Skylander Stories: Sunburn's Adventure

This is Sunburn's story.
He has been away from the main realm of skylands 3 years but he finally returns.
This also contains Sunburn x Whirlwind.
This is not official, only a fanfiction.
I hope everyone likes it. I have thought long and hard and I'm impressed with it! :)


5. "The Journey Begins"

Whirlwind and Sunburn went down to the Skylander Gardens. The Skylander Gardens was one vast garden filled with scented flowers,butterflies and amazing things.

"I'm glad to be away from them." Sunburn said.

"Me too, I guess." Replied Whirlwind.

"So what is it you wanted to tell me?" Asked Sunburn.

" Well..... Said Whirlwind blushing, I........"

Spyro came charging in through the garden gates at that moment.


 "Yes Spyro?"

 "Nitro Freeze Blade has just declared that Scratch has been missing for a few days. You need to go find her! Freeze Blade said that the last place she had been seen in is the Sky Docks where she was leaving on the hot air balloon with Flynn and Cali to go on a mission.They should have been gone for only 2 hours but they have been away for days!" Said Spyro.

 "OK. Do I have to go alone?" She asked.

"Well, I was gonna say go on your own but you can take ONE person with you."

"Spyro, I will go and find Scratch and take somebody with me."

"Thank you Whirlwind. Now I must go. Bye! Oh, and bye to you too Sunburn."

 "Bye." Said Sunburn. 

 "Bye Spyro!" Called Whirlwind.

"Well I can take just one person with me...hmmm..." Whirlwind thought aloud.

"So who are ya gonna take then?" Asked Sunburn.

 *blushing brightly* "Um, Sunburn. Do you want to come with me?"

 "Sure!!!!" Sunburn replied.

Off they went out from the gardens to see if they could find any clues on where Flynn, Cali and Scratch have gone.....


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