Skylander Stories: Sunburn's Adventure

This is Sunburn's story.
He has been away from the main realm of skylands 3 years but he finally returns.
This also contains Sunburn x Whirlwind.
This is not official, only a fanfiction.
I hope everyone likes it. I have thought long and hard and I'm impressed with it! :)


13. Lost and found?................

There was silence in the Skylander Gardens.

Nothing at all could be heard.

Spyro waited for five minutes for any movement. But no, there was nothing.

Spyro flapped out from the hedge and saw Freeze Blade. The button that Spyro had pushed was to activate a laser beam ,hidden in a hedge that he had asked for to be built in secretly, so Skylanders could trap their enemies. 

Well Spyro flew over the hedge to see that Freeze Blade had been blasted by the laser, just like he wanted it to.

 "Well, there we go. He was exactly in the right spot. *Sigh* I don't know why I am doing this but I have to."

With that, he picked up Freeze Blade and quickly flew him to the biggest hedge in the gardens. He then threw him in so he could no longer be seen.

He took Whirlwind and Sunburn to a secret place.

After taking them he flew back to his office. When he opened the door to his office he saw Scratch in there.

 "Oh hi Scratch. I was thinking about when you-..."  He was interrupted.

"Hey Spyro I want to tell you something." Said Scratch.

 *Maybe she feels the same.* "Oh, what's that Scratch? You can tell me anything." Spyro said.

 "I liked Freeze Blade first. He was so nice. But then I met Trap Shadow and I want to be with him. Freeze Blade hasn't been liking me lately or even coming to see me. Trap Shadow saved me at the firework party when a firework came my way he leaped and took the firework for me. He was ok in the end and I am so glad, and I thanked him, and now I don't know what to say to him!" 

Scratch stopped to breath.

 "I want to be with him!" She cried.

Spyro just stood there for a few minutes without speaking.

"Scratch, I didn't know you liked any of them in the first place." He said, turning the other way.

 "Why would it matter if you knew or not? Didn't I tell you I was seeing Camo today? He is becoming a close friend of mine."

 "Camo too?!?!!?!?!? Scratch, I did all of this for me, for us, for YOU."

 "What did you do?"


"Tell me Spyro!" She cried.

Spyro had gotten himself into another terrible situation.



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