "He loves you Y/N, and I'm positive he wants to marry you at some point in time." 

"Do you know something I don't, Louis?" I asked suspiciously. You never know what's going through that boys mind. But before he could say anything else, Harry came up to me. 

"Hey baby," he said and pecked my lips. "Come with me." He grabbed my hand and tugged me out of my seat. I followed his tall frame outside. I'm so glad it's summer. 

"What's up babe?" I asked and wrapped my arms around his waist beneath his blazer. Even in my four inch heels he was taller than me by four inches. He's eight inches taller than me and four years younger, and it's bugging me. 

"I just wanted to talk to the love of my life," he responded cocky. I giggled and blushed. Harry leaned down and placed his lips on my own pair. I grinned into the kiss. 

He moaned. "Your tongue piercing is so hot." I smirked and pulled away from the kiss. For a minute we just looked each other in the eyes. 

"You're so beautiful," Harry said and caressed my cheek. 

I blushed. "Thanks." I'm horrible at accepting compliments. 

"Marry me," Harry bluntly said after a small silence. 

"What?" I asked shocked. I don't think I heard what I just heard. 

My boyfriend sighed and brought out a black velvet box from his dress pants. "I've wanted to give you this for a long time now. I wanted to find the perfect time to ask you, but I just couldn't wait anymore. Y/F/N will you make me the happiest man on earth, and do me the honour to marry me?" He was down on one knee, and I was crying.

"I-I.. Yes! Yes oh my god!" I exclaimed. I covered my mouth with my right hand as Harry put the beautiful vintage ring on my left ring finger. My smile has never been bigger. He pulled me into a hug and kissed the top on my head. 

"I told you so!" Louis called out to me. Harry and I laughed, and Louis smiled at us. I've never been happier. My life couldn't have been better.

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