1D and 5sos One Shots

Imagines with the 1D (No Zayn) and 5sos boys. Look at the first chapter.


16. Changes L.H

I've despised Luke Hemmings for as long as I can remember. I hate him with every fiber in my body. For no reason at all, whatsoever.

"Babe come on it's gonna be fun! I promise!" My best friend Michael exclaimed trying to convince me to go.

"Michael no! You know what happens when we're in the same room together! It's a no show, Not gonna happen!" And I stood by my statement.

"Come on Y/N! Nothing will happen! Please? For me?" He gave me the puppy eyes. They're not as good at Calums, but good enough nonetheless. I sighed and agreed. I had a feeling I was gonna regret this.


"Mikey! Hey!" Calum exclaimed as soon as he has opened the door to their shared flat. All the four boys were sharing one, and it could get a like tense sometimes.

"Hey Cal!" Michael gave him a man hug ish thing and walked into the flat. I followed suit, hugging Cal and I did.

"Be nice," He warned.

I rolled my eyes. "Aren't I always?" And walked behind Mikey into the living room.

"Lukey!" Mike squealed when he saw his bestest friend. They're all friends, but Luke and Mike had a special bond. Maybe, Maybe not, I was a little jealous. Shh.

"Mikey!" Luke squealed and hugged Michael. I gagged interrupting their "intimate" moments.

"I think I'll be sick!" I said shuddering.


"Michael!" I mocked and threw myself on the sofa.

"Be nice!" He said sternly. I sighed heavily.

"I am!" I giggled rolling my eyes.

"It's okay Michael," Luke assured him and looked directly at me. I glared back at him. "Not all of us is trained." I gasped.

"Are you calling me an untrained dog?!" I yelled. I couldn't believe my ears.

"Your words not mine, bitch," Luke replied smirking.

"You are a horrible human being," I stated in a matter of fact.

"I wish I could say the same, but that would be rude," he said walking up to me. I got off of the sofa. I was a few feet away from him still, not the slightest intimidated by the major height difference. What can I say? He's unimaginably tall, and I'm the shortest person in our group.




"Unintelligent son of a bitch!" We were centimetres apart. They're was a major sexual tension between us. I could fell his warm breath on my face as he towered above me. I had to crane my neck backwards to look at him. We stood like that for at few seconds just glaring at one another.

Suddently Luke forcefully grabbed my face and kissed me with the soft, delicious lips of his. I tensed up and didn't respond at first. But a few seconds later I relaxed and melted into the kiss. I got on my tippy toes. The kiss was amazing! It was like taken out of a Nicolas sparks book. Sparks flying, firework blowing. Truly it was amazing. And it made me realise just how madly I was in love with Luke Hemmings.

All too soon Luke broke the kiss with a grin on his perfect, pink lips. "Amazing," I whispered too speechless to say anything else. Luke chuckled and connected your foreheads. I pecked his lips and giggled.

"What just happened?!" Ashton, Michael and Calum yelled in unison. Luke and I laughed, cuddling into each other.

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