Stories of the Wizarding World

Harry Potter One shots. Each chapter has a story that takes place in the Marauder Era, Harry's Time or the Next Generation. Enjoy!


3. Fred's Funeral


    Fred's Funeral                                                     Harry's Time

(If you don't want to read something sad, just don't)

 It was very early in the morning, yet no one was sleeping. Not even Ron or Bill, who were both known for getting up late. They were all in their beds,though, staring at the ceiling, crying, sobbing. It was the day of Fred's Funeral.

Harry and Hermione were the only ones in the house who weren't Weasleys and, to be honest, they felt bad about it. They missed Fred, they couldn't believe he was gone but they felt like intruders. But they knew the Weasleys would never kick them out,no matter what, and they didn't want to leave Ron or any of the Weasleys for that matter. Harry was in the same room as Ron and,even though he knew his best friend wasn't sleeping because of the missing snoring, he couldn't turn around and look him in the eyes. He felt guilty. Guilty for Fred's death, guilty for Remus and Tonks' death, guilty for the whole war. It was all his fault, Voldemort attacked all of them because of him. He couldn't bear to see Ron, the guilt was too overwhelming. But Harry also knew that Ron hadn't slept all night long, because neither did he. How could he?


The silence was interrupted by the sound of an alarm clock. This was it, it was 7 in the morning. The Funeral began at 8. 

Molly opened her eyes. She wasn't sleeping, but she kept them closed to try and keep the tears from rolling down her cheeks. Unsuccessfully. She let Arthur's hand go. They had been holding hands the whole night, not saying a word. But each knew how the other one felt. They were married for 29 years,after all. She got out of bed and headed downstairs. She had been doing the same routine since the war. They were all barely talking to each other, none of them would sleep at night. Fred's death destroyed them. And it was the worst for George.Poor,poor George. Molly looked down and found herself putting plates on the table. She did it unconsciously, she was used to it, with years and years of practice.

   'Nine of us' ,she thought. 'And Harry and Hermione. Eleven plates.'

She suddenly stopped what she was doing. There weren't nine of them. Not since...

Molly broke down. She fell on the wooden chair, and started crying. Memories of Fred and George  as toddlers, saying their first words, as eleven-year-olds, as teenagers as adults, bringing home money from their store, not giving up until she and Arthur decided to take it...

She felt a hand on her shoulder and,turning around, she saw Bill, her eldest, and probably most responsible,son. He hugged her tightly and if she would've paid more attention, she would've noticed that he took out his fang-earring.


 'Harry?',Ron asked, with a shake in his voice.

'Yes?',he answered almost immediately, turning around to see Ron still lying on his bed.

 ' I - we should go.'

 'Of course.',Harry said, getting up. Ron followed.

They both dressed and, as they were about to go downstairs, Harry put a hand on his best friends' shoulder. 'Ron..',he begun.' I...I'm here for you. Just so you know, I..'

 He didn't have to continue. The sides of Ron's mouth twitched up and he mumbled 'Thanks.'. It wasn't a real smile, there was still sorrow,sadness in his eyes, but Harry knew he understood.


Ginny and  Hermione came out of their room and walked down the corridor. They spent some time in their room talking. Just talking about everything that had happened and Hermione knew it made her best friend feel better. They were the last ones to come to breakfast. Well,almost. 

 'Hermione, I -', Ginny started as they were passing by George's room. 'I have to talk to him.'

 'Of course,Gin. I'll be down, okay?'


Hermione left and Ginny knocked on her brother's door. No answer came, so she slowly opened it. And there he was,sitting on the bed, staring at the empty wall. She walked over to him and hugged him. She felt his protective arms wrap around her. 

  'George?',she asked, still not letting go. 

He didn't answer. 

 'Georgie? Fred wouldn't want this.'

 'I know.',came the answer. But his voice sounded...unnatural. His and his twin's voices were always happy and full of joy. George's wasn't anymore. 'Of course I know that. That was the only thing that made me leave his body. That made me get out of bed every morning. That made me not point my wand at myself and use the Killing Curse. Fred would be furious if I did. It was the only thing that kept me sane. That and you guys. I love you. I love all of you. But I can't get out of our room. I can't forget him. He was...everything.'

 Ginny found herself sobbing once again. 'George,we love you too. So much. And we all miss him. But we need you.'


                                                                  *          *          *


 The room was full. It seemed like everyone Fred ever knew was there and about a quarter of them were redheads. Harrry,Hermione and the Weasleys sat in the front row. George sat between Ginny and Charlie, but hadn't moved at all and kept on staring at the empty wall, not crying, not looking at anyone, his hand in his sister's. After the proper Funeral, he was asked if he wanted to say a few words about his twin and, after he remained silent for a few seconds, George got up and walked towards the stage. "For Freddie.", he thought.

   'I-uh.. I don't know how to begin. There's just too much to say. Fred was not only my brother, but my best friend as well. So I figure I might just as well address all this to him.


