Dragons of Destiny

Its about six rival groups of dragons that must unite into three groups if they want to survive the darkness in the near future.


4. The New Room

 Thunderclaw and I stayed in the Moonbeam Tribe for one more day. The whole time my mom fussed over me, a nice and interesting change from the strict and cruel mother I had experienced in the many years before. Being only one hundred years old, I still had many millenniums left in my lifetime. I used to regret having such a long time to live, but now I actually would have some excitement! I was finally moved out of the small cave that used to be my room, and into a huge lair near my mom`s own. It had a dome ceiling made out of shiny glass, and red walls with inscriptions drawled across them. A hot bed of ash, the fancy self-heating kind, sat in a golden tub with red crystals. I walked over to the corner it was in, and gazed down at the steaming pieces inside. A bright flash caught my eye and I turned around to see a large mirror with a fancy frame. Climbing into a heated pool in a room branching off from the main one, I relaxed. After what seemed like hours lounging in the boiling water, I heard a soft knock on the door. It was Mom. She stepped into the pool room just as I heated my scales and evaporated all the water off my body. She looked around the room with pride and nostalgia in her eyes. She met my gaze and sighed, "This used to be your brother`s room. I miss him more than anything. This is the first time I`ve been able to come in here since he... well, you know. Now that you are in here I actually thought I had the strength to come in here." Tears brimmed in her eyes and she looked up at me with a face that brought back memories I didn't even recall having. I was playing with a young purple dragonet with nicely polished scales. He squealed and pounced on me playfully. We tumbled around locked in a tight embrace. We looked up to see a face laughing down at us. "When you two are done playing, I need to talk to Moonfang about some kingly stuff. Moonlight, can you go with Marsoli, please?" I huffed and unlocked my claws from a disappointed Moonfang and exited the room. Suddenly, as quick as it had appeared, the vision ended. "That must have been the last time I saw him... " I whispered to my self so Mom wouldn't hear it. "Can I have some alone time, please?" She was out of the room as quickly as she entered, and I was left alone to wonder about what had just transpired.

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