Skylander Stories: Sunburn's Adventure

This is Sunburn's story.
He has been away from the main realm of skylands 3 years but he finally returns.
This also contains Sunburn x Whirlwind.
This is not official, only a fanfiction.
I hope everyone likes it. I have thought long and hard and I'm impressed with it! :)


6. "Danger Lies Ahead."

Sunburn and Whirlwind went to the end of the main realm to the Sky Docks.

"Hey Whirlwind! This is were the hot air balloon takes off."

Whirlwind looks around. "Doesn't look like anything is here. Wait a minute! Look, it's a necklace of some sort."

Sunburn: "A necklace....."

"Something wrong Sunburn?"

 "No I'm fine. So, what about the necklace? Is it Scratch's?"

 "I think so...... Oh, look! It has a name etched into the back!"

 "Hey, let me see. What? How did this get here?!?!?!!??" Sunburn cried.

"What?!?! You scared me! It just says 'Sonic Boom' on it." 

"Yes, but what was it doing here?"

"Why are you so worried? It's not like you gave it her. It looks almost brand new....

Wait......Did you give this her?" Asked Whirlwind.


 "Your not convincing me."


"Did you give this to Sonic Boom the other day?!?!?!?!?" Asked Whirlwind.

"No! I swear! That was 3 years ago!"

"You still like her.........."

"I don't! Not anymore........"

Whirlwind got upset.

: "You lied! I'm going to find Scratch alone!"

"I didn't lie! When I knocked on her door, she slammed the door shut in my face and I threw that necklace that I gave her 3 years ago on the doorstep!"

Whirlwind leaves, ignoring Sunburn. With an angered face she walked away with an angered face she shed one last tear.

Sunburn had done the same to Sonic Boom and ignored her then walked away.

He now knew how it felt.........




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