Warriors: The Great Battle

Warriors, Ebonyheart, Shadowstripe, Bloodfur, Scareye


2. Chapter 2

The other kits soon awoke. Then, they decided that they all needed names once they heard that Scareye had a name. "I'll be Ebonyheart." The white she-cat with a swirl on her chest said shyly. "I don't know." The orange tom sighed. "Does anybody else have a suggestion?" Ebonyheart's eyes lit up. "How does Bloodfur sound to you?" She suggested. "That sounds great!" Bloodfur exclaimed brightly. "I'd like to be Deathshadow." The small black kit said abruptly. "That makes four names. I also heard from Bonepelt that each clan had a leader. We should be a clan and elect a leader and a deputy!" Scareye suggested. The rest of the kits murmured their agreement. "I think Scareye should be leader." Bloodfur spoke up. "She saved us from the badger." The rest of the cats agreed. "I want my deputy to be Deathshadow." Scareye decided. "I know my eyes weren't open, but I heard from Bonepelt that clans have names. What should our name be?" Deathshadow brought up. "How about Boneclan?" Ebonyheart asked. "Our mother was Bonepelt, so we should be Boneclan." The other three nodded in agreement.

There was a large rock outside the cave where they lived. Scareye leapt onto it. "Hear me, Starclan!" She shouted to the heavens. "Though we may only be kits, we have created a clan of our own! Please look after us as you do with the clans far from here!"

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