No More No Less

this is about a girl, her best friend and sister living in a world where everything stays the same. Isabel has always been told that it is bad to be different but she just can't seem to stick to that rule. With the mayor of Voelem getting suspicious it is very hard for Isabel to stay out of trouble, will she discover the reason why it is bad to be different...


1. Chapter 1

Is being different bad?

That's a question i ask myself everyday.Nothing's different in Voelem. all the houses are the same, everyone acts the same and everyone does the same thing. the only thing different are our names, ages gender and the way we look, although everyone tries to look the same. the same clothes. Hair. Same everything. It is the way we've been brought up in Voelem being different is bad. End of story.Everyone fits in- apart from me and maybe my sister Bethica and best friend Jaynem. Everyone has to have two children no more no less.


"Isabel remember what I said just be normal and like everyone else and you'll be fine, okay sweetheart?" my mum says.

There's a problem with that, I'm not very good at being normal but I can't let y mum know that. I'm fifteen so today will be the first day of my new school. When we're fifteen we have do go to Voelem's finishing school for young adults and learn how to become "proper" adults in Voelem. I'm guessing they teach us how to be even more the same.

"yeah, yeah," I reply in a flat tone.

"Good now go to your room to get ready."

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