Skylander Stories: Sunburn's Adventure

This is Sunburn's story.
He has been away from the main realm of skylands 3 years but he finally returns.
This also contains Sunburn x Whirlwind.
This is not official, only a fanfiction.
I hope everyone likes it. I have thought long and hard and I'm impressed with it! :)


17. Death.

*Cough* Sunburn began to choke. 

Warnado, who heard the racket, called over to Wildfire.

"Hey Wildfire, what's going on over there?!?!?"

Wildfire didn't reply, so Warnado ran over to him. 

Wildfire was sitting beside Sunburn, trying to stop him from choking.

"Woah, that Ice must of really got to him." Said Warnado.

"Of course it did, they were almost frozen solid when we got here. It's a good thing that we were there at the time." Replied Wildfire.

Sunburn was still choking, and it didn't look like he was going to be breathing anytime soon. 

"Oh my gosh, Warnado!"

"What? Why are you shouting, I'm right here."

"The cold must have efected him inside! I think he's-"

"Tell Whirlwind I love her." Coughed Sunburn.

He then went silent. Wildfire stopped trying to help him.

"Dude, why did you stop?" Asked a perplexed Warnado.

"He's... Dead." Whispered Wildfire.



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