My life is falling apart...
My life is just one obstacle...
I'm loosing strength...
Once I break and I fall its going to be hard to stand back up...

My life is troubled...

This is about a girl who all of a sudden gets all these problems that are tricky to solve and she slowly starts crumbling down!!


7. Troubled // Chapter Two


Troubled // Chapter Two




'There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing'




Shutting the front door, I heard giggles from the cheeky three. I could also hear my mothers and fathers frustrated sighs as they ran around after them. So I decided to step in. Reopening the door I spoke seriously.


"What are you doing?" Emma stopped in her tracks as the two others watched closely. They all put their heads down pretending to be innocent.


"If all three of you get ready and be good I might bring a little treat for you lot." As soon as they heard treat their little adorable faces lit up. One at a time came up to me saying they'll be good as they hugged me tight. I love how close they were to me. 


Once again I shut the door as I made my way to the bus stop. i chose the alleyway today since I've always preferred this way. You may be thinking why would I go down an alleyway well it's perfectly fine and well lit in my opinion so it's all good for me.


*At school*


I stepped into school as I noticed one of my best friends; Jane. We had a quick hug as a hello then we set off to our registration chatting about random things.


We stepped into the our our tutor room as the rest of the people in my tutor were already walking in. Our tutor, also known as Mr.Kell called our names out as students replied with 'yes, yes sir, here' lots of people would call him Mr.Kelloggs but he didn't mind as he would usually laugh along. Mr. Kell is a young man with brown hair that is styled in a quiff. Today he wore an cream colored trousers, white buttoned up t-shirt with light blue tie that had detailed designs on it. Boring today.


*End of School*


Today has been...Exciting! Sarcastic much I thought to myself. I walked up to my door knowing no one was home I pulled my keys out of my bag then unlocked the door. My two dogs once again greeted me at the door. I gave them a quick stroke each then rushing to my room, I dropped my bag onto the floor. I jumped onto my bed but too far as I then hit my head onto the headboard. Ouch, well that's going to leave a mark. I rubbed my forehead hoping to soothe the pain but that didn't help at tall only making it worse. 


I made my way into the kitchen using the items I brought in the shop after I had got off the bus. This is going to be a sweet treat.


>>>>>>Time Gap>>>>>>


After two hours I heard the door open with lots of voices. I listened carefully to work it who it is. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Ooo everyone's home! Suddenly footsteps were heard and I new instantly it was my three babies. I hid under the covers pretending to be asleep as my door opened quickly. I could feel them grabbing on my duvet as they struggled to climb onto my bed. Once they had got onto my bed I felt a heavy weight squash me as they had jumped on me. Even though their light weighted all three combined are quite heavy.


"Cally!! Cally!! Wake up!" I think that would be Millie.


"Cally we want our prizes." This would be Emma.


"Pleaseeeeeeeee!" Finally this is Marcus. 


"Boo!" I grabbed hold of each sibling and started tickling them, their little giggles making me smile.


"Stop, Stop, Stop," they all laughed in unison. I stopped tickling them as they catched their breaths.


"Alright here you go," I rummaged through my draws then pulling three little pull drawstring bags with homemade treats I made earlier. I handed the light purple one to Emma, the light pink to Millie and the dark blue bag to Marcus. 


As each of them pulled it apart they screeched two names of their favorite foods.


"GINGERBREAD MEN AND MACAROONS!" Massive smiles were now plastered to their faces. They helped each other off the bed shouting to dad and mum to show them what I had made them. Sweet treats for sweethearts <3


I popped my headphones down not feeling hungry but sleepy. So as the tune played I slowly fell into a light sleep.




Authors Note:


Chapter Two :) Sorry I know bad chapter got a bit of writers block and forgot what I was going to write.


For Kelloggs it's a cereal if you didn't know :)


Chapter Two!! <3 <3 <3 <3


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