Tessa Smith is part of a quadruplet set. Her older brother, Tyrone, and her younger brother and sister, Liam and Leah, are each different in their own unique way. Tyrone is the school's star athlete, Liam runs the art club, and Leah is in drama. As for Tessa, she's the head cheerleader. They seem like the perfect family, their perfect mother working in the mayor's office as his head assistant. But where is their perfect father? "No one knows" seems to be the only answer that eighteen year old Blade Carmichael can find. But he knows there's something beneath the Smith's perfection. Will he find it? And if he does, will it mean his doom?


2. Investigation

Blade Carmichael shut the door to his 1995 electric blue Camaro Z28, making sure to grab his backpack. The instant he turned around, he was met with the smiling face of a redhead with braces.

"Hi," she said enthusiastically, "my name is Jenna McCormick and I will be your guide today."

Giving her a smile, Blade held out a hand, "Hi, my name is Blade Carmichael."

"Well, I would hope so," Jenna smiled again, "otherwise I'd be looking really stupid right now."

Blade gave a small laugh, "That's a good one. Very funny."

Jenna became a deep scarlet, giggling and giving a few snorts, "Oh, thanks. That's the first time anyone has ever laughed at one of my jokes."

"Really," Blade asked, becoming a little uneasy, "I find that hard to believe. You seem like a very funny girl."

"She is," a nearby jock snorted, "you should see her eat in the lunchroom!"

He and his buddies walked away, laughing. Jenna readjusted her hair, embarrassed and trying to avoid Blade's gaze.

"Don't listen to them," the black haired boy smiled, "They're just jealous because their sense of humor sucks."

A small smile appeared on Jenna's face and she blushed again.

"Well," she said, "let me be the first to say welcome to Placerville High; home of the Placersaurus Rex."

"Placersaurus Rex?"

"Hey, I didn't come up with the mascot," Jenna said, pointing to the school banner which bore a Spinosaurus in football gear, "apparently it was chosen because of some old legend that popped up a few years back. Something about a monster on the mountain."

She pointed to the shape looming in the distance. The peak rose far above and disappeared into a thick cloud line.

Blade looked at the mascot again and frowned, "It's bad enough they all believe in a story, but it's even worse when they don't classify the dinosaur correctly. That's Spinosaurus Egypticus, more commonly known as-"

"The Spinosaurus," Jenna finished, nodding in approval, "someone knows their dinosaurs."

The boy smiled and followed her towards the school, "I did some research in my spare time."

"Looks and brains," Jenna smirked, "you're just the whole damned package, aren't you?"

Blade chuckled, "Well, I don't know about that."

Jenna held the door open for him and proceeded into leading him towards the office.

"Here at Placerville High, we take out academics very seriously," she explained, "no one here has a grade level lower than a C+, and even they are close to moving up on the grading scale."


"Not as impressive as our athletics," Jenna pointed to a tall boy their age with brown hair and hazel eyes, "That's Tyrone Smith, the star of our football team. Running Back. He's led us to victory every year since sixth grade."

Tyrone then noticed Jenna and Blade, giving a welcoming smile and a small wave. Jenna smirked and flipped him off, causing him to chuckle before giving her a wink and blowing her a kiss.

"Boyfriend?," Blade asked.

"Nah," Jenna smirked, "study partner. I help him in his Graphic Designs class and he helps me with Senior Finance. I don't think he's ever dated before."

As they came upon the entrance to the gym, Blade noticed another brunette standing on top of a ladder trying to put a banner up. Suddenly, his foot slipped. Reaching out, Blade caught it and helped him regain his balance.

"Thanks," the boy turned to smile, his blue eyes lighting up, "I owe you one!"

Blade froze, glancing back real quick to check on Tyrone (who still stood in the same spot with his friends).

The boy on the ladder laughed when he noticed how confused Blade looked, "I see you've met my brother, Tyrone."


"Quadruplets," Jenna answered, peering into the gym, "that's Tessa in there. The blonde giving instructions. She's the head cheerleader. And I'm sure Leah's around here somewhere. She's the head of the Drama Club."

"And I'm Liam," Blade looked up once more, "head of the Art Club."

"Your family certainly seems to be successful," he chuckled, "what do your parents do for a living?"

"Mom's the mayor's head assistant," Liam explained as he climbed down, "and I haven't seen my dad in eight years or so. So I have no idea what the hell he does," his look became grim, "but as far as I'm concerned, he can eat shit for a living."

Grabbing his supplies, Liam stormed down the hall.

Jenna gave a sigh, "Mr. Smith left his family a while back. No warning. No explanation. Not even a letter. They just woke up and he was gone."

Blade glanced into the gym, catching sight of Tessa as she flew into the air. His breath caught in his throat. Her flips and movements seemed too graceful to be human. He watched her cheer with her team, a bright smile on her face.

"Blade," Jenna snapped, tapping him on the shoulder, "dude, quit spacing out. We've got to go get your schedule."

Startled, he nodded and turned to follow, taking a quick glance back to see Tessa get thrown once more into the air.

"Don't even think about it, Cassanova," Jenna smirked, "none of the Smith kids have ever dated before. And they plan to keep it that way."

"Why do you think that?"

"Tyrone told me during one of our sessions," the redhead explained, "apparently, their mom isn't too keen on the idea."

Before Blade could speak again, they approached the office and walked inside.


"Okay," Jenna looked at his schedule once more, "looks like you've got Mr. Crabapple first hour."

Blade smirked, "Is that his real name?"

"No," she smirked back, "It's Appleway. Everyone around here thinks he's an asshole, though."

As they approached the Advanced Chemistry room, they suddenly heard slightly raised voices.

"You are going to have to make up with mom sooner or later!"

"Hey, don't go pointing those goddamned fingers at me! You're to blame just as much as I am."

"But at least I'm planning to apologize later," the first voice snarled, "you know mom only wants what's best for us."

"But that doesn't give her the right to-"

"You guys okay," Jenna appeared around the corner, revealed Tessa and Tyrone, "something wrong at home?"

"No," Tyrone smiled, "thanks Jen, but you don't need to concern yourself."

Neither Jenna nor Blade looked like they believed him. The black haired boy then glanced over at Tessa, who had changed out of her cheer uniform and into jeans, boots, and a long-sleeved shirt.

"Who's the new guy?"

"Blade Carmichael," he said, holding out a hand, "nice to meet you."

Before Tessa could shake, a stern looking gentleman peered into the hall.

"Well now," he smirked, a certain wicked glint in his eye, "looks like the Angelic Smiths tripped a little, eh? Detention for the both of you!"

"Come on, Crabapple," Tyrone scowled, crossing his arms, "haven't you got anything better to do than give us detention? Don't you have a class to teach?"

"Nobody pays attention to it, anyways," Jenna smirked, "not that he actually teaches anything."

Thadeus Appleway glared at the girl beside him, "Detention for the both of you as well!"

"Hang on," Tessa scowled, "the new guy didn't even do anything!"

"He was late to class," Appleway said, looking pleased with himself, "now, all of you, report to my classroom after school."

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