Simple Things

Ever since she moved away from her best friend, Conner, Chana is always on the look out for the simple things in life. Soon she finds out that even the simple things can lead to complications. This is her journal that she records them in.


1. Proluge moving away

                                                          The heat of the afternoon bore down on my back with relentless fury. The sidewalks simmered with heat. But I did not want to go inside just yet. My best friend Conner was holding my hand. We were sitting on my porch. It was so simple. Just sitting there. Together. For the last time. It was my last day here. In this place. In this town. I felt my throat choke up and my eyes swim in tears.

                                                               " I can't believe that today went by so fast,'' Conner said his blue-violet eyes on my amber ones. " Yeah I know,'' I replied not wanting this moment to slip by me. " No more bike riding,'' Conner said blankly. " No more visits in the middle of the night to watch the stars,'' I added. " No more wall ball on old man's wall,'' Conner smiled at that. " No more horse,'' I laughed. " No more.... you,'' Conner curled up into a ball.

                                                          We just sat there again. Silence being the main component. I stretched my legs out,'' Well I have to get going. I need to help load,'' I told him starting to walk away. " WAIT!'' he yelled, startling me. " What is it?" I asked him. " This, Chana.'' He put his lips on mine. It was so different from when we were little. It seemed so much more.... meaningful.

                                                            " What about Emory?" I asked him in shock. After all the two were dating. " Who cares?'' Conner shrugged. " Oh and this,'' he gave me a journal that was the color of ripened plums. " It's so pretty. Thank you.'' I thanked him with tears in my eyes. " Please write down anything that you want in her and send it back to me when your done. Then I'll give you something in return,'' Conner smiled.

                                                                 " I know exactly what I am going to write down in this book,'' I hugged him. " What will you write down?'' Conner asked me. " All the simple things in life. Cause that's they are the best parts,'' I told him. " Hmm I can't wait to read it.'' he poked my ribs.

                                                          " CHANA! You need to help your sister with her room!'' My mother yelled out. " Call me sometime Ok?'' Conner asked already heading down the street. " I will I whispered. Wondering if he could hear me.

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