The Bieber Diaries

The Bieber brothers, are basically the same person, they look alike and act the exact same way. Each brother has a different past with different people, but their hiding a secret, this secret is why their able to have a 'flavor of the day' in other words a different girl everyday Jason and Justin get caught up when they set their sights on Daisy, each fighting for her attention, is she gullible enough to fall for them or will she change everything, about them and the way they do things? Read about Daisy Justin and Jason.


1. The Bieber Diaries

    Dear Diary,

        This year, I’ve been to hell and back, lost my best friends, my boyfriend and of course I get played by the schools biggest man-whore, I didn’t know how any of what happened was possible I thought it only happened in Soap-Operas, it was so surreal and I have one person and only one person to thank for that.

Justin Drew Bieber.



        Before we get into what happened today, let’s date back to the first day of school.


        Dear Diary,

        Today is the first day of school, I don’t know what’s going to happen today it’s the first day of Junior year, crazy how time flies anyway all I want to do is keep Brian safe, and that’s all I should have to do, since it’s his Freshman year.

But I’ll write tomorrow morning.



        After writing in my diary, something I do every morning and evening,  I got ready for school, you know took my shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed, today I felt like wearing black shorts and a purple V-neck with a black tank top underneath it, after approving it in the mirror I made my way down to the dining room table where a bowl of Fruit Loops was waiting for me, I took one bite before I heard heavy footsteps running down the stairs

        “Well, well, well look who decided to show his face.”  Brian looked at me, giving me an un amused smirk “What am I wrong?” I fake laughed

        “Shut up” he sat down next to me and started on his bowl of Rice Krispies

        “If I recall correctly, you said, and I quote ‘I’m not going to school it’s stupid and useless” I mocked in my best boy voice, he started laughing, along with me

Brian is my little brother, little being an operative word considering its only age that he’s considered little, he’s taller and bigger than me in every sense except age. He’s cute though, honestly if he wasn’t my brother I would totally do him, I said that to Abigail and Brian overheard, now he teases me about it every chance he gets the chance, the first time, after he was done he turned towards me with a serious expression and said ‘I would totally do you too sis, your hot’ and that’s when our relationship faultered, but we got over it.

        “Yeah, yeah shut up” he shoved a spoonful of Rice Krispies in his mouth “Your such a nag” the food in his mouth was preventing him from talking clearly

        “Chew, and swallow! Your food before you talk” I ate a spoonful of my cereal “It’s easier to understand you” he looked like a deer caught in headlights

        “You hypocrite” he put a hand to his chest and gasped mocking surprise

        “So? At least I wasn’t thinking about skipping Freshman year”

        “At least I didn’t say I would ‘totally do’ my brother” he mocked my voice

        “That’s not fair! You’re just a cutie pie Bry-Bry” and I pinched his cheeks, he slapped my hand away

I stood up and went to put my bowl in the sink when he put his on top of mine, I then proceeded to the door where my back pack lays before the door

        “C’mon Bry!” I heard his footsteps, come out to where I was

        “Whatever” he put his back pack on and walked out the front door not looking back


I walked into the school I was oh-so familiar with, Brian went up the back stairwell to get to his locker, and I kept walking till I saw my best friend standing at my locker

        “There you are Daisy!” I hugged her, and opened my locker door, she was kind enough as to put the combination in my lock

         “Abs  you look great” She did look great

Her naturally blond hair was actually blond this year, she usually dyes it because ‘it’s totes drab, blond’ in Abby’s words, it was pink, purple, and blue dip dyed, and there was a crown braid, she was wearing a white flowy skirt and a lime green tee, that made her blue eyes stand out perfectly.

        “I know, but ew. Look over there” I followed her finger

        “Where is he headed…” we were cut off

         “Excuse me.”  The one person I dreaded got the empty locker next to me. Shoot me in the foot right now, I’d rather not be near Justin Drew Bieber, and his ‘Flavor of the week' or in his case, day.

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I love JBiebs bye.


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