Stories of the Wizarding World

Harry Potter One shots. Each chapter has a story that takes place in the Marauder Era, Harry's Time or the Next Generation. Enjoy!


1. A little about my book


 Hey,everyone! Thanks for starting to read this, I'll start writing it right away, I just wanted to tell you a little about what you're going to find in here:

First of all, the story may take place in the Marauder Era, Harry's Era or the Next Generation Era. I'm going to specify that at the beginning of each story. I might do one or two from the Founder Era, but not more since I'm way more interested in those three.

Second of all, some of the Marauder Era stories might be 'James and Lily live and the Potters are a happy and very alive family ' AUs, in my story Albus Potter's full name is Albus Remus Potter (Sorry not sorry, I don't like Snape and it annoys me that none of Harry's children are named after Remus ), but that's about it with the things that aren't true, the rest are only Head-Canons (things that possibly happened).

Third of all, if you have any ideas or even want to point something out, something that isn't right in my book, just leave a comment below, I love it when I read them. Just don't be too hard on my, I'm not a published author or something, I'm just writing this for fun, and English isn't my native language.

Anyways, enjoy!




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