Warriors: The Great Battle

Warriors, Ebonyheart, Shadowstripe, Bloodfur, Scareye


1. Chapter 1

Bonepelt loved Tigerstar. She had once been a lost loner without a home. When Tigerstar had found her, that all changed. Bonepelt had used to have a twoleg name, Snowy, but Tigerstar had introduced the warrior clan ways to her and Bonepelt had lived by the warrior code ever since. Bonepelt had never actually seen the clans, but she was sure it was wonderful.

One day, Bonepelt had Tigerstar's kits. She had four. A dark orange tom with green eyes, a white she-cat with black splotches, a black tom with orange eyes that looked red, and a white kit with a black swirl on her chest. Only one kit had opened her eyes when the badger attacked.

It had struck in the night. Bonepelt had valiantly tried to fight it off, but she died saving her kits. In the end, it was the young she-cat that had opened her eyes that killed the animal. The kit had won, but she now had a piece missing from one ear and a scar on her eye. When she went to get a drink at a nearby pool, she saw her reflection, and the scar on her eye. "Scareye." She whispered. "My name is Scareye."

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