Believe Me .... Please

Hi. My name is Jessamine Magnolia Ravensdale. I am reported to be crazy. But to be completely truthful, the man calling me crazy is secretly crazy himself. I know I am not crazy. I am as normal as can be. That was until i turned 18. I didn't know about it for a while, but it's the reason i'm going to the psychiatric hospital by the end of the week. No television, only movies. No internet, only solitaire. No radio, only Cd's. So basically no fun, only 'Activities', ughh. But you see, I will eventually make my own fun to my own surprise. I suppose I should tell you why they say i'm crazy. It's because I see things out of the corner of my eye, or in a reflection. I have always had the power to toy with people's emotions. I have made people run in terror by me simply staring into their eyes. All of my friends and the nice people i have met have had wonderful lives and surprises. But i'll never see them again. And that makes me mad! Very Mad!

Witchcraft, Ghosts ,Mythical creatures love it?


1. 1: Diagnosis

I sit in the doctors office awaiting my name to be called. I could smell the sanitary, cleaning products, they were so strong. My nose was burning and tingling from the scent. I see doctors and nurses everywhere, walking from one room to another, calling patients. Suddenly I hear my name being called

"Jessamine?" I hear from a female voice and I look up to see a female nurse looking at a hazelnut clipboard with multiple pieces of paper on it, calling me, then looking around for me. I stand up and she motions for me to follow her so I do curiously. You see, I don't know why I am here. My terrible step-father told me I have a doctors appointment and dropped me off. So I am very curious of why I am here. Once I catch up to the nurse she turns into a room and I immediately see the male doctor. His name badge say's his name is 'Dr Madnnais' I'm gonna call him 'Dr Madness'.

"Hello Jessamine, My name is Dr Madnnais. I am a Neurologist. I was specially invited here to meet you" he says hesitantly as if i was about to attack him. Why would i do that. Unless he tried to put a giant needle in one of my limbs. That will make me want to kick and hit anything in my path to get away from it. I look around the room and feel scared. Is he going to have to test me. 

"Doctor, Why am I here?" I ask politely needing the answer. I need to know why I am here. The curiosity is making me scared.

"You are here to get tested to see if you are really crazy or not dear." he says and puts his hand on my knee with a reassuring smile. It's not really working. I want to skits out right here but i know that will only make them think I am crazy even more. I knew my step father hates me but would he go to the extreme of calling me crazy because i said i thought i seen a ghost.

"WHAT WHY" i exclaim and stand up. The doctor jolts up as if i was going to attack him.

"Why would my step father do this to me. I know he hates me but why not put me up for fucking adoption?!?!!" I say as a tidal wave of sadness washes over me and tears start to subconsciously pour out of my eyes. i back into a corner and slide down the wall and ball my hair in my fists.

I feel a surge in my body, like as though a firework was going to blast out of me. My hands shoot in-front of my face as the light above me breaks and the glass shatters all landing on me. I gain scratches over my body and the occasional piece of bloody glass in one of the cuts they caused. The red liquid trickled down my body, running over fresh cuts along with my salty tears of pain making them sting even more then the dirty, clear glass did. The doctor came running to my side but i flinched as he sat by my side, making my cuts sting more from the clenching of my muscles. I hear rushing foot steps race into the room but it all happens in slow motion and the last thing i can remember is being rolled down the hallway on a hospital bed, the lights flickering in my eyes  before the blackness consumed me.


So what did you think?? I like it personally but that is just my opinion, What's yours?

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