Stories of the Wizarding World

Harry Potter One shots. Each chapter has a story that takes place in the Marauder Era, Harry's Time or the Next Generation. Enjoy!


2. The M'laudels


 The M'laudels                                                            Marauder Era, James and Lily live AU


   It was the coldest day of the winter so far and Godric's Hollow was as quiet as the rest of London. James Potter was sitting on the couch with Harry, his son, on his knees and both him and the toddler seemed very excited.

Suddenly, the door opened and three men came in, panting. One was short and chubby, one was tall and full of scars, and one was handsome and had long, black hair. 

   'James! Lily!'',Sirius roared, rushing towards the red-haired woman and hugging her.

   'What's wrong?',Lily asked, confused. 

  'We thought you were in danger. We came here as soon as we got the message. What's going on?'

 'What message?'

  'Oh,I don't know.'Remus said, sarcastically.'Maybe the 'Guys!Guys! Come quick! Please,hurry!' message James' Patronus sent us!'

  'Oh, that!', James said, getting up but still holding Harry.'That was just about me teaching Harry some new words.'

  ' We thought you were in danger,Prongs! Not funny.' Peter said.

  'Well,sorry,guys. But I never said we were attacked.It wasn't a joke'

 The three Marauders rolled their eyes. 

  'James, you really scared us. I'm serious.',Remus said.

  'No you're not. I am.',Sirius added, giggling. 

  'For Merlin's beard, Padfoot, you've been using this joke since First Year. It's getting old.'

  'Since I learned my name, actually.'

  Remus rolled his eyes once again, while Peter knelt down beside Harry and asked him what new words he had learned. They all became silent, looking at the 1-year-old. He could already speak, but not much. 

  'M'laudels!',Harry said, excited. James grinned, but all the others were confused. 

 'I'm sorry, sweatheart?',Lily asked.

  'M'laudels!',Harry spoke again, angry because no one understood what he wanted to say.

  'Marauders.',James whispered, making sure Harry didn't hear him.

   'Oh!',they all exclaimed.

   'Amazing, little man!', Sirius said, stroking the black hair on top of Harry's head.

The toddler then pointed at James,Sirius, Remus and Peter, one at a time, and continued. 'Pongs! Pafoo! Moonie! Womtiel !'

   'Oh Merlin, this is the cutest thing ever. And he got my name the rightest.',Remus said.

   'Oh, come on,Remus!'

   'Well,Pafoo, he is right.',James said, laughing.

   'At least our names don't mean  'bad smell',James.'

   'Seriously, Womtiel?',James asked and then quickly added 'No,Sirius. Do not make the joke.'

And Lily was just standing there, with Harry in her arms, looking at her husband and the other Marauders. 



   ' 'ungry.'

   'You're hungry? Better get something to eat then.'


Okay, so I know this was really short, but I'll update soon and it'll be a longer chapter. Thanks for reading!


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