Skylander Stories: Sunburn's Adventure

This is Sunburn's story.
He has been away from the main realm of skylands 3 years but he finally returns.
This also contains Sunburn x Whirlwind.
This is not official, only a fanfiction.
I hope everyone likes it. I have thought long and hard and I'm impressed with it! :)


8. 'BOOM!' (4th July Special Chapter)



 "What was that?!?!?!?!?" Shouted Sunburn.

 "Woah!!!!" Said Whirlwind.

"What is it?" Asked Sunburn.

 "Fireworks!!!!!" Gasped Whirlwind.

 "Wow, they are pretty cool!" I'm just a little scared when the fireworks go-----" 


 "Argh!!!!" Screamed Sunburn.

"Sunburn, that wasn't a firework." Said Whirlwind.

 "Then what was it?"

"Only the 'greatest' pilot in all Skylands!"


 "We thought you had gone missing! You hadn't been seen for a few days so we needed to see if you were OK. Anyway, where is Cali and Scratch?" Sunburn asked.

"Oh. Ya see, we were out on our mission when Tessa and her giant bird crashed into my hot air balloon! Of course, I was steering the ship SO well until Tessa came!" Boasted Flynn.

 "Aww Flynn, there is no need to get angry. It wasn't Whiskers' fault!" Said Tessa.

"Yeah right Tessa!" Said Cali.

"Awww come on you guys! Where's the humor? Oh, and the smiles?" Asked Tessa, showing her teeth.

"I already was smiling." Cali thinks I'm cute when I smile!"

"I never said that!" Said Cali, blushing.

"Well I gotta dash!" Said Flynn, beginning to run around in circles as Cali chased him.

 "Aww isn't that cute?" Asked Tessa.

 "Well, I guess." Replied Sunburn.

 "Of course it is!!!" Said Whirlwind, slapping Sunburn on the back.

"Oh look! Here comes all of the Skylanders ready to watch the fireworks!" Said Tessa excitedly. "Flynn, Cali! She called. "They are arriving!"

 "Hello everyone! Come on through!" Cali shouted, opening the gates.

"This is gonna be awesome!!!" Flynn shouted.

"Ooh, I'm so excited!!!" I left Whiskers because he might get scared of the fireworks."

"I'm actually quite excited!!!" Said Whirlwind.

 "I'm quite excited too actually!" Replied Sunburn.

Every Skylander was cheering and then the fireworks started.

Boom! Bang! Whizz! Boomed the firework.

 "Wow!!!! The colours are so bright!" Shouted Whirlwind.


"Hey Flynn. I'm not sure why I'm letting you do this, but would you like to light a firework?" Asked Cali.

"Yeah I wanna light one! 'BOOM!'" Said Flynn.

"Which one do you want to light?"

"Errr, this one the...............Love heart one!" Said Flynn.

 "Really?................" Asked Cali.

Flynn: "....................."

 "Of course you can!" Cali said, smiling.

Flynn lit the firework while still holding it. It blasted up out of his hands and then exploded into a giant love heart of fireworks.

Whirlwind and Sunburn loved that firework. 

They gazed at each other and began to move further up on the wall to one another.

"BOOM!" Shouted Flynn.

"I never thought I was gonna say this but I'm going to! 'Bo---"

"Wait! Can we say it together? I have always wanted that!" Said Flynn.

 "OK but before I do, I want to say, it really is cute when you smile!"

Flynn blushed brightly.

Flynn: "OK. 3,2,1-."

"DOUBLE ULTIMATE BOOM!!!!" Shouted Flynn and Cali, jumping up and giving a  high-five to each other.

"Can I say It too?" Asked Tessa shyly.

 "Sure!!!" Shouted Flynn and Cali.


 "TRIPLE ULTIMATE BOOM!" Flynn, Cali and Tessa Shouted. As they said it, the BIGGEST firework exploded.

Sunburn and Whirlwind were sitting together on the wall. 

 "Shouldn't we leave?" Whirlwind asked.

 "Why? It's so great here!!!!" Said Sunburn.

 "I know but.........Shouldn't we be looking for Scra--?......................

 "You OK?" Sunburn asked.

 "Is it just me or do I see Scratch over there with............................"

 "What? I thought Scratch was missing!" Said Sunburn.

 "Yeah, me too!" Replied Whirlwind.

 "Oh well. Looks like we can stay then!" Said Sunburn.

 "Yay!!!" Said Whirlwind.

As the fireworks 'BOOMED' on, Sunburn and Whirlwind both felt happy........

This was a fourth of July special chapter! Hope it was enjoyed. :D




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