  I never thought I could feel this hollow, this empty, this lost. I've never been alone. No matter what, I always had you. And now.. I don't think I can go on without you.

  I was born three minutes after you, remember? So I always figured I would die three minutes after your death and those three minutes would be the worst of my entire life. It''s been three days since you died. Every single morning I woke up and for second I thought I would find you there, sleeping or waiting for me to wake up. But every time I turned around, you weren't there. 

 Remember when we got sorted? I wasn't afraid of which house I would get sorted into. But I down right terrified of not being in the same house as you were. 

 Or that song Mom used to sing to us, and we would try to sing it too? And I never managed it, but you would teach me and practice it with me until I learnt it. Remember?

 In our second year we tried out as Beaters and Wood told us , all of us who  tried out, that only one can be the new Beater, 'cause there was already one' And then we didn't want to try out anymore, since it was both or neither. But when we saw how good we were he kicked the poor bloke out of the team. That's what we were doing. Sticking up to each other. Both or neither. It was always like that. Until you.. died.

  I miss everything about you. Everything. I want you back. I want to hear your laugh again, I want to hug you again, I - I can't live without you. I don't want to. I've lived 20 years by your side,  Freddie, and I can't picture life without you. But here it is. Half of me lying lifeless in front of me.

 I love you more than anything in this world. We haven't said it much. We both knew it though. I just wish these were the last words we said to each other. I never got to say goodbye. Never got to hug you one more time.

 I can never get over you. Forget you? There's too much too remember. I wouldn't want to forget you. You were the best thing of my life. I just - Freddie, I break down when I see a mirror. I put on  your sweaters and pretend you're here. I don't want to live like this. Pretending. I want you. 

 It's hard to be the one who lived. I've lived my life on your side and  it was a bloody brilliant life. But yours ended so quickly, without any warnings. Remember all the fun we had? Because I do. Every laugh, every joke. 

 Everything reminds me of you. I love you and I miss you so much. I can't bare it anymore. But I have to. For everybody else, Mum,Dad, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Ron, Ginny. But most of all, for you. 

                  Goodbye, Fred. Even though I'll never be able to really say goodbye.


There were tears in everybody's eyes when George finished, including his. 



   Almost 3 years laterMay 2nd


 Everyone was at the Burrow. It was the birthday of Victoire, Bill and Fleur's 2-year-old daughter. And the anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts. The day Fred died. The day Remus, Tonks and many more died. Little three-year-old Teddy was in his godfather's arms, listening to stories about his parents. A few minutes ago, he had turned into a miniature Remus after he saw a picture and brought tears in Harry and Andromeda's eyes. He promised never to do it again. 

 George was taking a walk around the house, hands in his pockets, thinking of Fred. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to see his youngest brother. 

   'Hey,George. are you?',Ron asked. He was  almost as tall as George.

  'I'm fine. Well, not really.'

They sat down. There were chairs all over the place, one for everyone who was supposed to be coming. They were silent for some time.

  'You were my favorite brothers, y'know?'

  George raised his eyebrows. 'Really?'

  'Yeah. You were the funniest and coolest guys I've ever met. Your pranks were brilliant.'

  'We turned your Teddy Bear into a spider, Ron. Sorry 'bout that, by the way.'

 'So maybe sometimes you crossed the line. But you always made us laugh. Even in dark times. You brought.. light to the darkness. Oh Merlin, that sounds cheesy.'

  'No, not at all. Thanks, Ronniekins.'

  'Don't call me that.',Ron said laughing.



   Charlie was in his old room, now Ron's, holding a photograph and crying. Charlie Weasley wasn't a crier. It was a picture of himself, aged about 10, and Fred and George, 4 at that time. The twins were running around him and he was trying to catch them. He could remeber it as if it was yesterday. 

    'Ha! Gotcha, Fred!'

  'I'm George!'


  'I'm just joking, Charlie! I am Fred!'

 Charlie was brought back to reality by a loud thud. It came from the room next to his. It was, as far as he remembered, Percy's. He got up and knocked on his brother's door. 

   'Perce? Can I come in?', he asked, wiping his tears. 


  'Come on, I want to talk.' He opened the door and found Percy sobbing on the bed and a box full of Ministry Robes fallen on the ground. That must've been what I heard. Charlie thought. He approached his brother and put a hand on his shoulder.

   'Percy..', Charlie started. He was never good at this. 

   'I left him. And everybody else. I was a stupid, proud, Ministry-loving git. And he hated me before he died.'

  'That's not true, Perce.'

Percy buried his face in a pillow and started sobbing again. 

  'I-I spent so little time with him.', Charlie said. 'You say you're a git? I left, too. I went to bloody Romania to work with my stupid dragons! I left when he was 11. I didn't care. "He had enough brothers, didn't he?" I thought!'

  'No, Charlie, we all admired you for doing what you loved.'

  'Well, so did you.'

  Percy stared at him for a moment. He was right. 

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