This is a story about a girl in the year 2114. You may think the world has gotten better because of technology and new leaders but you are wrong. The world has split into 3 sections led by 3 leaders. The sections are The Republic of Angelo, The Kingdom of Hezekiah,and The Colony of James. These 3 sections are at war. War because of reasons that have been started back when the world was sane in 2015. The girl this story is about was chosen to be the Captin of The republic of Angelo's military. She is the ONLY girl. The rest of the the members of the Republic of Angelo military are guys. In fact 93% of the population are guys. How will this (beautiful) girl survive the military as the only girl in the military.


1. initiation day

          I stand behind the curtain waiting for my cue to come out and see what the world thinks of me. I think about my past. A couple of months ago I was a happy girl (well as happy as you can be with a war going on all over the world) that was "what the military needed" I think back to a couple months ago. I was in the gym coaching a group of kids to climb the rock wall, since I was there coach. I climbed up the wall to show the kids were to put there feet. Then my boss, Stephanie Carter called for me. I jumped down and landed on a crash mat. I walked over to her. "They are here." She said. "They" are soldiers who come to either collect taxes, recruited men, or kill you because they thought you were a traitor to The Republic of Angelo military service. I didn't know why they wanted me but I went out to face them. I snap back to reality. The leader of the military (the only other woman in the military) calls for me. "Here is Ms. Madison Jordan Greystone, your new leader on the battlefield." She says. I walk onto the stage. Soon everyone in the crowd (who were all men) started erupting in  a frenzy of wolf whistles, cheers, and screaming "take it off". I was utterly disgusted. I zone them out, thinking only of my speech.

         The current leader, the woman, Ms. Delilah Roberts, puts a hand on my shoulder. She faces the men and screams "SHUT IT". That is when I notice a hint of an accent. That's not normal in The Republic. The men go silent. I walk over to the podium. I clear my throat and say, "Men. And leader Roberts. I stand before you as a woman who is ready to fight for The Republic of Angelo. Ready to lead us to a new era of freedom. I wish to be respected, not admired. I would like to lead you into battle, not be your little crush. Please accept me at your new battlefield leader." I stop and think. Then I yell "For the Republic of Angelo!!" Everyone then bursts into a frenzy of cheering and, sadly, more wolf whistles. I guess I'm the new commander. Today went better than I thought. I hope it stays this way. I hop off the stage and run over to Ms. Roberts. She pats my shoulder then walks on the stage. She clears her throat and yells "Now for champagne". There is that accent again. A waiter comes by and hands me a small glass. I accept it even though I shouldn't. I walk through the crowd but get stopped half way by one of the men. He clearly got a much larger champagne glass than I did. He puts a hand on my face and pulls me closer. "You better watch out. They are gunna get ya! They are going to kidnap you! Just you wait" The drunken man says then pushes me away. Then he collapses on the floor. I shove my way to the back of the room and slump against the wall. Another man approaches me. He is closer to my age. Maybe older by a year or two. He stretches out his hand. I accept the offer. He leads me into a dance. I guess there was music playing. I didn't know. The wolf whistles really drowned out the tune. Once the song ended I slowly trudge back to my tent. Yes, I have a tent. Tents are the most efficient way to move camp with little effort. The younger man catches up with me and stretches out his hand again, this time to shake. I shake his hand. "Robin" he says. "Falcon?" I say, confused. The man chuckles. "I'm Robin Scott" he says. "Good night Robin!" I say and duck into my tent. I wait to hear Robin walk away. I sigh. 'Dang he's cute' I whisper. I quickly change out of my uniform into a gray T-shirt and black shorts. Today went by too fast. I need a good nights sleep.

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